Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


Reg No. Index


4 HAC Richard Budd's alloy-bodied works "production" Sprite
5 WW Williams & Pritchard Sprinzel Sebring Replica
8 RIK A fictitious number used by Graham Capel (nicknamed Ricky) on his Sebring (otherwise S221)
32 PPD Anne de Legh's Frogeye with Sebring bonnet. Anyone know of its early rally history? Use Feedback
37 CLX Speedwell GT reg'd Jun 61, raced Aug 61 at Nurburgring by "Archer" of Jamaica Racing. News 2014 (June)
46 BXN Peter Jackson's racing Sebring now raced and owned by Paul Woolmer
52 LPH Chris Williams' Peel-bodied Sebring Coupe owned and rallied by Ronniw white since the 60's
58 FAC The 'works' coupe entered for Whitmore and Olthoff in the 1963 Le Mans 24 Hours
60 XMX Speedwell GT (at one time owned by Alan Wood) See News 2016 (Jan) for pic.
91 CGF A Fastback Sebring Sprite identical to RTL 304
96 RPE Ex-Bob Snow Peel-bodied fastback once registered PMO 200, now owned by Terry Cowan
100 UFM Paul Watson's Shorrock supercharged Sebring Coupe (rep)
108 CPX Mike Henneys' ex-Andy Actman's race Sebring, built originally by Country Lane Classics for John Morgan. After Andy Actman owned by Neil Fisher and then by Ellis Bardesley before Mike Henneys (2023)
119 UXK Pat Harris's Fastback replica with Monza bonnet. See Replica Gallery No.90.
132 XUU Jim Mackie's Frogeye racer.
137 CGK Paul Webb's Mark 2 Sprite converted (2012) to Coventry Climax with Lockheed Thin Disc brakes.
137 VMX A Speedwell GT
142 FBH A genuine standard-bodied Sebring now owned by Simon Agnew
171 DKA Trevor McIlroy's standard-bodied Sebring Frogeye (Cherry Red with white hardtop)
184 FGJ The number once adorned S221 now on Charlie Clegg's newly built Peel-bodied Sebring
193 YUV Peter Warren's Lenham GT (previously YLU 7)
248 DXN One time reg no of Paul Woolmer's PMO 200
252 GNX 1961/2 MARS prototype built by DHMC
273 FRT Roger Byford's rally Sebring Coupe with Ashley bonnet (rep)
313 HTR Lenham GT built new in 2012 - owned and raced by Richard Perry - now John Hilberry
317 AOV George Wilkin's ex-Haste/Dear Sebring Coupe Replica
347 RAL Peter Ecury's Lenham GT formerly owned by Tony Pay.
354 CDV Ex-John Baglow Frogeye on sale at Bonhams Sept 2014
362 UAE Sebring Replica of Tony Davis now fitted with alloy coupe top for historic racing.
364 EAC Super Sprite, Healey XQHS owned by Paul and Sharon Woolmer
366 FBD The Lumbertubs Sprite of Dave Owen
381 SYB Emrys & Pauline Jones Sebring Rep (Coupe) with supercharged engine. Kit No.86
401 COA the Wisdom/Hay 1961 Monte Carlo Rally Mk.I Sprite - the number later seen on a Mk 2.,
410 EA0 Andrew Hedges' original W & P Coupe restored Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird, owned by Jim Lowry.
426 UXN Red W & P Sebring GT2 (formerly owned by Ian Grainger).
458 STJ Ben Tyer's barn find Sebring Sprite with Star Sprite bonnet, originally owned by John Nayler.
487 CKP Ray Brookes' Mk1 Sprite with which he and R.Wells-West came 3rd in class in the 1958 Alpine Rally
494 YVT Paul Garside's ex-Richards Sands Fastback Rep (Archers No.81) Photo see News April 2017
500 URX Fastback built by Graeme Henderson and now owned by Mark Prangnell in the Phillipines
505 BZ ex Adrian Boyd Speedwell GT today owned by Mike Wylie and raced by his son David
505 CYF Ralph Zbarsky's Vancouver-based Lenham GT
510 DWD Tony Giordano's "barn find" Mk2- a 'works' modifed car with XSP engine.
517 UYO Tony Bolton's Fastback Sebring (under construction November 2021) based on a US import.
554 RPF Chris Jones Sebring Coupe rep on new Heritage shell ?
559 LPJ John Hopwood's racing Sebring Frogeye.
577 DNX Alan Anstead's Sebring Coupe Replica
580 ENN Cherry red Frogeye with cut-down screen and Ashley bonnet seen Prescott May 2015
585 MY Speedwell GT owned by Guy Harman
600 FPP Supercharged Frogeye with DHMC hardtop owned by Mike Authers (May 2020)
603 ELO Julian Yell's Mark 2 Sprite (Sebring replica)
603 MUY Steve Norton's Coupe (replica)
609 EGJ WSM 210 now owned and raced by Clive Cocks
615 DHT Daryl Davis' Sebring Rep Fastback
627 SKN A number attached to D20 after it was sold on. Originally WJB 727
642 GEH Tommy Gold's rally car.
650 FTX Supercharged Frog with Pema bonnet formerly owned by Nick record, now with Peter Jackson.
674 VMX Derek Stewart's Coventry Climax engined Fastback with Toyota T50 gearbox (rep)
677 EGJ WSM 207 now owned and raced by Rae Davis
696 BMO Ex-Gordon Howie Lenham Le Mans now owned by Ian Burford
712 PTB Ex-Graham Bloor Sprite later owned by Ivor Watson, Ian Hadrill and (in 2019) by Brent Fowler. One of the team of 3 assembled in the 1990's and raced regular around the UK Club circuits, the others by John Hopwood and Alastair Chalmers. Brent is now competing in the CSCC Swinging Sixties series.
714 XVA Peter Fletcher red fastback with dipped white Monza bonnet
728 H Speedwell Sprite Coupe of Richard Melville, driven by Graham Hill at Sebring in 1961.
751 VPF One of the very rare Brabham MG Midgets with Coventry Climax engine (built 1961)
765 BXN Owned by Will Corry in N.Ireland. Ex-Paul Tarry Fastback with Frogeye bonnet minus headlamp pods, built by Mike Youles and displayed JT 51 plate for a while.
770 KNX The 1964 "works" Le Mans Sprite
773 RW Brian Wheeler's Dolomite Sprint powered Sebring Coupe (rep)
775 JTF Roger Byford's Sebring Coupe (rep)
776 KNX Road-going version of 770 KNX (1964 LM car)
777 EBH Alexander Coupe Sprite (restored by Paul Woolmer & Paul Webb, 2012, now owned by Paul Freeman)
791 NAR (or JAX 12) an aluminium panelled Sebring with boot lid, raced by Stirling Moss in 1996.
793 XPP WSM 202 now owned and raced by Graham Robson (formerly by Brian Arculus)
812 AGO Standard-bodied Sebring
812 UYS Mike Authers' standard-bodied Sebring from South Africa.
818 FON David Nutland's Fastback replica (Archers No.72)
819 LVK 160 bhp Frog to be sold by Gordon Elwell (Aug 2020)
838 BWT Sebring replica built by Ding Boston and the team at OUMF completed in 2021.
888 CZ John Watson's Sprite which launched his Formula 1 career. (See News 2016 - August)
888 HPA Ex-rally Lenham GT now owned by Tom Coulthard (originally converted by John Pitt)
896 RRR Mike Youles' Sebring convertible with boot opening.
908 YPP Colin Barnett's Mk1 Midget (now with Healey Mk2 hardtop)
910 DRV David Stubbings Lenham GT
932 JPA Peter James' Sebring Fastback (rep)
946 JJO Martin Ingall's Sebring Coupe Replica built 1993
956 VMV Steve Casson's hill-climb/sprint Sebring Coupe replica
994 DTA Richard Pugh's Sebring Fastback Replica - hill climb/sprint car.
1333 HN Dan Paul's standard-bodied Sebring Rep (see Sept 2014 news)
1367 VU Mike Curtis's Sebring Coupe (rep)
1411 WD Ex-works Le Mans car later owned/raced by Mike Garton and went for scrap?
1413 WD The Ecurie Ecosse Le Mans Sprite - the number now on Richard Skipworth's copy of that car.
2030 MH Ian Hulett's black and yellow racing W & P bodied Sprite (See News 2016 - August)
2080 PO Pierre Lequeux' 1959 ex-Starley hillclimb/sprint car
2214 UE The ex-John Patten car, owned for many years, and now being restored by John Tizard.
2284 WD Jonathan Peck's Mark 2 Sprite [Not quite what it appears!]
2337 WU Philip Gardner's Sebring Fastback Rep
2341 UE Ex John Baker standard-bodied supercharged Sebring now with Healey Museum NL, ex-Ian Grainger
2824 MV The Ex Dan Margulies Speedwell GT (Liege-Rome-Liege and Alpine Rally, 1960) owned Jeff Brenner 2013
3040 NX

Standard-bodied Sebring in leaf green modified by DHMC in 1959 and now owned by Nigel Dilnot-Smith. See entry in News 2020 (January).

3482 JW Ian Turner's Leaf Green 1961 Frogeye with W & P bonnet and hardtop plus wire wheels. (News ~ May 2021)
3653 WU Lorraine Noble-Thompson's WSM Sanction 2
3758 UE Ashley's 1960 Show Car used in its advertising. Bought by Sven Eckhardt at auction September 2022.
4290 HA Simon Boardman's Sebring Fastback (rep)
4444 DA The ex-Stan Annis standard-bodied Sebring Sprite (now owned by Paul Webb)
4646 UE Standard-bodied Sebring restoration project sold on ebay for £4,100 (June 2013) now being re-built as a Sprinzel Sebring by Paul Tarry using Craig Chapman alloy bodywork.
5116 HN Sebring Fastback (rep) originally owned by the late Ian Ashfield, then by his friend Mark Petersen and from May 2020 by Lawrence Maudsley and then Warren Kennedy
5435 WD Frank Tiedeman's ex-works Sebring Sprite with Mk 2 hardtop and W & P Sebring bonnet
5447 HX Alistair Ross's Speedwell GT
5506 AR Graham Robson's Sebring Replica (built by Darryl Davis of MotoBuild)
5755 MM Speedwell GT, formerly owned by Peter Preston now with Bill McDonnough
5983 AC Peter Seamen's standard-bodied Sebring, the number also used on the Falcon Le Mans Sprite
6194 MM A Speedwell GT once owned by Allen Harris, but previously raced as RAM 36 by Barry Wood.
6212 WD A replica Speedwell GT created by Moto-Build (see news Feb 2020)
6943 MM A Speedwell GT now owmed by Richard Rooks in the USA
6699 WD Sebring Mark 2 sold by Tony Griffiths to Ian Turner, undergoing rebuild
7048 NX Supercharged Sprite road tested by Autocar, and now owned by Paul Mead.
7080 AC Jack Wheeler/Martin Davidson Peel-bodied Sebring Coupe raced in the Targa Florio, etc
7140 RO Speedwell GT raced by numerous owners in the 60's and 70's (see News 2015, July). Owned/stored since 1975 by Brian Kenyon and sold after his death (Jan 2016) to Bill McDonnough (in Dec 2016).
7357 AC Brian Culcheth's rally Sprite (standard-bodied Sebring) ? now in Holland.
7402 NX s/c standard-bodied DHMC car, ex-Colin Stokes
7627 YG Archers Sebring Coupe Replica (74) Barry McCann, then Andrew Quine (2020)
8423 UE Reg. No. applied to one of the Works 1961 Sebring cars returned to Warwick Council after event
8424 UE ditto
8425 UE ditto
8426 UE Otherwise known as the "Roadster" Reg No. returned after the Sebring race.
8427 UE See 1413 WD Reg No. returned after the Sebring race.
9253 WD Sebring Mark 2 driven by Pedro Rodriguez in the 1962 race, now owned by Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird
9524 WD Mk 2 (Sebring replica) now hill-climbed by father/son, Garrow and Max Shand (ex-Simon Leeming).
9825 AR Richard Salisbury's hill-climb sprint Coupe Rep, light blue with orange nose.
9888AC Standard-bodied Sebring owned by Peter Seamen
9957 RE Alan Parkes' red Sebring Coupe replica (for sale South Norfolk Classics Aug 2019). See 'news 2019'
On sale again in September 2022 - see News 2022 page.
AL 763 PK A French reg on David Jamouillie's Sebring Fastback (rep)
AMU135A Glenn Castle's "Topless Sebring"
AHP 205A Rick Dupuy, W.Sussex (ex-Graeme Maggs/Adrian Wilson) Fastback Replica based on a '63 Sprite.
BS 5525 An open standard-bodied Sebring (?replica) seen at Bo'ness hill climb 2015
BXI 20 Mark Turner's Sebring Mark 2 hybrid (formerly VTA 115J
BT-53-92 Stephen Bowen's Coupe Replica
CAP 338B Charles Rainford's Lenham Le Mans
CTM 644D WSM 210 now registered 609 EGJ
CYR 7C The red Lenham GTO formerly owned by David Matthews
D20 The ex-Seigle-Morris W & P Sprinzel Coupe previously reg's as WJB 727 and later as 627 SKN
DAC 133C Alex Hazlewood's A.G.Thorpe bodied car. [See under 'bonnets']
DAC 951C This number was attached to the 'works' racing Sprite (previously 770 KNX) for Sebring in 1965.
DAC 952C 1965 Sebring 12 hours streamlined Sprite
DRS 775C Larry Tucker's Ashley GT
DTA 949C Stephen Griffiths' Peel/Speedwell Replica
DWS 97 Formerly Douglas Wilson-Spratt's number now on son Tony's WSM 208
DX-261-QM WG-BRITISH RACING Sebring Fastback Replica
E 700 Eric Davis's Peel bodied Sebring Sprite. The reg numbes was previously on Stan Annis's 4444 DA .
ENX 415C 1965 works Le Mans streamliner (Paul Hawkins/John Rhodes).
ENX 416C 1965 works Le Mans streamliner (Rauno Aaltonen/Clive Baker)
ESL 168 Ian Watts' Sebring Coupe Replica with external boot lid.
EYE 206 Geoff Courtenay Broome's ex-Wilson Spratt Monte Carlo car - its body later fitted to XNB 712.
FAA 867D Steve Nash's Rep built out of Kermit, 2017
FEY 678 Alex and Jane Postan's Shorrock supercharged Bonneville Sprite - international rally car
FSO 976 Joe Mackrell and Claire Giles' hill-climb Frogeye
FUY 539C Lenham Le Mans (prev owned David Scothorn) now with Paul Allen of Weybridge (May 2016).
GGY 295C Pete Fletcher's Sebring beige Coupe Rep
GSK 113 Ex-Alastair Charmers blue racing Frogeye of the 1990's sold to Europe (Pieter Bakkar).
GUY 603 Orig reg. no of 410 EAO
HNX 416C Pete Taylor's replica Le Mans streamliner
HNX 455D Ex-works 1966 Sebring/Le Mans Sprite HAN8-R 143
HNX 456D Reg No. applied to 1966/7 Sebring/Le Mans car HAN8-R 144 (Number surrendered after LM '67)
HSL 165 Paul Johnson's CCK bodied replica (for sale, November 2012)
HYL 838C Mike Haigh's Lenham Le Mans Coupe
JAX 12 (or 791 NAR) see above.
JMA 152C Ex-Andy Chaffey Rep
JT 51 Reg no. during Peter Clarke's ownership on what we otherwise know as S221 (later, unofficially, on Mike Youles' racer which became 765 BXN and owned by Will Cory)
KKE 59E One of the 16 Lenham GTOs built in 1966, used in the company's publicity shots
LC-70-48 Red Portuguese Sprite with Dino-style rear now owned In Belgium (For Sale Mar 2014)
LKK 511F Dave Pratt's V8 Rover powered Sebring Rep (No.68)
LML 211C Jimmy Lee's Sebring Coupe (rep)
LNX 629E Ex-Works Sebring/Targa Florio Sprite Mk 4 (1967/8)
LWD 959E Targa Florio Sprite
MEG 199 Gordon Elwell's ex-Mike Garton standard-bodied Sebring
MGT 113D Julian/Tom Grindall's W & P GT2
MW 3 WSM 205 orig owned by Mike White, whereabouts unknown
NMN 97 Tony Wilson-Spratt's WSM Sprite
NMR 239G David Lovegrove's Sebring Coupe (PME) (under construction Oct 2020)
NMY 208 Halls Garage' Tifosi SS (formerly a Mk 2 Sprite)
NNW 200A Rick Bowers standard-bodied Sebring with W & P bonnets and hardtop.
NSU 368 This Sebring rep was built by the late Mike Sutton and is now owned by Graeme Williams
[OCM 895] Belgium Paul Slangen's replica
OFH 175 Mark Warne's Rep formerly known as the "Speedring" built by Bill McDonnough and Dave Groves. A Sebring Coupe Rep with Speedwell Monza bonnet, later owned by the late Ronnie Coia.
OIG 2175 Bob Heppell's Sebring Coupe (No.108 on register)
OWO 979 Geoff Hills' WSM Sanction 2 #405
OYM 760A Lenham GTO with wind-up window doors and Frogeye front bought by Walter Heale March 2016
PEA 254F Lenham GTO owned 2011 to 2021 by David Scothorn,sold to Steve Casson who is campaigning it in the Healeysport Hill-climb/Sprint series 2023.
PLA 354E Paul Baker's red Mark 3 Sprite with Ashley hardtop and W & P bonnet.
PMO 200 John Sprinzel's personal reg number, now on Paul Woolmer's rebuilt Coupe
[PMO 200] John Sprinzel's own Bugeye based in Hawaii, today
[PMO 200] Martin Freund's ex-Tom Coulthard Replica.
RAS 881 John Tewson hill-climb/sprint Frogeye
RAM 35 Paddy Gaston Alloy Coupé and Keith Hopwood's re-creation.
RAM 36 A Speedwell GT with W & P bonnet raced by Barry Wood (real reg no. 6194 MM)
RO-JS 61H Sven Eckhardt's Sebring Replica
ROU 4G CCK's yellow Lenham GTO
RUE 71G Reg.No. given to HAN9-R 237 when the works sold the car in 1969.
RTL 304 Ex Adrian Andrew fastback now owned by Chris Keeble
RVS 309 John Moon's red Lenham GT (pictured News page Oct 2015 & Mar 2017)
RWV 661 The second of the Alexander GTs. See News, November 2020 and Jan 2016.
S221 The original W & P Coupe now owned by Chris Clegg
[S221} Kai Eriksen's Norway-based replica.
SLV 815 Lubbert Mussche's Ex- Meredith Hutchins Fastback Rep w/boot opening (blt 2013/14) in Germany, 2015
SRC 320 Dominic Mooney's Sebring Coupe Replica
SS 1800 John Britten's Lenham GT - the number now unofficially on Shaun Rainford's copy of that car.
SSY 119 F/G rep of RTL 304 by MG Mecca sprint/hill-climbed by Dave Abram
TBW 460G Gordon Higgs Sebring Replica
TDM 595 Dave Marriott's Archers Fastback Rep No.97 on '59 Frogeye with 1330cc engine and Datsun transmission.
TRV 202 Sven Eckhardt's Speedwell basket case - see news 2014 (October)
TZA 238 James Thacker's ex-Alec Poole one-eyed Sprite
UMW685 Peter Cole/Jeff Goodliffe/David Pratley Sprite with raked screen and Ashley bonnet
USU 607 Ex Mike Pragnell, ex-Bob Hinchliffe red Sebring Rep
UUV 398 Sebring sprite built by Yimkin Engineering for Sheridan Tynne (possibly Peel bodywork) with Speedwell Monza bonnet, now owned by Terry Cowan.
UWD 97 New registration applied to the ex-works 1959 Sebring car driven by Hugh Sutherland (ex-Butch Gilbert)
VAS 259 Red coupe replica on ebay Feb 2022. Steel bodywork, Motobuild bonnet, Halls top, Minilites.
VDD 680 Henry Elwes Sprite with Speedwell Monza bonnet and hardtop raced in 1959/60. See News 2017 (Mar)
VSL 827 the late Ronnie Coia's ex-Chris Jones Coupe (rep)- now with Ronnie's nephew/godson, Adam Quilter.
VTA 115J Mark Turner's Sebring Mk 2 hybrid(now re-registered BXI 20)
VUJ 708 The former Archers demonstrator Sebring Coupe with K Series now owned by Naotaka Sasaki.
VVB 193 Shorrock C75B equipped Frogeye formerly owned by the late Ian Bishop.
VXB 394 Frogeye for restoration listed on ebay Dec 2017 with DHMC hardtop ands sidescreens
VXT 523 Speedwell streamlined record breaker
WER 354 Tom Coulthard's ex-Bill Franklin Monte Carlo Rally/Nurburgring 500ks race Sebring Sprite.
WET 465 Andrew Musgrave's Sebring Coupe Replica
WGJ 931 Harvey & Eddie Woods ex-Ian Whitt, ex-Dick Waller Sebring Coupe (rep) - not Archers
WJB 707 The Ian Walker Sebring Coupe now owned by Stephen Bowen in Belgium.
WJB 727 See D20 and 627 SKN
WJJ 998 Brian Mulcare's Replica completed March 2012 now owned by Lawrence Maudsley
WMR 900 Paul Wiles Rep Coupe
WNM 97 WSM 301 ex- Michael Royde
WYT 381 The ex-Barry Shawzin rally car
WYX 543 Simon Page's Sebring replica race car competing in the Classic and Sports Car Club series
XOH 276 Ex-works rally Sebring The red car - see below.
XOH 277 Ex-works rally Sebring A white car sometimes substituted for XOH 276 using that car's plates.
XNB 712 The ex-Scott/Skellern/Tiedeman/Jordan/Whitehead/Hands Peel-bodied car now in Japan.
XRK 59 Ex-John Sprinzel rally car c.1960/1 sold on to Julian Easten (info rec'd 7 Dec 2012)
XSC 500 Ben Tyer's standard-bodied Sebring (News page 12/10/2017)
XXC 818 Trevor Mc~Ilroy's Sebring Coupe (formerly owned by the late Gary White)
XYJ 352 Hillclimb Sebring Replica (probably not Archers - no gutters) belonging to Les Proctor of Cleckheaton.
XWP 464 George McKinnon's Sebring Fastback Replica, light blue with Sebring bonnet.
XWW 2 Peter Smith's Speedwell GT
YAC 940 Tommy Wisdom's Mk1 Sprite with which he came 2nd in class on the Alpine Rally in 1958
YAD 835 James Colburn's Lenham GT
YEL 418 Angelo van de rijt's Lenham GT
YCR 897 Richard Lamotte's ex-Mike Youles Supercharged Coupe.
YDF 140 The Don Balm/Ecurie Wild Goose Sebring Sprite with W & P bonnet, a French Blue race/rally car.
YDR 248 Speedwell modified car with Monza bonnet and Ashley hardtop offered for restoration Dec 2017
YLU 7 Peter Warren's Lenham GT
YLN 13 Orig reg. no of S221
YON 455 Richard Bastow's (ex-Alan/Drew Cameron) Speedwell Sprite now in Yorkshire.
YNX 684 The first Sprite Q1.