Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Alan assembling his replica in 2004

577 DNX - Alan Anstead's Coupé

Alan is a leading light in the Midget & Sprite Club in the South-East of England. I will let him describe his Sebring replica:-

"My car was assembled during 2004 shortly after I retired. John Larrington and I took a back axle and the two front suspension corners to Archers and assembled those components there, to enable us to roll the freshly painted body onto a low loader for transporting home to Kent. The body is painted Speedwell Blue. 

The car was completed and ready to enter the 2004 MSA Euroclassic except for the sidescreens. Unable to obtain them from Archers in time for the event I decided to make my own. It was to be my twelfth, and final, Euroclassic but it enabled me to test the car around Dijon Prenois GP Circuit and the Ferrari test track at Fiorrano as we travelled to Florence. The car has shown itself to be a good long distance touring car which was the reason for building it.  

 The specification is as follows:

Body / chassis: The restoration of this vehicle has been completed by the use of a brand new steel body shell to Mkl Sprite shape manufactured by Wheeler & Davis of Leicester and supplied, fitted with Sebring Replica fibreglass bonnet and fixed fibreglass Sebring Replica coupe top by Archers Garage Limited of Tividale West Midlands who also painted the shell.

Engine: a Mk4 Sprite 1275 rebored to 1330cc and fitted with twin 1½" S.U. carburettors on a stage 3 head with long centre branch exhaust. A modified camshaft and distributor are fitted.

Gearbox: Ford Sierra Type 9 five speedis mated to the engine via a special bell housing and modified clutch and propshaft supplied by Morris Minor Centre of Birmingham.

Brakes: Mk4 Sprite type disc brakes to front with Mk1 Sprite drum brakes to rear. The activation is via a Sebring specification twin/separate brake/clutch master cylinder set-up.

Running Gear: Steering, suspension and running gear are stock Sprite except to the rear where lever arm shock absorbers have been replaced with telescopic type. Alloy Minilite wheels are fitted.

Interior: and seats, are trimmed in black vinyl. The steering wheel is a leather covered Motolita item."

Oct, 2014: "Recently, at Zandvoort, Peter Healey pointed out that my Sebring rep bore a Warwickshire number and asked if Donald Healey Motor Co' originally supplied my car. Warwickshire Records office charge £10 for a search and supplied me with a photocopy of the relevant register page. Peter was correct and my car's registration number was supplied to Donald Healey Motor Co" - Alan Anstead.

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On the Euroclassic 2004

Sebring on Tour
The engine bay

At Angouleme in 2009