Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Pierre with his "find"

2080 PO - Starley Sprite

now owned by Pierre Lequeux

May 2011 - Pierre has recently found and purchased this project Sprite having searched for sometime for a historic standard-bodied Sebring. He is trying to unravel its past history. He says:

"It definitively has all the appendages of a racing car and an early one … probably Speedwell … I thought I would include you in the puzzle …. I went to see the car and after a quick inspection I could not help but buy it…now the question is how am I going to break the news to Finale ….anyhow I think this is a real early one that has been off the road for a while (January 1974…) . I think it  used to be raced in the south of England in the early sixties…the car has a lot of aluminium panels and a 9000 RPM tachometer, central console and original seats + Leston  steering wheel, adjustable Armstrongs at the back , anti-roll bar and all the body is grp - bonnet , doors etc…all the brakes are finned drums…the doors  have some leather covering where the sidescreens would have been…the petrol filler is a roll-catch type and the bonnet  has some vents. It seems to have been driven by someone called Starley… unfortunately there is no engine or gearbox…though I have the exhaust manifold as well as the clutch pressure plate and cover….and a lot of scrutinisers tickets still attached to the dashboard. Unfortunately I couldn't take them away as I didn't want to damage them, so they are still with the car… 

What do you think ? ever  seen this  car ? It was registered in May 1959 with the same color blue and white…so I assume the livery has not changed through time …..the registration 2080 PO….any clues, pictures etc about the car would be fantastic…. Pierre Lequeux".

W&P Sebring bonnet
Healey livery
Odd scoop in bonnet
Lots of tlc required
2080PO-5 Thin GRP door with leather
Racing filler cap
Standard bucket seats
Armstrong adjustables on rear
Central tacho on the dash
Racing background?
Alfin brake drums all round
2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 Po
Front suspension with Alfin drum brakes
Period photos come to light
2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 Po
2080 PO
Gaisberg Hill 1967
1967, in Austria
Brighton Speed Trials
2080 PO
2080 PO 35
2080 PO
2080 PO
Stripped shell
Work in progress - May 2012
Fitting the new special bonnet

April 2013: Pierre has discovered that the mechanics who worked on his car in the 1960's were George Arnold (a well-known character in Sussex who also used to dive, and discovered the wreck of HMS Hazardous...)  and his colleagues Steve Taunton and Reg Styles. Steve has told him that the car was lightened a lot, which of course he has already discovered, and that it raced at Goodwood against a car prepared by the Alexander company - and on that day 2080 PO apparently won the race. Later the mechanics were invited  by the chaps from Alexander to exchange notes....all exciting stuff! Pierre has decided that as the Alfin front drum brakes were not in good order and the engine is now to be of 1330cc he will fit a later disc brake set-up. Andrew, at Archers, is making progress with the car's rebuild.

2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 PO
Front corner assembled
New paint looks great during fitting up
2080 PO 55
2080 PO 56
2080 PO 57
2080 PO 58
Coming together
Dashboard in
Bonnet fitment
Disc brakes now
2080 PO 59
2080 PO 60
Underbonnet area
Seats go in

Spring 2014 - Pierre took PO to her first competitive event for many years, a sprint at Goodwood. His best standing lap was 130.83 secs. He also drive his 82 year old Dad round the circuit for 4 enjoyable convoy laps:

2080 PO

Photo left
by John Baggott
2080 PO -74
2080 PO 75


Many more pictures and further information on Pierre's website:

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