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News 2013

Newsletter ~ December 2013

Another batch of photos from Bruno Verstraete for which many thanks

BV 39
BV 27
BV 34
BV 26
HAN9-R-238, the Jim Baker/Clive Baker/Paul Richards entry for Sebring 1969 at the start
BV 36
BV 33
BV 32
BV 35
HAN9-R-238 Sebring 1970 -the ladies' team entry
238 again, (at a later event ?) hard covers on lights
BV 29
BV 24
BV 28
BV 25
238 with one of the girls
? 238's engine bay
LWD in the pits (?Daytona '69)
LWD at Sebring '69

Latest from Pierre Lequeux

"Hi Martin, The world has been made incredibly small by the internet. It happened that a friend of Colin Starley now living in  Edmonton, Canada has seen my website and contacted me with a few pictures - a couple taken in France at the Mont-Ventoux and another in Sussex (could be an autotest at Goodwood). Anyhow I thought you may like them... It  surely was a great birthday present for me as I received them on Xmas day.... Wish you great things for 2014, Pierre"

2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 PO
2080 PO
The car seen in earlier days with Colin Starley
and today - the de luxe interior and tidy engine bay

4 of a number of great photos from Bruno Verstraete's comprehensive archive - more to come

1968 spec
Could this be the mysterious HAN8-R-202 (now owned by Jeff Brenner) sitting in Fred Royston's showroom?
HAN9-R-238 at rest in a race paddock probably sometime after its two races at Sebring in 1969 & 1970
Here at Sebring during the 1970 12 hours when driven by the ladies' team
The spec' sheet of the 'Works' Sprite which raced at Le Mans in Sept 1968

Graham Bish kindly directed me to Enzo Manzo's website from which the photos below come:


I have not previously seen this one (left) of the front end damage to LWD on the '67 Targa. It was soon after the start that Clive Baker collided with a pedestrian who ran across the road, putting paid to his race and presumably doing the individual some injury.
Fortunately the rounded aluminium front end of LWD may have made for a reasonably soft impact!
LWD leaving the paddock before the race
and 33 years later the same car on the 2000 Targa Florio Storica (retrospective) organised by Enzo Manzo.
Klaus Tweddell sent in this photo (right) of the Speedwell GT, 585 MY, at the 1966 1000 km race at the Nurburgring, going thru the 'Karussell' & showing off its Kamm-tail. Drivers were Graeme White/..Grant.
585 MY

The car is currently for sale with Brian Classic Cars.
Klaus says: "I am astonished it is running as a GT car, - normally cars thus modified, were condemned to run in the prototype class, but I think the scrutineering officers in Germany were not so particular with this sort of car. The documents, running as a GT from former years, of course had some pictures, but not from the back as I know from my own old paperwork, thus didn´t make  visible the changes to the rear bodywork".
W & P hardtop
Photo courtesy John Baggott
Anyone out there got a Williams & Pritchard hardtop for a Frogeye? If so Bill Prout in Connecticut would love to hear. Offer received
Kurt Larson of California has created a replica of the BMC works rally car YRX 747
YRX rep

Oh, Healey Night!
A poem for Christmas by a writer who prefers to remain anonomous, but if I say he lives in the USA and is building a Sebring replica some may recognise him. I suppose it should be sung to the tune of "Oh, Holy Night" - it's brilliant!
* * * * * * * *
Tony Giordano on Plate-Swapping on Historic Competition Cars
See "Your Comments"

2080 PO

2080 PO

Dear All, At long last 2080 PO is back on the road some 47 years after it last competed at the Brighton speed trials, Mont Ventoux and other events. Hopefully it will be showing at a few sporting events In 2014. I wanted to extend yet again my thanks and gratitude to all of you that have contributed to  its restoration and/or to findings about  its past owners and competitive history. I take the opportunity to wish you all a great Christmas and many good things for 2014. Kind regards Pierre (Lequeux).
PS: If any of you had further recollections, pictures etc about the car this would obviously be welcomed. Also please sign the petition to save the Brighton Speed trials: mgEPetitionListDisplay.aspx, it would be a shame if 2080 PO could not revisit its turf.....

Thank you all for your Christmas Greeting cards

JS Xmas Card
Peter seaman
John and Caryl Sprinzel
All at CCK
John Phillips & Jack Wheeler
Peter & Jill Seaman

Wishing all my regular Sebring surfers
a Very Happy Christmas

Thank you all for your contributions of photos, articles, and comments which go to making the website fresh and interesting day-by-day. Please keep 'em coming in 2014 and above all, enjoy your Spritely motoring.

Sprinzel on the swapping of body-shells and registration numbers, etc
See "Your Comments"
and "One of the 'genuine' Healeys...." (right)
includes EAO & D 20
Sprinzel Ad
or you can buy direct from John Sprinzel in Hawaii (See Books & Regalia)
Lucky John

2080 PO
2080 PO completed at Archers ~ Pierre Lequeux says :
"At long last 2080 PO is ready after more than 2 years of restoration. Still a few things to tidy up but we are nearly there... It  has now been back on the road since last Thursday. I have already clocked 500 miles in it....what a great car, I can't wait for my first sprint or hillclimb....."

2080 PO

Some wonderful old photos from Sebring in 1969 & 70 kindly provided by Bruno Verstraete

Jim Baker
Pits 69
Jim Baker who ran 2 cars in '69 and one in 1970
The Jim Baker/PaulRichards/Clive Baker ex-works
HAN9-R-238 in the pits at Sebring in 1969
One of the ladies' team in LWD starts at Sebring 1969
Clve Baker

James Garner

DAC 69
A young Clive Baker times one of his team mates
Film star, James Garner was also a race driver
DAC 952C was driven by Gregg Cameron and Ralph Kemmerer
Pit stop for the girls
Jim & Girls
LWD 959E, the ex-Targa car, painted orange, was in the hands of the ladies at Sebring in 1969
Jim & girls celebrate

Ladies Team

238 70
More bubbly
The 1970 ladies' team
238 being hounded
One of the girls at speed
Tony G
"Good job on the  most  "maniacally focused" personal web site on the planet !If this is a personal achievement I would love to see what you do when you get paid! Merry Christmas and thanks for all you do! Here is a scan of a personally signed photo by John Colgate (the tall man with cowlick and dark sweater) to me of his  '61 Le Mans car of which the engine rests in my car according to Jonathan W B". Anthony Giordano. [ Tony, If it is an engine from 1411WD it would be its early one rather than the later larger capacity unit]
UUV 398
UUV 398
Terry Cowan's second car, initially thought to be a Speedwell but actually a Peel Fastback bodied car.
NSU 368
The late Mike Sutton's Sebring replica has found a new home with Bob Heppell in Worcestershire

Speedwell Handles
by Mike Cockayne for his new Sebring. Please contact him if you can assist.

Right: 2 articles from Tom Coulthard relating to his letter in "Your Comments"
60 Alpine
The West Sussex Gazette published this article (left) back in October detailing Mike's development of his Coupe and the various events he had planned for the forthcoming weeks. I saw it at the Goodwood Breakfast Club where it was much admired. His son, Mark, took his Fastback version out with him to the Phillipines earlier this year.
1413 WD
It was John Egan told me - Dick's re-creation was bought by son Nick but the Jags and transporter are off to the States. See Nick's amazing letter on "Your Comments" Left: Nick's son Robert and 1413WD

948 flywheel
MANY THANKS to all those who kindly sent me in, or guided me to, diagrams for my new flywheel. I now only have to adapt one to suit the 1098cc motor I plan to use with my Speedwell head, Shorrock S/C and Toyota 5-Speed box!
1965 LM
1965 LM
1965 LM
1965 LM
4 fantastic photos from Le Mans a whole 48 years ago (1965) when Rauno Aaltonen and Clive Baker drove #48 (DNF) but Paul Hawkins and John Rhodes finished 12th overall, and 1st in class in car #49. Note the lime green paint showing through the hastily-applied dark green (photo 2) after the race organisers insisted on the repaint.
My thanks firstly to Pete Taylor for sending these in, to Albert Voogd at the Healey Museum for the enlargements, and most importantly to the French photographer, Dominique Gasnerie for taking them.

Frogeye body-shell production

The amazing Brian Wheeler, who virtually single-handedly built a jig to produce replacement body-shells, so enabling a great many enthusiasts to re-build their Frogeyes or build alternatives like the Archer Sebring Sprite, has decided it is time to hang up his welding goggles and retire. Fortunately for us he has struck a deal with Mike Marczynski of the Frogeye Spares Co to whom production will shortly be transferred in the Manchester area. A number of Mike's employees are currently under-going training at Brian's premises at Wolvey and I understand "the whole teaching and learning process is going very well indeed". During the interim changeover period:
For bodyshell prices, please email or telephone Mark, the Workshop Manager,
on 01204 604017. See also [My body-shell web page will be up-dated shortly]

I understand that Barbara's funeral will be at 11 a.m. on Mon 16th December at the Robin Hood Crematorium, Solihull, West Midlands. Donations to Air Ambulance or British Lung Foundation.
Racing Newsletter

Bruno Verstraete kindly sent in this article (left) relating the race experiences of Jim Baker Racing in the 1969 Daytona 24 hours race. The car was the ex-Targa Florio prototype LWD 959E

Somewhere I have seen a drawing showing how to lighten the Sprite flywheel but cannot find the book I saw it in. Anyone know where I might find it?
Lucky John
If anyone in the UK would like a copy of John Sprinzel's excellent book, I now have a few signed copies. Price including postage is £52. Contact me via Feedback
Ecurie EcosseNew owner of the Ecurie Ecosse Sprite is Dick Skipworth's son, Nick
7080 AC -
The Moss Sebring car.
Time perhaps to bring the long debate to a close
See "Your Comments"
DW hardtop
Hardtop for Sprite 3 or Midget 2 by Clifford Eng.
Light in weight and in lovely condition. £250.
Alloy head
Alloy cylinder head on ebay. US $ 847.95
[via Tony Giordano]
Two lefts don't make a right!
Another LH rear shocker
on ebay SOLD, £103.90
[via Neil anderson]
LH Shock
SC Coupe
SC Coupe
SC Coupe
SC Coupe
These lovely photos were sent to me by Steve Coleman of Texas who owns the last of the 'works' Coupes HAN9-R-238, about which I am currently constructing a new web page. Steve bought it in 1999 and carried out a meticulous restoration.
Brian & Barbara
Friends of the late Brian Archer will be sorry to learn that his charming widow Barbara passed away over
the weekend. Our condolences go to their son and daughter, Andrew and Debbie, and the family.

Tony Giordano has a single left side Armstrong adjustable shock absorber 8725 RF for sale at US$ 500. If you happen to have only a RH one this could be what you need! Contact him by email

Letter to Tom Coulthard regarding 7080 AC and his reply - see Your Comments
Sleepless Knights
at £145.00
[Thanks to Alan Anstead]
Ecurie Ecosse
Ecurie Ecosse Sprite
Re-Creation fetches
(£61,980 incl prem)
at Bonhams (1st Dec)


Newsletter ~ November 2013

Stirling in the red 7080 AC, cornering hard in the 4 hour Sebring race in 1960
After lengthy correspondence between myself, Jerry Etzel and Ron Gordon we discovered that Ron's Sprite has a body-shell we believe was built many months after the 1960 Sebring race (judged by its Thompson body number) However, based on the accummulated history of Ron's car, we knew that it had an accident at a later Sebring race and was re-built and repainted blue instead of red. Was it perhaps then that it had a shell change? It is certainly RHD with many 'works' parts and a long racing history so remains a significant Sebring Sprite.
The car which Ron and Rob Gordon are in the process of restoring. Letters are on the "Your Comments" page.
96 RPE
UUV 398
UUV 398
UUV 398
Shown above left is 96 RPE which was briefly owned by John Sprinzel when it bore the well-known PMO 200 plate. The car showing race No.151 was originally registered in the UK as UUV 398. It was built by Yimkin Engineering for Sheridan Tynne, the body probably by Peel as its rear has a very similar design to RPE and others. A unique item is its square rear corner to the side windows like those of a Speedwell GT (which it isn't) but it is fitted with a Speedwell Monza bonnet. Terry Cowan, from San Diego, USA has owned and raced these two historic Sebrings since 1982/3. We now think that RPE may have been owned for a short time by Jack Lord, whose son Glenn wrote to me recently for information about it. See "Your Comments".
Photos below of UUV in earlier days kindly supplied by Alistair Ross. [With borrowed reg. plate below right]
Available on ebay, a 4.55 diff SOLD AT £36 -
ended 1st December
[Thanks to Neil Anderson]
4.55 diff
for latest on the 1960 Moss Sebring car, and the mystery Sebring Sprite once owned by Jack Lord.

Alistair Ross
Speedwell GT ~ 5447 HX
Gary Lazarus recently acquired some French magazines on ebay and spotted these photos. The car is now owned by Alistair Ross who says they were taken in Cambridge about 1970, not long before the car was laid up.
Alistair Ross
Taglietti Model
Giorgio Taglietti's Model
of his racing Sprite at the Coppa del Chianti 2013
Gary Lazarus tells me there is a Replica Sprinzel Key Fob being offered on ebay at £6
Key Fob
OWO 979
In the early 1960's Geoff owned a W&P fronted MK1 Sprite before moving on to a big Healey. In 1967 or 8 he found one of the original 10 WSMs. As he says he clearly has no idea what is causing the problem since he is now doing it again!! Two more photos for your delectation.
OWO 979
Arkley SS
1275 engine, hardtop (new exhaust available/included) £2,900 Contact Trevor email or phone 01689 878005
to be offered at the
BONHAMS LONDON AUCTION Sun 1st December at 2pm Guide: £30/50,000
Ecurie Ecosse
DAC Spares
Bruno Verstraete has sent me some images showing spare parts, amazingly still with DAC after nearly 50 years. These spacers are just one item.
After receiving the article about Jerry Etzel's replica of the Sprite that Stirling drove at Sebring, I have got into a lengthy debate between myself, Jerry and owner of what may be the original race car, Ron Gordon. See "Your Comments"
SPEEDWELL GT CATALOGUE kindly supplied by Tony Carroll from New Zealand
P Fletcher Rep
plans to compete with his new 'Speedwell Monza GT' next season in his local hillclimb championship at Olivers Mount, Harewood, Aintree, etc. and then historic roadsports in 2015. The car has done its ARDS test and now goes for a shake-down at Elvington. See Pete's photos on Google

P Fletcher Rep
1960 Supercharged Sprite
kit of parts for rebuild
Expired with NO BIDS
starting at £3,999 supposedly built by Donald Healey Motor Co [Expires 27th November]
New supplies of Peter Jackson's book '46 BXN' at £7.50 + post NOW AVAILABLE but DHMC hardtop decals (75p + post) NEW STOCK AWAITED Contact me via:
John Poulter sent in these pages from 750 MC in 1983 reminding me of my last racing season before medical problems called a halt.
No Sebrings at the Classic Car Show this year but Geoff Hill displayed his new WSM Sanction II (the 4th produced, but No.5!)
Geoff Hill WSM
P Slangen
P Slangen
M Cockayne
M Cockayne
Paul Slangen's car is all-but finished bar a few minor details. He has been testing it round his garden and is planning to go rallying next season. Note the indicator lights which are borrowed from an Alfa Romeo TZ1.
Mike Cockayne is building a Fastback with Monza bonnet (they seem very popular lately) and plans to fit a 1310cc dry-sump motor. Its a Frogeye shell but will have a later brake/clutch pedal box. Mike needs an identity (reg) for it.
Blaney Nov 13
Neil's Cooper S, a Frog with unusual hardtop and wide wheels, the Mk3 which Diane used to own, and HAN9-R-237 having a leisurely day out!

A message from Neil Blaney in Australia: "A picture of some cars from a run we went on today with a few members of the Sprite Club, about a dozen cars. My first run since I had both knees replaced so I have to apologise as I was in the Morris Cooper S - can’t get in the Bugeye yet. Joe Armour was there, pulled up by the police on the way, I think they were curious to what it is. The red Mk3 beside Joe was Diane’s daily driver for 10 years. A local group, have a run once a month, we visited 2 Dams today, Cordeaux and Cataract. Sebring hopefully should be on the road by Xmas, fingers crossed."

Ian Polley
With Geoff, Ian in centre
Polley 18
Ian with the car at home
Polley 9
At Silverstone, 1981


I had a call the other day from Chris Polley, son of the late Ian, who owned this ex-works LeMans/Sebring car for something like 30 years. He had unearthed a number of photos and documents about the car which make interesting reading. One is the advert from 1976 when Ian bought the car from Charles Dawkins for just £1,900, and a follow-up letter from Charles. There is a letter from a Geoff Healey and a certificate signed by Roger Menadue stating that the car raced at both '67 and '68 Le Mans which confirms the car from those races was one and the same. Unfortunately the document is wrong in saying that it also raced at Sebring in '68 - that was the Targa Florio car LWD 959E. There is a signed copy of 'More Healeys' and photos of the car at Ian's then home in Croydon, Surrey soon after he purchased it. Apologies for poor quality of some of the documents - we will try to improve them.

Very many thanks, Chris.

Polley 10
On arrival at Croydon, Surrey
Polley 11
Rear window missing
Polley 12Inside the tail
4646 UE

4646 UE
a 'new' Sprinzel Sebring Coupe

The story so far
from Paul Tarry

4646 UE

Regular vistors to this site may recall my efforts to discover the origins of this car, one of the 10 wind-tunnel cars produced by DHMC. Now an article has come to light dating from 1991 which goes some way to confirming the conclusions I had reached. A paragraph in the article reads: “Bill’s second love is the 1966 Le Mans Sprite coupe. History on this particular car is sketchy, but he knows that it was brought to Sebring as a backup/practice car. It was not raced and after the event was bought by Royston Motors in Philadelphia for a showroom display. When this dealer closed its doors in the 80’s Bill purchased the car. It has less than 1,000 actual miles on it and has the original paint, interior and even decals”. I personally doubt it was ever intended as a backup or practice car as the Healeys never spent money un-necessarily and did not take extra cars to other events. I believe it was sent out to be sold to Fred Royston who desired one of these cars having sold anothHealey Booker previously. The story conflicts with that contained in Bill Emerson's "Healey Book" where it states: “One of the major distributors for Austin-Healey cars on the East Coast of America was Royston Motors of Philadelphia. At the end of the 1966 race, Fred Royston purchased car No.67 with the idea of converting it into a street-legal touring car for private use. The car was repainted to British Racing Green and the extremely powerful Lucas driving lights were replaced with dual sealed beamed units from a Chevrolet Corvair. A small silencer was mounted at the rear of the car and under-sized turn signal lights were added to make it road legal. No other changes were made to the car. Mileage indicates it was only driven a few times before someone decided it was not a touring car and the car was relegated to showroom display. ........” This refers to the car as No.67 because that number has been painted on its doors for very many years. The actual No.67 car from Sebring 1966 was HAN8-R-143 which bore the UK licence plate HNX 455D and is now for sale in Geneva. Whether the car did ever race is not known but it would not appear that DHMC raced it themselves.
[Article published courtesy of The Austin Healey Club of America, Inc - copy kindly supplied by Neil Anderson.]

Paul Bos 1
Paul Bos 2
Paul Bos 4
Paul Bos 3

LETTER FROM PAUL BOS (a regular contributor - and his photos above, in reply to my enquiry about his car)
When I got the car, 5 years ago, I thought it would be a quick project to get it on the road and have a LBC to drive while I worked on my 1949 Triumph Roadster restoration. I picked the car up for $500 - it was parked a block from the ocean. It had surface rust everywhere and the typical Frogeye rust at the "A" posts. The worst problem however was the bonnet.  At first I thought I could repair it, but the more I dug into the rust I determined it was hopeless. The dream of a nice driver Bugeye was gone, unless I could find a replacement bonnet. I lost interest, until I came I came across a Speedwell front locally. So now I could at least cover the motor. It was then I looked more into the history of the Sprite and found your web-site and began planning a California version of Speedwell Sprite. I was lucky enough to see Butch Gilbert's Sebring Sprite and was hooked on having a period-correct AH Sprite. 
I have lived and practiced Veterinary Medicine in Modesto, California for more than 30 years. Modesto is famous for being the home of "American Graffiti" George Lucas's first successful film. George was a member of the Ecurie AWOL Sports car club, which held and attended rallies and autocross events across the Northern California. At the time the west coast of the US was dotted with old WWII airfields that were home to many road races, see: , much like post-war Britain, only warmer! My thought was "let's build a car that would have been at home in the early 60's here in Modesto". The town had an Austin-Healey dealership and what would a kid with a Sprite and a little bit of cash, reading the magazines for the day bolt on to the car as he got into Sports car racing?
So I now begin with a dead stock 1959 AH Sprite with a "cracked" up bonnet. The "mods" I have now are a Speedwell bonnet, a bored out 948 motor with a Downton Engineering Intake manifold, APT tappets and lead free valve guides and an electric fuel pump. A tubular exhaust manifold and a period Big Brute Bruton exhaust should improve the torque on the 948. Speedwell door handles, a factory hardtop, a Monza petrol lid, a Butler's map light and stopwatches should provide some extra "bling". For race day use I have acquired a headrest fairing, a Brooklands windscreen and an anti roll bar. I have also acquired a very rare Stevenson Tripmeter (made here in California)  and Stevenson rally wheel, and will bolt them on, along with some gauges and other controls in the auxiliary panel (the plans for which you generously provided).   It is my hope that I can get the car on the road in the next few weeks. As I get going and the car is sorted I will send you more pictures. I do have a 1969 parts car which could provide me with a larger motor and disc brakes, but right know the car is stuck in 1961 (the year I was born). Back to work on my carbs. More later...........
Regards Paul (A. Paul Bos, DVM, Escalon, California).

Article courtesy of CHATTER magazine (Austin-Healey Club of America)
[possibly the actual car]
BMC top
Another BMC hardtop
for sale on ebay,
SOLD at £500
for sale on ebay, but
7 pm.GMT Monday 11th
SOLD at £476!
Healey Rocker Cover
4646 UE - Paul Tarry's
aluminium-bodied rebuild of an original Sebring Sprite
ALSO ~ Further information about the mystery car HAN8-R-202, and some fascinating stuff from Chris Polley, son of the Late Ian Polley.
1411 WD
RACEBEARS are offering these two photos of the Le Mans Sprite 1411 WD at Brands Hatch, for sale on ebay at £4.99 apiece. Link 1(left) and Link 2(right)
[Thanks to Pete Taylor and Paul Bos for bringing
these to my attention]
1411 WD
If you are resident in UK or Worldwide rather than USA please note amended ordering instructions below.
Phil Zamlynski 3
Phil Zamlynski is making good progress with his Sebring Coupe Replica which is now ready for the painting stage
John Sprinzel anticipates his books should arrive 15th Nov and plans to try to despatch pre-ordered copies by the end of the month.
Ian Hulett recently tipped off Chris Grainge about a W & P bonnet for sale on 'gumtree'. Another little problem solved.
I have added some more photos to the webpage, courtesy of John Phillips. Also see "Your Comments" page for early reactions.
JAX 12 - 791 NAR
Little snippets of information continue to emerge so that we have nearly all this car's life history. BUT we still don't know where it is now ??
Castrol ad
[courtesy of Ivo Cappon]
Targa pits


John Sprinzel's autobiography is now published and
on its way to John in Hawaii from where he will distribute signed copies at $60 (about £40) apiece plus postage ($5 in the USA, $25 worldwide).
For USA only you can order a numbered, signed copy by going to
and clicking the "Buy Now" button.
UK residents and Worldwide residents need to transfer $85 direct to John using PayPal to or can order 5 copies in order to reduce the carriage cost for a total of $360 and distribute spare copies to their friends and contacts.

Newsletter ~ October 2013

DAC 17
Hardtop for SPRITE Mk2
by a contact in Australia
If you can help please contact me on Feedback
This week I have heard from Ray Cuomo Junior whose father owned the 'works' Sebring DAC 952C in the 60's. He remembers driving it around the yard and took the photo of it on a trailer.
LWD Japan
693 LAC Japan
693 crashed
LWD 959E, seen here in 2008 with Clive & Rachel Baker, is now owned by Shigeru Tanaka of Tokyo
ENX 416C (and its sister Le Mans car ENX 415C) are now owned by Masao Maruyama of Tokyo
693 LAC, racing in Japan
- and its sad fate at Fuji Speedway in July 1984 .
This one tells the story of LWD 959E (or TFR 5)
from its first outing in 1967 to the present day.
LWD Sebring 69

Lucky John

JS beard


Just a word to apologise to the many Sprite enthusiasts and historic rally fans eagerly awaiting John Sprinzel’s autobiography Lucky John. As publisher of this new and weighty tome (368 pages and crammed with amazing photos!)I have to hold my hands up and say it’s all my fault – which I am happy to do because, let’s face it, I’m not a politician.
However, we do seem to have hit a major problem in the print industry. With the demise of the printed book as we know it being predicted on every street corner (and at other wi-fi hotspots), trade printing firms have been amalgamating left, right and centre and the facilities for producing the ‘case-binding’ of hardback books have been scaled back all over the country. Scaled back too far, it appears, for there is now a tsunami of demand and every surviving bindery is currently working flat out. They are working under such pressure that mistakes have started appearing – you may have read the press reports about the latest Bridget Jones being interspersed with 40 pages of comedy legend Sir David Jason’s memoirs.
Well, we haven’t had those kind of issues – though we have had some production problems – but we are still stuck in a very long queue. I suspect that the printers afford preferential treatment to their biggest customers (and in such uncertain economic times, why wouldn’t they?) and we have to acknowledge that our project is very small beer to them. However, our printers know our position and are doing their level best to fulfil our order – if only to get me to stop bothering them. Please rest assured that we are doing all we can and we will let this site know as soon as we have any news.
With best wishes and Spritely greetings, Tom Coulthard.

Midget 1 Hardtop
Martin Cunningham of Dublin is looking for one of these unusual raked side-screens for the nearside of a Midget
Mk 1. He has 2 offside (RH side) ones so could swap.
Contact him if you can help, please.
Midget s-screen
Visser Sprinzel[photo: Ivo Visser]
John Sprinzel was at the "Rock of Gibraltar" in Oxfordshire last Monday, seen here with the Visser brothers' Speedwell Sprite
Chasing Daylight
Another interesting article
about Joe Armour's
1968 Le Mans Sprite
Casson Rep
Steve at another event [Dave Marriott]
YouTube footage at the Healeysport Championship 2013 Shelsley Walsh
Hill Climb, Steve Casson (Sebring Rep) 1m10s in,
followed by Ian Grainger,
in his W & P Sprite

YouTube footage showing Giorgio Taglietti enjoying the amazing hill climb at Sestriere in Italy in his Frogeye on 14th July
[Bob Blayden]

Archers brochure
Archers Sebring brochure for sale on ebay
SOLD AT £37.00!!!!
(concludes 27 Oct)
[courtesy of Paul Webb]
Unfortunately, and sadly, Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird has made the decision to remove his photo sequence showing his meticulous rebuild of EAO, from the website. Similarly the history pages and those relating to his original Sebring Mark 2 have gone, so I'm afriad quite a few links from my website to his are no longer working.
DAS 9 shockers
[Thanks to Pete Taylor]
5.3 diff
16th October 2013: Lots more on Tyres and PMO 200 on the "Your Comments" page
Graham Robson enquires: "I was planning to to put 13 x 5" wires and Avon ZZ's on my Sebring but after talking to Steve Casson on Tuesday I'm not sure what do now as (he has 51/2" on Kumho's) I'm not sure what to do! To sit on the fence before deciding on competition wheel/tyres, I have a set of standard 4" x 13 wires which I will use as a 'road set' and later after some deliberation get a set of competition wheels & tyres. From your experience and great knowledge what tyres would you recommend for road use brand/size etc." Can anyone make suggestions, please.
PMO 200
Sven Eckhardt writes: "I had a look at your website again, saw the news of the event at Ace Cafe and looked at PMO once more.There is one thing that has been bugging me for a while. The picture showing the flattened car. There is a steel back on it and the aluminium roof looks like a flattened fastback certainly not like a Kamm tail. I wonder if there is an explanation for that." I have replied: "I forwarded your message to Paul Woolmer and will let you know if he replies. I think the Kamm tail may have been in fibreglass, fitted over the original steel bodywork, so in the picture you are seeing the original steel rear end and the crushed aluminium top. I imagine the Kamm tail bodywork had been stripped off by Tony Elshof at an earlier date."
Dan Paul top
Dan Paul has discovered a hardtop which has been hidden in the rafters on the family farm and is delighted to discover it is an original DHMC/Jensen top numbered 207. Apparently his uncle and grandfather used to buy up wrecks and did little with them, though there is a yellow Sprite in a very sorry condition on the farm.
Dan Paul top
Gaydon 11
Chris Grainge is looking for a good 2nd hand W & P bonnet (Similar to an Ashley but with squarish air intake as left). FOUND
Paul Slangen in Holland continues to make good progress with his Fastback Sebring. Link to page.
P Slangen 33
Speedwell Rev Ctr
David Scothorn is offering his Speedwell Rev Counter SORRY SOLD ALREADY
Converted to digital and in working order.
Andrew Forster would love to own a copy of John Sprinzel's "Sleepless Knights". Anyone got a spare copy at a 'sensible' price?
Sleepless Knights
Ace 6
Ace 8
Ace 10
Ace 12
October 8th: Organised by Gary Lazarus, Sprites galore and their owners gathered at the famous Ace Cafe to greet their hero John Sprinzel, and his wife Caryl, who are on a flying visit. Did I sense a tear in the Sprinzel eye when he arrived to see PMO 200 and Dave Groves' Speedwell GT among a long line of Sprites including several Sprinzel Sebring replicas? Tom Coulthard brought along some sample copies of John's autobiography "Lucky John" - the main batch to follow shortly, and John Baggott distributed copies of his new book "Frogeye". Among the visitors were Willy Cave, John Brown, Paul Woolmer and family, Jack Wheeler, Philip Young, Dave Groves, Andy Actman, Mike Cornwell, Chris and Charlie Clegg, and Roger and Maggi Byford. Kai Eriksen came all the way from Norway just for the evening. JJO joined the replicas of Gordon Higgs, Steve Casson, and Roger Byford. I can't possibly name everyone there but Pete & Linda Taylor, Graham Robson, Dave Marriott, and Derek Stewart were amongst them - sorry if I've left you out. A very enjoyable evening - great to see John Sprinzel again and in fine fettle. Thanks to Gary for organising such a successful fun event.
Ace 16
Ace 19
Ace 23
Ace 24
When my good friend and Sebring Rep owner, Neil Anderson of Chicago, Illinois was reading his copy of "Healey Marque" recently he encountered an article by Gregg Cameron: "The Little Sprite That Could", about a road trip he took in his Bugeye from Alaska to New Jersey. Within the article Gregg mentioned an earlier article he had written in 2009 (see below left) about his racing with one of the Healey Sprite prototypes in 1969. Neil emailed him and discovered that Gregg owned and drove DAC 952C at Sebring that year. He was also able to supply a list of all its subsequent owners. We have been ableto put Gregg in touch withDAC Bruno Verstraete who now owns DAC and displays it in the Healey Museum. In the photo (left)Gregg can be seen beneath the car in '69.
Greg 3
Gregg has kindly sent in the above, explaining: "Top left, the car when we purchased it as Wellington Racing from Ray Cuomo after Nassau Speed Week in 1968. Item 2 is a news clipping showing us signing in at Sebring. Being the first to do so we gained some publicity. I'm on the left next to Chief Registrar, Sunny Young".
H4 Carbs[Sorry about the tiny photo]. Glen Watson (carb re-manufacturer) is offering another set of concours restored H4 carbs. Bryn Rossiter has a similar set which were supplied to order and can attest to the standard of his workmanship. Ebay
Keith Clark is re-making parts for Shorrock Superchargers Carb manifold CPP013/1 is £125 + p&p, & Inlet manifold CNM014 (not yet priced)
Shorrock carb manifold
MORE FASCINATING ARTICLES ON THE STREAMLINERS (kindly supplied by Neil Anderson, Ian & Mark Turner)
DAC 16
"From HEALEY MARQUE, the official publication of the Austin-Healey Club of America"
Vintage race car
Classic Cars
Glenn clarke 1
Glenn Clarke 2
Glenn Clarke 3
Glenn Clarke is restoring his Speedwell Sprite and wonders if anyone can help him with what year the Les Leston Stirling Moss 15" steering wheels were made. Also what type of alloy gear knob he has and any infomation regarding the H4 Manifold marked "SUPA". Feedback
Snett 1
Dennis Wharf sent me the accompanying photos and reports: "Enjoyed some really good racing.  Among those taking part were Gordon Elwell, with the ex-Mike Garton Sebring MEG 199, and Tony Wilson-Spratt in his WSM, DWS 97.  It was the final round of the "Equipe" GTS Championship in which Gordon finished 4th and 1st in class, while Tony was 11th and 2nd in class.  Gordon enjoyed a terrific scrap with John Yea driving his MGB, managing to stay ahead of the bigger car throughout."
Snett 7
Snett 4
Angme 40
Angme 2
Rev Ctr

Mike Wylie has kindly sent me a copy of his article (which appeared in the A.H.Club's Rev Counter magazine) about the Goodwood Revival 2006 where numerous historic Sprites took part in the Fordwater Trophy race

The LATE PETER CLARKE'S family would very much like all his friends to join them
at Brinkley's Restaurant,
47 Hollywood Road
London SW10 9HX
on Tuesday 15th October
at 12.30pm.

If anyone is looking for a set of 8" Riley brakes for their Sebring I may be able to help. Contact me via Feedback



Newsletter ~ September 2013


over 50 articles for
you to devour
Full report from Paul Webb on this year's racing at
ANGOULEME ~ Circuit des Remparts with lots of photos
from Paul, from Alan Anstead, Tim Halkett & Pieter Bakker
ALSO coming ~ news from USA of DAC 952C when driven by Greg Cameron at Sebring in 1969
Frogeye book
Copies of John Baggott's book "Frogeye the complete story" have now been delivered, so I will be invoicing those of you who have asked to be placed on the list for signed copies. You will receive a payment request through PayPal to whom you can pay using a credit or debit card. As soon as your payment is received John will despatch your book in the post. Those of you attending the gathering at Ace Cafe will receive your copy there with corresponding cost saving on postage.
Peter Jackson's book:
46 BXN
is now available again at £7.50 plus p + p

Lowis 2

Yet another Speedwell Blue Sebring Rep is that of Andrew Lowis who has been building his car over the last 3 years with the help of Dominic Mooney of Midland Classic Restorations. It is based on a 1958 Frogeye which had been badle 'bodged'. He plans to run it in next year's MG Midget Challenge with a 1380cc MED motor. It has Alcon brake calipers, rose-jointed suspension, etc. He is grateful to Mark & Ian Turner for their help in the build.

Lowis 1
KS 07
A new web page for
693 LAC, the 1964 'works'
Targa Florio car, TFR 2
Mark Turner has also told me of these two others:
Roots Supercharger on eBay,
currently at £495 with 17 days to go, but you will need to fabricate your own pipework. [Neil Bacon]

Mark Turner tells me that the Roots supercharger, left, is a Toyota one sometimes used on MR2s.Classed as SC12, there are also SC14s used on Previas. See link
They used to be used on Minis in Australia. Cheaper ones can be found on eBay.

Could Steve Coleman's Coupe have been
the 1967 'works' Le Mans entry?
Our deliberations continue in "Your Comments"
5506 AR
5506 AR
Mk2 body
£600 - tel: 01456 415 382
Craig Chapman is offering this old -stock one-piece steel rear end for Mk1 Midget/Mk2 Sprite. Never fitted to a car, it has been badly stored and is very slightly rust damaged.

100th Archer Sebring Kit (above)

Graham Robson is having a Sebring Coupe assembled by Daryl Davis of Motobuild for his son, though he plans to drive it himself in next season's Healey Speed Championship. Speedwell blue dipped white it will have a Peter May 1380cc engine and sccr gearbox.

Steve Coleman's reaction to the section below is on the "Your Comments" page

Le Mans 67

Is this the proof we've been looking for?

(i.e that the 1966/67 Sebring/Le Mans car HAN8-R-144, shown l & r, was re-built for the 1968 Le Mans race as HAN9-R-237)

In 1967 Clive Baker slightly crumpled the left rear corner of the works Sprite entry No.51 in the Esses. We have been seeking evidence that this car was re-built for '68 - the car now owned by Joe armour in Australia. Joe has sent me the 2 lower photos here, showing the junction of the vertical aluminium panel with the rear chassis tubes. On the left side of the car a piece of wood appears to have been fitted between the chassis and the panel. Could this have proved necessary to re-fix the re-shaped rear panel, proving this to be the car which ran at Le Mans in 1967?


Boot area
Inside the rear of the bodywork of HAN9-R-237 (on the right-hand side)

Boot area
... and here on the (?) repaired left-hand side
Eriksen 2
Kai Eriksen from Oslo, Norway is planning to make a trip to London in October to meet John Sprinzel at the Ace Cafe. On left, his now-alloy Sebring after painting.
HRDC Allstars
at Donington Park
on 5th October
blayden and co
Bob Blayden (Australia) & chums Tony Pritchard, Barry Collins and Geoff Humble came to see JJO on Saturday, en route for Goodwood & Angouleme, etc

Watch the Silverstone Classic highlights on ITV4 tonight (9th) at 8PM

A Kellison bonnet (right):
Kellison bonnet
I have just finished reading John Baggott's meticulous book on the Frogeye and my review is published on the Books & Regalia page
A new web page lists the Donald Healey Motor Co's 26 Prototype & Competition Sprites built between 1959 and 1964 (or were there any more?) Feedback
Ecurie Ecosse
Dick Skipworth is to offer his entire Ecurie Ecosse including his Le Mans Sprite re-creation for sale through Bonhams. Also see Hemmings
It's been a long hard struggle for Sven Eckhardt after crashing his coupe but finally it is back on its wheels.
hnx 455d
Jim Prentice's 1966 Sebring/Le Mans car is for sale with Simon Kidston of Geneva, Switzerland at

€225,000 (abt £190,000)

Paul Slangen is nearing completion of his Fastback in Holland - finished in Aston Martin green
p Slangen 26
His funeral will be at Mortlake Crematorium, Kew Meadow Path, off Townley Road, London TW9 4EN at 11.20am on Friday 6 September.
Speedwell door-handles (needing re-chrome) being offered on Ebay UK (SOLD for £92 plus £8 postage)
(Thanks to Bryn Rossiter)
Speedwell Handles
I am making lists of those interested in buying the 2 new books (below). John Baggott's book is due out in the next 10 days while John Sprinzel's should come on stream in early October.
Frogeye book

Two "must-have" new books for the Sprite enthusiast in September.

This month sees the launch of both John Baggott's very detailed look at "The Frogeye Sprite" and
John Sprinzel's delightful autobiography "Lucky John". For more detail and my reviews see Books & Regalia

Lucky John


Newsletter ~ August 2013

Peter Clarke
Peter Clark at the Lancaster Mews gathering with John Sprinzel and PMO 200 (2005)


I have received the sad news that Peter died peacefully on Monday evening (26 Aug) at Trinity Hospice. He had celebrated his 75th birthday the day before. His friend Nick McRae, a fellow camera collector gave me the news. Funeral arrangements will follow.
Peter owned and raced S221 in the early 1960's.

Paul Bos gave me a link to a 20 minute film at Laguna Seca in California in which Terry Cowan recently raced 96 RPE, a Sebring Sprite which once bore the licence plate PMO 200. The car appears about 4 mins in.
585 MY ad
It seems guy Harman's Speedwell GT 585 MY has still not found a home being now advertised in Octane magazine. (M. Wylie)
Bloemen 18
The first of 5 new aluminium Sebring bonnets being produced by Ton Blankespoor (R.Bloemen)
It appears my Feedback form has not been working for the last 2 weeks. Please contact me via email instead.
I understand that Ian Hulett and Clive Cocks are taking their WSM Sprites to race at Angouleme this September and will be joined by Paul Freeman with his Alexander GT. Anyone going please send me some photos.

Date for your diaries: Meet John Sprinzel at Ace Cafe in North London on Tues, Oct 8th, around 5 p.m.

London Area of the Midget & Sprite Club have invited John to the Ace Cafe on Classic Car Magazine's Classic Car night. Gary Lazarus is hoping to get as many Sprites and Midgets there as possible, especially Sebrings. To get a good space in the car park you will need to arrive early, ideally by about 5 p.m. So let's be having you!

A Chaffey
A Chaffey
The Kent group of the Midget & Sprite Club met on Sunday (Aug 25) at the Angel, Addington where there was a good turnout of both Sprites and Midgets including 3 Sebring replicas. One of them was Andy Chaffey's newly completed Coupe looking very smart in its gun-metal grey with wire wheels and beautifully fitted out engine bay and interior. See also andychaffeyrep.
Road test

It was this road test published in The Autocar in August 1961 that initially sparked my interest in Sebring Sprites. The car is S221 as raced by Stirling Moss at Sebring a few months earlier. Blimey that's a long time ago!

On Friday (23 Aug) I had the pleasure of meeting up with Steve Coleman and his wife, Melanie, who were staying briefly in London while on a trip to the UK from their home in Texas, USA. Steve owns the last 2 works Healey Sprites which were intended for Sebring and the Targa Florio back in 1969 but due to the British Leyland takeover those plans were scrapped and the cars sold off. Steve plans to bring the cars over in 2014 hopefully for a bit of racing but also so we can all see them 45 years after they left the UK.
Trevor McIlroy was competing at the Craigantlet hill climb on 8th August (photo: Mark Turner)
I will shortly be reviewing 2 VERY SPECIAL NEW BOOKS due for release during September and October:
John Baggott's "Frogeye Sprite the complete story", and John Sprinzel's autobiography "Lucky John" so, 'watch this space!'
butch gilbert 18
David Scothorn tells me Butch Gilbert's '59 works Sebring car is now for sale at $135.000 (£87k) on ''
David Markham reports that there is an article in the August issue of "Retro Cars" magazine on Alex Postan's car collection which includes various picture of his Bonneville Sprite, FEY 678.
Bryn Rossiter is looking for set of 5 (painted) wire wheels which don't need refurbishing. Can you help? Feedback

BMC hardtop
BMC hardtop sold for (how much !!!!) £1,700 (P.Lequex)
Pat Harris
"Pat Harris's new baby was prepared for paint last weekend at the Sprite racer and talented master painter and mechanic  Brian Bedford's workshops"
~ Pete Taylor
Pete Taylor sent me this great story (right) from the June issue of Hemmings Sports & Exotic Car The article by Jim Donnelly details the success of the ladies' team at Sebring in 1970
Ladies First
M Turner 2
Mark Turner's Sebring Sprite built on a Heritage shell making effectively a Sebring Mk 2 hybrid. His story of the build when he was only 18.
6699 WD
Mark's Dad, Ian is rebuilding this lovely Sebring Mark 2 (previously owned by racer Tony Griffiths) More below
6699 WD
6699 WD
6699 WD
6699 WD
As purchased from Tony Griffiths (above).
Original Healey seat, master cylinder box & hardtop, etc
6699 WD
6699 WD
6699 WD
Last Sunday I drove down to the Goodwood Breakfast Club in my Gilbern GT for Thoroughbred Day and there were a couple of Sebring replicas there.

Gdwd Bkfst

Gdwd Bkfst
Gdwd Bkfst
Mark Petersen's Fastback
Mike Prangnell's Coupe
and my "other" car
Silverstone 38

Race day at Silverstone

and don't miss Charlie's epic dice on YouTube . Add your comments to others.

Sstone 56
The CCK Lenham GTO spotted at the Silverstone Classic


Newsletter ~ July 2013

Anyone need a pair of Armstrong adjustable rear shock absorbers ~ you'll need a deep wallet!
[Sent in by PeteTaylor]
DAS 9 Shocks

Brian Archer would have been immensely proud to see 11 of his Sprinzel Sebring Replicas among a gathering of Sprites and Midgets in the M&SC area on Saturday. They were all beautifully turned out and appropriately were accompanied by WJB 707 from which the coupes were copied. They were joined by the Clegg family racing team of S221 and 184 FGJ just in time for the cutting of the cake to celebrate 20 years since the first Replica was built. As if aware of this important moment two Spitfires streaked across the sky overhead. Full report and many photos to follow later this week.

Silverstone 4
Some of our cars on display
Silverstone 26
S221 and 184 FGJ arrived on cue from the race paddock
Silverstone 64
Andrew Forster and Martin Ingall cut the cake
[photo: Pierre Lequeux]
Silverstone 60
The cars prepare for a parade lap of the circuit in the early evening ~ which was unfortunately rained off
[photo: Mark Turner]
I will be preparing a full web page of photos with the story of our weekend at Silverstone ~ over the next few days

JT 51


I was intrigued by Mike Youles' use of the number JT 51 on his racing Fastback and he tells me: "My first ever drive in the supercharged Coupe I built for my daughter entailed a visit to 'The Victory' public house at Staplefield in Sussex to watch the veteran car run. Whilst parked there, a gentleman was taking particular interest in the car. When I approached him, he introduced himself as Peter Clarke and explained he had raced Sebrings in period including S221 for which, after he rolled it, he commissioned the first Peel fastback. When I explained we were awaiting Brian Archer supplying us with his first glassfibre fastback replica to build a race car, Peter suggested that, although he no longer owned the registration number, we should run the car with JT 51 on it. I regularly e-mailed Peter with photographs of the car when we initially competed in it. I understand Paul (Tarry) does have an interesting registration number for the car. What a chance meeting eh?"

Kirkistown 1
Kirkistown 4
Trevor McIlroy with his Sebring Rep and 52 LPH which has been owned by Ronnie White since the 60's
Kirkistown 6

50th Anniversary of the Association of Northern Ireland Car Clubs ~ 2 day Sprint at Kirkistown

Trevor McIlroy took part in these two rounds of the British Sprint championship to which "all the great and the good of Northern Ireland motorsport were invited to bring along cars from the past 50 years. These included Ronnie White's red Sebring Sprite, which is still in great condition". It is seen here with Trevor's Sebring Rep with which he achieved a 1st place.

Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird comments further on the history of 5435 WD:

"I read with interest your speculative comments regarding the late Frank Tiedeman's Sebring Sprite - 5435 WD, and I couldn't help but smile.  Sadly, we may never fully know the true provenance of this particular Sprite - not without gaining access to Geoff Healey's log of the 'works' cars;  if indeed Geoff's book does contain any specific information peculiar to this car.
However, I can provide the following information, in the hope of providing some clarity?!
The Sebring Sprite Register (SSR) held by Tom Coulthard and myself, has recorded 'AN5' production chassis number details for each of the '61 'works' Sprites, but unfortunately, these details only add to the confusion and uncertainty surrounding 5435 WD's identity, particularly as the car no longer retains a production chassis plate featuring an 'AN5' chassis number.
The only original production number detailing that does currently survive on the 5435 WD is the body tag fixed inside the door pillar (or A-post).  Curiously, this body number corresponds to the chassis number that was allocated to the open prototype 'Roadster' - 8426 UE - driven in the '61 Sebring event by Ed Leavens and John Colgate.  Obviously, as this Sprite still survives in the United States, it's quite evident that Frank's car wasn't ever 8426 UE and subsequently rebodied; added to which 5435 WD still retains what appears to be the original '61 glass fibre MkI Sprite shape rear panelling.  The 'Roadster' of course had special alloy bodywork.
To add even further intrigue, the 'AN5' production chassis number originally allocated to the open prototype 'Roadster' - 8426 UE - was later re-used by the Donald Healey Motor Co. Ltd., on the special bodied (alloy) 1961 Le Mans Sprite - 1411 WD - which was eventually purchased and campaigned with great success by Mike Garton in 1963.
Addition information contained in the SSR states that, of the five 'UE' registered Sebring Sprites that competed in 1961 Sebring 4 Hour event, three of the cars were sold Stateside (these being 8423 UE, 8424 UE and 8426 UE).  Subsequently, 8427 UE (which featured the Les Ireland designed alloy roof) more than probably became the Healey built, Ecurie Ecosse Sebring Sprite entry for Le Mans in 1961 and was re-registered 1413 WD.  The fact (as recorded in the SSR), that both these cars had the same 'AN5' production chassis number (and alloy roof) adds further weight to the argument.
Taking all of the above into account, it's quite possible that 5435 WD was originally JWB McLarenregistered 8425 UE; understandably, the anomaly surrounding the body tag in the door pillar on Frank's car doesn't help matters and, as I mentioned at the beginning, without gaining access to Geoff's log of the 'works' cars it may be very difficult to prove that 5435 WD was once 8425 UE.  The "practice car" story surrounding 5435 WD, may indeed be something of a 'smokescreen'.
Kind regards, Jonathan
P.S. the attached photo (right above) shows Bruce McLaren at speed in 8425 UE during the 4 Hr race, Sebring 1961.

More on 5435 WD from Tom Coulthard:

Tom Coulthard tells me that one of the DHMC's junior employees was sent down to the Warwickshire County Council offices the day after the team's return from Sebring in 1961 to surrender all the UE registrations and so recover the full year's road tax on the cars, something which was possible in those days. This seems to have become common practice for them as we know it happened in 1965 and '66, after cars were sold on, while still overseas. So was WD one of the Sebring race cars, or just another car built to the same spec? But why build it and then lend it to Clive Baker for the '62 season? I suppose it's possible they had built 4 cars and only taken 3 to Sebring, then registering the 4th afterwards. Tom also told me how the chassis plate on the "Roadster" had the same number as that on 1411 WD - all very strange!

5435 WD ~ History ~ my thoughts and observations:

The recently-auctioned Sebring Sprite of Frank Tiedeman has been said to have been a "Sebring practice car" in 1961. However in Geoff Healey's book "More Healeys" he states that 10 cars were flown out for the Sebring races that year: “two twin-cam MGAs plus one practice car and two of our Sprites for the twelve hour race, and three of our Sprites for the four hour race. In addition John Sprinzel produced two of his Sebring Sprites to run in both events”. So, no practice Sprite apparently. As we know the works Sprites were registered: 8423 UE; 8424 UE; and 8425 UE, these 3 with fibreglass bodywork; 8426 UE (the Roadster); and 8427 UE (the Walt Hansgen car with Les Ireland top). My little book on car registrations informs me that the UE plates with 4 figures in front were issued by Warwickshire in June 1960, while the WD plates with 4 figures in front were issued in April 1961. The Sebring races were held on 24th and 25th March 1961 leaving us with a couple of possibilities: either 5435 WD is one of the 3 ‘works’ Sebring standard-shape race cars and the plate was changed after its return to the UK, or it was built to the Sebring spec after the event. Of course the Healeys invariably sold the cars to US dealers after Sebring so maybe they brought just one car home and re-numbered it before re-sale, keeping the full run of 5 number plates, possibly for re-use. This is all speculation I know.

The 2 photos on the left are of "The Roadster", one of the first lightweight "works" Sprites. It took part in the Sebring 12 Hour race in 1961 in the hands of Ed Leavens and John Colgate when it was registered 8426 UE. [The photos were kindly supplied by Bill Emerson
These 2 photos (shown right) are from Steve Coleman's website. Geoff Healey had thought they were taken in the USA but to me the garage doors looked very British. I wrote to Ian Polley whose wife Christine kindly phoned me to confirm they were taken at their former home in Croydon, Surrey.
HAN R 237
Confirmed to be Ian Polley's '68 Le Mans car
(HAN9-R 237 NOT 238)
JT 51
I gather that Paul Tarry has not only acquired Mike Youles' racing Fastback JT 51, but the Craig Chapman alloy bodyshell and the original Sebring Sprite 4646 UE.
Chapman Shell
Paul plans to build up a new race car based on 4646 UE using the alloy shell, and to apply for HTP FIA papers.

S221 & 184 FGJ at Silverstone

Both cars are in Race 17, the Royal Automobile Club Tourist Trophy Race for Pre '63 GT Cars. Qualifying is at 12.25 on Friday and the race is at11.40 on Sunday. Charlie and India are driving 184 FGJ and Martin McGlone and Chris Clegg are driving S221. They are the only Sprites in the race and the main opposition will be the 11 Lotus Elites. Although not racing on Saturday, the team will be at Silverstone and will be joining us for the celebration.
[Many thanks to Chris Clegg for this info]

Silverstone Sebring Get-Together Latest

The Race Programme on Saturday 27th July includes a Lunch Break from 12.20 until 1.20
so we plan to meet up in the Midget & Sprite Club display area at around 12.30 to eat our
picnic lunches followed by the cutting of the Celebration Cake by Andrew Forster to mark
20 years since the first of Brian Archer's Sebring Replicas was completed
since which time 100 kits have been produced.
Chris & Charlie Clegg will be racing S221 and 184 FGJ (I believe on the Sunday)

An Open Invitation to all Sebring Sprite Enthusiasts
Join us at the Silverstone Classic on Saturday 27th July in the Midget & Sprite Club Area, to Celebrate 20 years of Brian Archer's Sprinzel Sebring Sprite Replica. Andrew Forster will cut the cake during the lunch break. See you there!
Entry only with pre-booked tickets for which contact me

Nick Conklin's supercharged race car nears completion. Note unusual rear bodywork and twin exhaust system. Full story.
It's nearly a year ago that Steve Coleman sent me a link to a video of Clive Baker racing the last of the Healey prototypes, TFR 7.
I somehow forgot to publish it.
Coleman open

Frank Tiedeman dies as his cars go for auction

Bonhams announced at Friday's auction at the Festival of Speed that Frank had sadly passed away at the age of 92, a few days before his cars came up forsale at Goodwood. His Sebring Sprite, 5435 WD which is in need of a full restoration

realised a figure of: £32,000 excluding commission (I understand it is to remain in the UK)

For those attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed this coming weekend (JULY 12/14) don't forget to look in on the Bonhams auction on FRIDAY to see how the Frank Tiedeman Sebring Sprite fairs - and if you are there please let me know the result.

Pictures (right) courtesy of Bonhams

5435 WD
5435 WD
I was very sorry to learn that Ian Polley, who owned the 67/68 works Le Mans Sprite for many years, has died in hospital last weekend.
Ian Polley
Ian at Silverstone, 1981
More tales of the various Sprites which came out of Wild Goose Garage continue to emerge including those of Paul Etheridge pictured at Prescott (right)
Bloemen 12
Bloemen 13
Bloemen 14
Bloemen 15
Rene Bloemen's replica of RTL 304 in aluminium is making slow progress. The nose and roll cage are to be started soon.
Ton Blankespoor is considering building another batch of similar alloy bodies if there is enough interest.
TonB LM i
TonB LM 2
Ton B bonnet
Ton B dash
Ton Blankespoor is rebuilding this Lenham Le Mans (which crashed during the Spa 5 Hours) as a rally car. He is making an aluminium copy of the Williams & Pritchard Mk2 bonnet and extending the original dash board. More on his website.
Roll cage
585 MY
Guy Harman, owner of the Speedwell GT which went to auction on June 29th, tells me that the car failed to reach the lower estimate but he has subsequently tied up a sale .


Newsletter ~ June 2013

5435 WD - 7
5435 WD - for sale at Bonhams auction on 12th July
The ex-works, Clive Baker, Nick Ramus, Frank Tiedeman
1961 Austin-Healey Sebring Sprite
Chassis no. ST456 - Engine no. XSP 1736
Estimate: £18,000 - 24,000
5435 WD - 8
585 MY
Donor Frog
S-c Frog
888 HPA
585 MY - Speedwell GT
comes up for sale at Coys auction (Blenheim Palace) 29th June. As raced by Antonio Bertini and Guy Harman
Estimate: £48,000 - £60,000
Shorrock supercharged Frogeye for sale in Italy.
Needing restoration but apparently complete. Contact Paolo Gori
Asking £8,700
Andy Actman's ex-Peter Banham 1150cc rally Lenham GT has been acquired by none other than author, and retired actor, Tom Coulthard

Below: photos from MG Live at Silverstone kindly supplied by Davids Morys

MG Live 1
MG Live 2
MG Live 10
MG Live 11
WSM Sanction 2
Derek Stewart's Rep?
Richard Perry's Lenham GT
MG Live 3
MG Live 9
MG Live 6
MG Live 4
Woolmer's BXN
Paul Freeman's Alexander GT

and below: some more photos from Silverstone kindly sent in by Daniel Stapleton

Stapleton 1
Stapleton 2
Stapleton 3
Stapleton 4
Daniel's latest edition
Beautifully executed - Paul Webb's recently completed Climax-engined Sprite Mark 2

Colin Cooper, former owner and founder of Frogeye Spares Co, is looking for a car he built:
Registered WH
P 94S it has/had a Midget 1500 floorpan, round rear wall arches from a 1275 model, a fibreglass bonnet, Sprite Mk2 grille and a 9-stud Frogeye windscreen! Since selling the car he wishes he hadn't, but would like to know if it's still about. It's still registered with DVLA. Messages left on Feedback will be forwarded.

When a copy of Ray English's excellent magazine Marque One arrived from Australia recently this photo (left) was inside. Supplied by Bob Kemp it shows Don Balm at Tregwainton in Cornwall in 1962. John Poulter is still trying to find this car which raced with Ecurie Wild Goose - see new web page.
Quelle Horreur
YDF 140
Quelle Horreur!! [P.Lequeux]

How DWS 97 evolved into XNB 712

In 1961 Douglas Wilson-Spratt asked Peel Coachworks to create an aluminium body on his Sebring Sprite, DWS 97 (lefWSM 8t). Unusually it used rear light clusters from a Rolls Royce or Bentley, something Jack Wheeler copied on his 7080 AC. Douglas came 4th in class in the RAC Rally, and 7th in class in the 1962 Monte Carlo. It was one of the team of Healey Coupes in that year's Silverstone 6-hour Relay, soon after which Douglas sold it to Geoff CourtXNB 712 - 4enay Broome and transfered the number to his new WSM Coupe. Broome later sold the former DWS 97 to Jack Scott who, in 1968, crashed the car heavily, and sold the wreck to Peter Skellern, who transferred the alloy bodywork to his Frogeye, XNB 712. The screen shape never looked quite right after its earlier mishap but the car went on to race in the hands of Frank Tiedeman, Tony (or Phil) Whitehead and Don Hands. It now lives in Japan (right).
[Thanks to Tom Coulthard and "Spritely Years" for this interesting bit of history]

Re-jigged TECHNICAL page, History page re-titled "The Historic Cars", and new menus being created.
Gary Lazarus sent me this picture of a replica at Harewood Hill Climb. Probably not an Archers'
XYJ 352
Pierre Lequeux' 2080 PO is on track to join us at Silverstone next month ~ latest photos
2080 PO
4646 UE
4646 UE
Ex-Donald Healey Sebring Sprite sells for £4,100 on Ebay.
Purported to have been owned by the great man himself as shown on the original buff registration document the car clearly needs complete restoration. (JWB & Mark Wilson)
4646 UE
Mark Petersen has approached SFS Performance Hoses, who are located only a mile from his home, for a dedicated 5 hose kit for Frogeye or Sebring Sprites. They have taken a look at Ian Ashfield's Replica and given him a provisional price of £65+VAT and £30 p.metre for oil breather hose.
If required they can make them in an unbranded matt black finish. Mark feels this may be a good deal as Moss charge £208 for a similar Samco kit. He points out that he is not sponsored or gaining anything from this, but merely wants to obtain a reliable, non-perishing cooling system.
If anyone wishes to take the matter further with Mark, please contact me via Feedback
Sven Eckhardt is getting on well with the rebuild of his Sebring after its recent crash. He wants to convert to Sebring brakes and has located a pair of Riley 1.5 rear back plates. He tells me that the Spitfire/GT6/Herald/Vitesse wheel cylinder casting is identical to that of the Riley and much cheaper to obtain though it does not have slots for the brake shoes! They are the same bore and obtainable for £10 each from Rimmer Bros as against £150 for the Riley item from Earlparts. Sven is also looking into using the 8 1/2" rear backplates from a GT6 as a possible alternative to the now hard-to-find Riley items. All useful stuff for replica builders.
Steve Casson has brakes!!

A message from Joe Armour about Clive Baker & 5435 WD

Anstead on Pedal Boxes
All on: "Your Comments"
Pictured right is Frank Tiedeman in his Sebring Sprite 5435 WD in the Esses at Prescott - April 1990 (photo courtesy of Bugatti O.C. archivist Paul Gibbons, and sent in by David Morys)
5435 WD
Guide Price £18/24,000

5435 WD
I have recently learned that this car is to be offered for sale by auction by Bonhams at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in July.

A Chaffey 20
I have just discovered that when using an iPad or iPhone you cannot access my secondary and tertiary menus so cannot view all the site, so I will be making amendments to the layout over the coming weeks. Please bear with me.
Andy Chaffey's car ready for painting - new photos
Trevor McIlroy was at Crystal Palace on May 26/27 and won his class on the Monday. He has quite a natty trailer too!


Newsletter ~ May 2013

(JUNE 1st) APOLOGIES for the lack of recent updates
- my PC gave up the ghost and though I now have a new one I am trying to get acclimatised to it.
CORRECTION: Neil Anderson has kindly run some checks & pointed out that Sebring brake and clutch pedals are ” (9.5mm) longer than standard between the pivot and the activating rod - NOT 1" as I stated earlier this month. See Your Comments
My friend Colin is selling his Gilbern GT - a project, as it currently lacks its MGB engine and some interior trimming.
He's looking for £5,500 o.n.o.Email him or tel: 01959 572570
Mike Wylie comments on the Karsten Stelk Archive in
"Your Comments"
P Fletcher
Peter Fletcher is offering his newly completed Sebring Rep for sale at £23,000. Full details are on his website
P Fletcher
casson 17
Steve Casson enjoying himself at the Gurston Down Hill Climb in his recently built Sebring Rep
Karsten Stelk from Germany has sent me an amazing archive of over 80 photos including this one of D20 being offered in 1964
D 20 6

For those wanting to fit Vauxhall (A.T.E.) front calipers as a substitute for the unavailable Girling Type 10, I have added some part numbers on the
Technical/Girling Brakes page.

Please note that brake & clutch pedals used with the Sebring pedal box are approx” (9.5mm) longer than standard between the pivot and the activating rod. Pedals are available from Wheeler & Davies

2 more Sebring replicas well on their way to completion

p slangen 22
Paul Slangen has recently collected his newly-painted Fastback from Archers Garage - in a beautiful Aston Martin Green
Phil Gardner's replica is now with Archers for the fitting of a full roll cage. He hopes to complete the car in the next 12 months.
P Gardner Rep
Ace Cafe

John Sprinzel is coming to the Ace Café, London
on Tuesday 8th of October 2013 - from 5 p.m.

The London Area of the Midget and Sprite Club has announced that John is to make a flying visit to the UK in October, and they hope to fill the Ace Cafe car park with Spridgets. Another opportunity to celebrate 20 years of the Sebring replica. More info from

John with PMO & S221
[photo Paul Webb]

A further collection of old photos kindly provided by Mike Wylie

Green Rep
S221 at the Racing Car Show - but which year?
Believed to be Jim Lensfeld's Replica at Thruxton, 2005
Peter Preston's Speedwell GT some years ago
(now owned by Bill McDonnough of Hardy Engineeriung)
XNB 712 - probably taken in the 80's. Note twin servos. Anyone know where and when? Car now in Japan
Eckhardt 50
Sven Eckhardt continues the long job of stitching back together his damaged and twisted bodyshell. Looks like he is getting there!
XWW 2 on RAC Classic, 1992
An immaculate pair of H4 1½" SU carburettors on a Sprite manifold are for sale on Ebay
2 days to go
(Sven Eckhardt)
Ian Watts' replica with boot lid - and taking his daughter to her special day, right
Andy Actman was racing at Brands Hatch this weekend. Unfortunately he had to start from the back of the grid. (photo: Dennis Wharf)
A Sebring Rep has found its way to Japan. The Paul Johnson car is now owned by Katsuhiro Sugimoto.
Sugimoto Rep
LNX 629E
LNX 629E
'Works' Sebring and Targa Florio Sprite
Ashley Midget
Karl Törös of Belgium has restored this MG Midget with Ashley top and W & P bonnet. He is looking for €18,000
(NOW SOLD 10 May 2013)


Newsletter ~ April 2013

Bugeye Special
with 2 litre Alfa engine & box
clearly needing restoration
US$10,000 asking price
(courtesy Tony Giordano)
Bill Postins has entered the ex-Brian Mulcare Sebring Rep in Brightwells auction on 15 May - Lot 144. Guide price is £18,000 to £20,000 (Thanks to J.W.B)

A disappointing outcome for Jim Prentice when HNX 455D went to auction on Saturday. The bidding reached £170,000 when the Lot was was withdrawn as it failed to meet the reserve price.

If you would like to bring your car to the 20 year celebration at the Silverstone Classic in July, MASC have kindly given us permission to use their discount code enabling you to bring the car and 2 occupants in forthe price of a a Single ticket. Discounts for advance purchase. Contact me on Feedback
The forthcoming sale of HNX 455D brought me into contact with Charles Shields, one time owner of JAX 12, which Stirling Moss drove for him on several occasions. They also did the Pirelli Marathon (London to Cortina) together in 1990 (see below)
C Shields 1
CShields 2
C Shields 3
C Shields Marathon
Moss at Sebring in '83 or 4 in Charles Shields other Sprite
Moss and Shields on the Pirelli Marathon 1990
Moss in JAX 12 in the 80's
Moss, Shields, Hopkirk, Alec Poole, Ron Gammons and Paul Easter in Cortina, 1990
Neil Anderson has drawn my attention to Tuesday's edition of Hemmings Daily in which Kurt Ernst reports
the forthcoming sale. I have sent a reply, as follows:
"Over the last 12 months or so I have been researching the history of these cars as I was unsure which car raced where and when and with which drivers. There were, and are, in fact 10 cars built by the Donald Healey Motor Co to this design (with variations) 6 of which were raced by the ‘works’ between 1965 and 1968. Today, the first car built (1965 Sebring) is in Belgium, the two ’65 Le mans cars are both in Japan, the car going to auction is in the UK while its sister car (Sebring & Le Mans ’66) went on to race again at Sebring and Le Mans in ’67. I am as sure as I can be that after Clive Baker bent it at Le Mans it was rebuilt as a ‘new’ car for Le Mans ’68 and is now in Australia.The 6th race car was the ’67 Targa Florio car which also raced at Sebring in ’68 and is now also in Japan. One car went to Fred Royston in the States for him to convert for street use – now owned by Jeff Brenner. DHMC built one car as a potential road version which never saw production – that car still in the UK. The final 2 cars were sold when support was withdrawn by BMC and are now owned by Steve Colman in the USA. A fascinating story. Obviously we in the UK are rather hoping the Cotter/Prentice car will stay in the UK as it’s the only race version we still have here. The 10 cars can be seen on: Cheers, Martin"
Dave Matthews taking 3rd place from Paul Woolmer in the 1988 Donald Healey Memorial Race at Silverstone in his newly-lowered Lenham
Matthews LenhamPhoto: the late Chris Harvey
I had a letter this week from Dave Greaves who has confirmed that he still owns The ex-David Harris racer H221 which has been in long-term storage since 1996. However the car is now in the process of being restored - the shell should be back with him later in the year.
Filby brakes
Russell Filby, the Turner Registrar has been going through his spares and has decided to offer these "RARE AS HEN'S TEETH" items for sale. He is looking for offers on £1,000. (Somerset)
Filby Brakes

20 YEAR CELEBRATION OF THE ARCHER SEBRING REPLICA - July 26th to 28th at Silverstone
Andrew Forster of Archers Garage has reminded me that it is twenty years this summer since he and Brian began production of the Sprinzel Sebring replica. Numbers sold are now close to 100 although not all kits supplied have yet been assembled. We are planning to celebrate this event alongside the 30 year celebration of the Midget and Sprite Club at the Silverstone Classic over the weekend of July 26 - 28. We will be having a get-together of Sebring in conjunction with the Midget & Sprite Club. Please let me know if you would like to bring your car along. More details later.

STOP PRESS- 22nd April 2013

Mike Wylie tells me that yesterday afternoon Motors TV showed  ‘Delayed Live Motorport’ from VSCC Silverstone. David Wylie in the Speedwell GT could be seen having a great dice with the ‘Lumbertubs’ Sprite’.   The transmission started at 4.30 pm which meant that their race, that also included Ian Hullet in the WSM and Rae Davis in the Mini-Gem, didn’t start until about 7.20pm, as it was all coverage in real time. 

  It is on again tonight, apparently showing at 11 pm for anyone interested, and prepared to try to stay awake until 1.45 am on Motors TV.

Dave Wood is now planning to produce some Sebring rear splined hubs in E16 steel. Price around £195 each.
If interested contact Dave by email or go to
or tel: (+44) 01384 241717
You are invited to register your car with the
Competition Midget & Sprite Register run by Stephen Luscombe
Please download a form and post it off - whether your car is a current or past racer.
Caliper Bracket
Paul Webb has kindly supplied a drawing of the brake caliper bracket needed to fit Vauxhall calipers to Sprite Mk.1 stub axles
HNX 455D
GUIDE PRICE FOR HNX 455D set at £200,000 to £220,000!
To be auctioned next Saturday, 27th April
at Coys, Ascot


From Pete Taylor: "I am planning to fit a large fuel tank in my Le Mans replica (17 Gallons ) as was in the original and want to use the standard Smiths fuel gauge in the dash rather than a modern unit. There is a problem as the sender will be a tube unit so that none of the tank safety foam gets in the way. I needed to match the sender with the ohms value of the Smiths gauge and couldn't find the correct info until I discovered a firm in Wales called Caerbon Automotive who share the business with Speedy Cables. Caerbon carry on the work that Smiths used to do and have all the data. What I needed was the Ohms Value and he tells me that the fuel gauge works on 240 Empty, 20 Full, and 67 mid range. Gauge numbers BF 2223-00 or BF2226-00.
CAERBON AUTOMOTIVE are on telephone 01639 732200 - speak to Ian John"


Fancy a trip to Sebring, Florida or even Daytona?

Pete Taylor (he of Le Mans Sprite replica fame) is offering his 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom Holiday home with Pool close to Disneyland at £500 per week. Click for more info

HNX 456D
HAN8-R-144 after Clive Baker's Le Mans incident
10 ex-works Sprites ('65-'69)
I have made a number of minor revisions to the following web pages in the light of new information becoming available:
HNX 455D
Works Register 65-69
HNX 456D
HAN8-R-144 at Sebring, 1967
Blaney 1
After reading the latest news of the 20th anniversary of the Archer Sebring replica on 26-28 July, Neil Blaney in Australia has set himself a goal to finish his car for that date. He says: "I can’t bring the car over for the celebration at Silverstone but I will be with you in spirit". He's currently putting in the wiring loom.
Blaney 2
HNX Coys

HNX 455D ~ 1966 Sebring/Le Mans Car for Auction

Jim Prentice has reluctantly decided to part with his historic Sebring/Le Mans Sprite which will be offered at Coys Ascot Auction on April 27th
This is the car with which Paul Hawkins and Timo Makinen achieved a class win at Sebring - see HNX 455D page


The car at Le Mans in 1966 with Hedges and Hopkirk on left and Geoff Healey
Volkmar Lenham
Volkmar Neumann needs a pair of Girling caliper adaptor rings for his Lenham GT. Does anyone have a pair or a drawing? Feedback
The ex-Peter White car assembled in New Zealand now resides with Mark Gagnon in the USA. They get around don't they?
peter white 06



CHARLIE CLEGG and his sister INDIA have an entry for the LE MANS LEGENDS support race to the 24 HOURS on 20th-23rd June in S221 and so will be replicating the Stirling and Pat Moss brother/sister pairing back in 1961 at Sebring.


Both S221 and 184 FGJ will be racing this Saturday at the AMOC Silverstone race meeting and Charlie says "as ever it would be good to catch up with any Sebring enthusiasts if they are going".
Photos are from the Silverstone Classic back in July 2012.


184 FGJ

!84 FGJ

An update on Pierre Lequeux' rebuild of 2080 PO

Pierre has now discovered that the mechanics who worked on his car in the 1960's were George Arnold (a well-known character in Sussex who also used to dive, and discovered the wreck of HMS Hazardous...)  and his colleagues Steve Taunton and Reg Styles. Steve has told him that the car was lightened a lot, which 2080 POof course he had already discovered, and that it raced at Goodwood against a car prepared by the Alexander company - and on that day 2080 PO apparently won the race. Later the mechanics were invited  by the chaps from Alexander to exchange notes....all exciting stuff! Pierre has decided that as the Alfin front drum brakes were not in good order and the engine is now to be of 1330cc he will fit a later disc brake set-up. Andrew, at Archers, is making progress as can be seen in the latest photos on the 2080 PO web page. And see Pierre's website:

Graham Bish has turned out some more of his photos - from the 1994 NEC and 1995 Silverstone Classic below:
BXN (Paul Woolmer)
5893 AC (Ian Grainger)
8840 AC (Roger Chamberlain)
OFH 175 (Mike Warne)
ENX 416
ENX 416C (now in Japan)
ENX 415C
ENX 415C (also now in Japan)

JJO at the NEC, 1994

Deep sump
Pete Taylor pointed out this deep sump (now sold) on ebay (170963472709) "an enlarged sump and longer pickup  - useful for long distance Sprite/Midget racers.
Stapleton mentions an extra deep sump in his "Total Tuning" book and gives Special Tuning part numbers of C-AJJ3324 and C-AJJ3323".
H & H
[Thanks to Graeme Williams]
The late Mike Sutton's Sebring Rep is back on the market. Having achieved a lowly £12,320 at auction just 5 weeks ago the car is now available again at £24,950!!


New web page for


Newsletter ~ March 2013

Patrick Bassereau has kindly sent me 33 photos which he took at Angouleme in 2007, just 4 of which are shown below.
[ I have now prepared a new web page for that event on which many of his photos now appear.]
Patrick B 1

Patrick B 7
Patrick B 19
Patrick B 31
Ecurie Ecosse Replica
Roger Byford's Rep
JJO (Martin Ingall)
A sleepy Alan Anstead!
Thanks to Graham Bish for these photos of Richard Budd's 4 HAC at the Austin-Healey Club's Day at BMIHT, Gaydon in 1997

Gabriel Konig

Mike Wylie
has kindly sent me these 2 obituaries of former Sprite racers:
Many thanks to
CarSport magazine in which they were recently published.
See "Your Comments"

Ian Woodside
Harvey Woods race Sebring is for sale at £18,999. To quote his words after a drive at Snetterton: "the set up is perfect, it was banging in, top lap times straight away".
[Withdrawn from sale]
Graham Bish has pointed out that the Frogeye was also used to parade the GP drivers at Aintree way back in 1959. Take a look at this YouTube clip about 2 minutes in.
Alan Anstead also tells me that Frogeyes were also used to parade the drivers at the 1958 Belgian Grand Prix. In the book entitled "Peter Collins" by Ed McDonough, page 244: Collins is in a LHD 9-stud Frogeye waving to spectators.
Chapman shell
The ex-Chapman alloy bodyshell (above) is for sale again, now with an identity
at £8,500. Link.
[Crtsy Mike Wood]
Speedwell Levers
Aus GP
Aus GP
Aus GP
For those who need levers for their Speedwell door handles this diagram may be useful
For the Australian Grand Prix last Sunday the drivers paraded around the circuit
in some very special little cars - they call them Bugeyes down under.
[Thanks to Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird for these images]
Alex & Jane Postan
Alex & Jane Postan

At the end of April, Sebring Sprite rallyists Alex & Jane Postan will be competing in the 2013 “Grand Tour Cape to Cape” (1500 miles) in their 1972 Porsche Carrera, to raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support. The event runs from Cabo da Roca near Lisbon to Cape Cornwall. Please take a look at their Just Giving page to find out more and if possible make a donation to this worthy cause:

A;lex Postan
The Postan Sebring at Gaydon in 2008
Pedal Box
Sebring Pedal Box
A drawing of the brake/clutch pedal box used with Girling brakes on Sebrings is available if required. Feedback
S221 portrait
S221 portrait (Gary Lazarus)

Sebring Sprite Front Hubs in EN16 steel

Dave Wood of Orson Equipment tells me that his firm is planning to produce a new batch of Sebring splined front hubs in EN16 steel to the original spec, i.e for the Girling brake set-up. They will be between £175 & £185 each (I presume plus VAT). He will also produce some rear hubs if there is a demand. These hubs use the fine thread spinner, as on the MGA, together with the Spitfire brake disc machined down to 8½" diameter.

If interested contact Orson Equipment of Dudley, Warks on 01384 241717

David Lewis has a pair of Speedwell handles (less levers) on eBay starting at £70 - closing on 16th March
(thanks to Dave Pratt)
P Slangen Rep
Paul Slangen's Aston Martin Green Fastback Sebring Replica is taking shape at Archers Garage
Sven Ekhardt is struggling to put together a replacement shell for his crashed Sebring but is determined to retain some of the original car.
eckhardt 45

~ courtesy of Neil Anderson (right)

Castrol 0
Castrol 1
Castrol 2
Castroil 3
Castrol 4
Castrol 5
Castrol 6
Castrol 7
Castrol 8
Castrol 9
Castrol 10
Castrol 11
Castrol 12
Midget hardtop
Works-style Midget hardtop (1967 to 1979) in matt black (scuffed) complete with over-centre clips. Glass and rubbers in good condition. £100 or offer. Also aluminium boot rack £10. Contact: Chris Booth at the Morgan Museum on 01580 241234 or email
Midget hardtop
Chapman Shell 2

Craig Chapman's alloy bodyshell

Alex Ad
In 1993 when Brian Archer launched the Sebring Sprite replica, an article was published in Kit Car Magazine using Brian Wheeler's Dolomite-engined example
as a model.
David Marriott has recently sent me a copy of the article which I had not previously seen.
Kit Car
courtesy of Paul Webb


Newsletter ~ February 2013

Castrol 10
A few pages from a little booklet
(loaned to me by John Baggott)
showing some Sprinzel and Sprite successes
Castrol 1
Castrol 2
Castrol 3
Castrol 4
Castrol 5
Castrol 6
Castrol 7
Castrol 8
Castrol 9
Dave Marriott has provided us with an article I've not seen before which appeared in Kit Car magazine back in 1993. The suggested build cost of a Sebring replica as well as the phone numbers have changed a bit since those early days.
Zbarsky 2
Ralph Zbarsky's unusual Lenham GT in Vancouver
Zbarsky 4
Ralph's other car, LBL591E
a works MGB GT driven by Hedges v& Hopkirk on the '68 Targa Florio
H & H
The Late Mike Sutton's Replica realised £12,320, at the H & H Classic Car Auction, for the RSPB

Chapman Shell 1

Fancy building a Sebring Sprite to Historic standard?
Craig Chapman is now offering this Frogeye bodyshell complete with aluminium rear end, hardtop and doors.
He can be contacted on: 01456 415382 or by email

£6,750 NOW SOLD

Chapman Shell 2

International MG Spares Day at Stoneleigh, Warwickshire

Spares Day 1
Spares Day 2
Spares Day 3
Spares Day 4
Brian Wheeler's bodyshell
WSM Sanction 2
1.8 supercharged Midget with 6 speed box
Spares Day 5
Spares Day6
Spares Day 9
Spares Day 8
Dennis Wharf (centre)
Jonathan W-B
Mark Turner's Sebring hybrid in the car park
Retro Sebring

€63,000 (£55,000) was (I am told) achieved for the Sebring replica of Didier Marty, at Retromobile. Now with alloy roof it took 2 years to obtain its FIA HTPapers

"Mitch" has kindly informed me that the Lenham GT which I photographed at Gaydon in 2008 belongs to Ton Blankespoor who races and rallies it in Holland
Gaydon 10
photo courtesy of Laurent Derancourt of Amicale Spridget
Gaydon 2008

A 13 page interview with the late Andrew Hedges.
(Sent in by Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird and courtesy of Charles Harbord, editor of "Cars for the Connoisseur")

Ray Parsons
Nicolas Billion-Rey has discovered another photo (left) of Ray Parsons in the 1964 Coupe de Paris. It would appear to be a fairly standard Mark 2 with W & P Sebring bonnet
Lenham TargaNever seen one, have you?
Ashley Sprite
Tim Halket has turned up this advert (above) for a Targa-topped Lenham in the Dec 1966 edition of Motorsport.
Didier Marty's Coupé had its Sebring bonnet back on for the Retromobile Show where it was for sale.
Ashley bodied Sprite for sale in Germany € 351 offered so far (looks like it needs a little work!) Ctsy of Sven Eckhardt
Tony Giordano has kindly supplied me with some photos of Andrew Hedges, who died in 2005 (seen here with Paddy Hopkirk). I am putting a web page together about this popular BMC works driver who campaigned EAO and also drove one of the Jacobs Midgets - the text will follow shortly.
Front Hub
Mike & Brian
As you will see from the news clip, right, from "Rev Counter" magazine, the late Mike Sutton's Sebring replica, and his Mini, are to be auctioned by H & H on 26th February. Mike is pictured above with Brian Archer, sadly neither of them is still with us.
Mike Sutton article
Having been recently asked for a copy of the drawing showing the dimensions of the Sebring Sprite front hub I thought I would add it to the website (above). [Archers had a number of these re-made by Orson Equipment Ltd of Dudley]
David Markham tells me there is an article in the back of the current "Classic Cars" mag about the Speedwell GT which Peter Smith has owned from new ~ XWW 2 (right)

P Fletcher 1 BEFORE (above) and
AFTER, right:

P Fletcher
P Fletcher
P Fletcher
Peter Fletcher's Sebring Fastback with Speedwell Monza bonnet is now nearing completion with its 1330cc engine installed
and its handsome red paint with white dipped nose. He hopes this will inspire other Sebring builders. More photos can be seen on:


Newsletter ~ January 2013

With January drawing to a close I would like to thank all those who have contributed to this month's newsletter to make it quite a bumper edition: Tim Halket, Howard Cowley, Neil Anderson, John Phillips, Mike Watkins, Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird, Albert Voogd, Alistair Ross, John Baggott, Paul Webb, Klaus Tweddell, Bill Postins, Mark Turner, Jim Dougherty, Paul Johnson, Graeme Henderson, Craig Chapman, Gordon Eslick, Nick Conklin, Angelo Van de Rijt, Mark Holland, Nicolas Billion, Ian Burford, and Patrick Bassereau - apologies if I forgot anyone.
The late Peter James' Sebring Fastback has now found a new home, near Bristol, with Colin Danks who plans to use it for hill-climbs and sprints once it is completed. Initially it will have a 5 port head and a Weber but the 7 port head will come along in due course.
Speedwell Rev Ctr
Speedwell Rev Ctr
Speedwell Rev Ctr
Having now sold his Sebring, Graeme Henderson is left with this 80mm Smiths/Speedwell
Tacho, overhauled at Speedy Cables in 2011 and never used. The dash panel could also go with it. No history with this one but looks like new...see pics. He I would rather discuss price with interested parties andis keen that it should go on a Sebring. Email him if interested
Lumbertubs 17
Ian Burford tells me that his Lumbertubs Sprite is being readied for the 2013 season, by CCK. In order to obtain FIA HTP papers. New brakes and back axle are being fitted and it is to have a new engine before its inspection.
Lumbertubs 18
Holland Lenham
Prompted by the article (left below) Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird sent in this delightful photo of Stirling Moss chatting to Steve McQueen before the 1962 Sebring 3-hour race.
Moss McQueen
The original Healey Ice Blue is gradually being exposed
PROGRESS ON 9253 WD ~ Jonathan reports:
"Work on revealing the original 1962 Healey Ice Blue paint work has now begun, in an attempt to return the car to its original appearance.  Any imperfections found during the process will remain exposed.  Unlike 410 EAO, the focus of this restoration will centre on all-out preservation, rather than all-out perfection. The car is now safely registered with the DVLA, complete with a new V5C".
9253 WD
Tom Coulthard with WD
Sports Car Graphic
"Sprite GTs driven by Moss,Ireland, Rodriguez and Steve McQueen!"
an article on the Mark 2 Sebrings kindly sent in by Tim Halket
Nicolas Billion is seeking information about a Sprite which Ray Parsons drove into 8th place in the Coupe de Paris at Montlhery in 1964, Painted white with blue stripes it can be seen just behind the Peerless on the right. Feedback please.
Ashley Mk 1 top
Angelo Van de Rijt has a number of unused Ashley hardtops
left over from when Ashley went out of business.
They are slightly scuffed from being moved about in storage but
fit Mk 1 Sprite (Frogeye) left - the rare one, or Mk2 Sprite, right.
Angelo is based in southern Holland. Email
Ashley Mk 2 top
Archers Garage are in the process of creating a new website at:
Sebring Replica for sale 'en France' 64,000 Euros
Believed to be Archer replica No.3 now owned by Didier Marty and shown at the Paris Retro exhibition way back in 1993.
Didier Marty
I have recently discovered these great photos from the Goodwood Revival 2010 on
MEG 199
Speedwell leads BXN
Martin Davidson in 7080 AC
Gordon Elwell in MEG
585 MY and a Lenham GT
Jonathan W-B has pointed out that the Speedwell GT 2824 MV has, in fact, been owned by Jeff Brenner for many years.
Shorrock Boost Gauge
The Shorrock Boost Gauge which Nick Conklin is looking for (left). If you can help please send him an email
has been up-dated
Graeme Henderson has available this Speedwell tacho which belonged to Cliff Alison, one-time Ferrari who had it on his first racer, an A35. Email if int'd
Gordon Eslick has these Armstrong Adjustable rear shocks, for sale or exchange. He is after an Ashley hardtop for a Frogeye, Sebring pedal box, 3 branch manifold and a wood-rim steering wheel

Sprite Shocks
Gordon can be
contacted by email
[South Africa] NOW SOLD

Craig Chapman has asked me to offer this Frogeye bodyshell for sale complete with alloy rear end and doors. No V5. Craig can be contacted on: 01456 415382 or by email

Craig Chapman shell
Alloy-bodied shell
FOR SALE £5,000
KLAUS TWEDDELL has kindly supplied some of his amazing pictures from Nurburgring and Mugello which he took back in the 1960s:
In this wonderful photo (left) of the start of the big sportscar race you can easily spot the two Jacobs Midget Coupes and also the Works Targa Florio Sprite, bearing No.122
In this shot of the cars lined-up for the Le Mans-style start the 10th car from the bottom, No..50 is one of the "ex-Works" Sprites and the 12th is Jack Wheeler and Martin Davidson's Sebring
1000kms Nurburgring 1964
photo: Günther Molter
1000kms Nurburgring 1967
photo: Günther Molter
Jack or Martin in action during the 1000kms race at Nurburgring in 1967
One of the Richard Groves- entered ex-works Sprites garaged for the 500 kms Nurburgring, 1967
LWD (the worksTarga Florio Sprite, left) and one of the Richard Groves Sprites chased by the Costin in the 1000kms of 1968.
open bonnet
One of the ex-works Sprites at the 1000kms at Nurburgring in1968
One of the Richard Groves cars(left) and the revised Wheeler/Davidson Sprite at Mugello 1968

Jack and Martin's Sebring Sprite now with independent rear suspension in the 500 kms Nurburgring 1968
For 1000kms Nurburgring in 1969 the car was now topless. Right-hand shot shows it in the Karussell where Jack unfortunately rolled the car in the 500kms later that season.
Graeme Henderson's Sebring Replica has been acquired by Mark Prangnell and is off to the Phillipines
henderson 43

WJJ 998

The ex-Brian Mulcare Sebring Replica Coupe is for sale with Bill Postins at £23,000
See "For Sale" page
Speedwell Rev Ctr
Paul Webb has provided this link to a Speedwell Rev Counter for sale on Ebay
[9 days to go and currently at £149]
A message from Klaus Tweddell about Jack Wheeler's exploits
at the Nurburgring and Mugello
in 'Your Comments'
Scott Meadows is looking for a worthwhile Frogeye Sprite project. If you can help please contact him via email
CCW article
I'm sure everyone who, like me, owns a "modified" classic car was pleased to learn that the EU have succumbed to pressure and are not now going to ban our vehicles from the public roads of the UK, and presumably Europe.
See article (left) from Classic Car Weekly
JWB grid
From Alistair Ross I learn: " I am as sure as I can be that this (car No.41 left) is XWW2 with Peter Smith behind the wheel. This car did not always have its alloy wheels, I have attached a picture of the car (right) on its steels (the bonnet up behind is 585 MY) Another shot on the row, above right, seen on EBay
2824 MV
photo: Dan Leonard
We have Alistair Ross to thank for sending in this photo of 2824 MV, the ex-Margulies Speedwell GT, now owned by Jeff Brenner in the USA
John Baggott is looking for a non-working Speedwell rev counter which he can have reconditioned with digital workings. Feedback
Speedwell Rev Counter
Albert Voogd says he read the item on 184 FGJ, below, with great interest. He says "I took these photos of FGJ at the International Healey & Sportscar Weekend at Stowe School in July 1989.  I think it was for sale back then, and if I had known what a special car it was, I surely would have tried to buy it - but of course I didn't....GRRRR".
184 FGJ
Stow School Sticker
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird has kindly supplied the 8 photos shown below
S 221
S 221
This is S221 at the time Colin Pearcy acquired it in 1993 - note the 3 vents as in the b+w picture lower down the page. JWB excitedly accompanied Brian Archer to see it, in those early days of Sebring re-discovery, and persuaded Colin that he should get Brian to restore it to its original coupé form. The former S221 registration was re-instated and at a much later date the fastback bodywork and 184 FGJ plate applied to another chassis for Charlie Clegg. In the meantime Brian took a mould off the bodywork to produce the Archer's replica fastbacks.
Here Andrew Forster and Brian Archer (visible through the windscreen) work on the fitting of a new aluminium top and rear panels at the old Archers premises.
9253 WD
Jwb - Grid
JWB Galaxie
Another view of the S221 restoration at Archers Garage
A couple of great shots of Jonathan's recent acquisition during its racing days in the 1960's:
9253 WD on the grid at Silverstone accompanied by an unidentified Speedwell GT and perhaps another Sprite (?) in front.
John Harris at speed in 9253WD at Mallory Park
9253 WD being hounded by a Ford Galaxie at (?) Silverstone
Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird confirms that the b + w picture below is of S221 - the car still had those little vents when Colin Pearcy bought the car many years later. It's hard to tell whether the car was red or BRG at the time, but probably the former as even the white square on the side is the same as in May 1963 when Graham Capel raced it. Photos follow.
Sinverstone SpriteWhat a lovely period shot. Who can identify the car ? - my first thought was that it was S221 after being re-bodied by Peel's with the fastback following Peter Clarke's roll at Nurburgring in 1961. But I've not seen those little gills behind the side window before and the ownership does not seem to fit in with the history of S221 as I have it recorded.
Help me out somebody!
[Confirmed as S221]

Earlier this week I was contacted by Mike Watkins who, after sorting out some old 35mm photos he took in the early 1960's, came across one of a Sebring Sprite which he had been told was an ex-Moss car. It was taken at a club meeting at Silverstone and Mike was given a ride by the driver who was a work colleague. He says it was bit hairy as the car had no passenger seat.
Mike has now kindly sent me a copy of his photo (left) along with the following:
"Hi Martin, Thanks for email. I believe that the car in the picture was owned by a local garage at Potterspury, a village not a million miles from Silverstone circuit. At the meeting in question it was driven by Bob Ashley, a local man who worked at Plessey, Towcester where I was also employed at the time. Bob was quite well known on the club side and used to race HWMs which were owned by a presumably well-off insurance director. I believe that Bob held the club record at Silverstone for a front-engined racing car in an HWM. The cars were prepared by another Plessey employee, Tom Chivers, who was present at the meeting. The cars used to be kept in the old WRAF quarters of RAF Silverstone, somewhat dilapidated with not a lot of security (a padlock). Other cars there included several HWM's, a BMW Veritas and a Frazer Nash hill climb car. In the corner of the workshop was a sheeted-up Connaught which it was hoped could be restored some time in the future. Back to the picture, the Flowers Bitter was being sold at 2/7d a pint which fans thought was outrageous. Regards Mike ". Many thanks Mike.

JJO 34
JJO 33
JJO 32
JJO 31
The above shots of yours truly and JJO were kindly sent to me by John Phillips who took them at Crystal Palace in 2010
JOHN PHILLIPS, a good friend of Jack Wheeler, has recently compiled a couple of slideshows of pictures taken by Ken Davis and others, of 7080 AC's exploits on the Targa Florio, at the Nurburgring and Mugello in the 1966 to 1973 period, just 6 shots included here below.
EAC Targa 66
EAC Targa 66
photo: Jack Wheeler
photo: Jack Wheeler
photo: Ken Davis
photo: Ken Davis
EAC 90C at the start (Targa Florio 1966) and side-lined as 7080 AC passes by - a spectator had run out in front of EAC.
The sad end for EAC after Arthur Appleby crashed the car at Mugello in 1970
LWD Targa
Bill Wheeler
LWD Targa
Ken Davis
Ashley for sale Ebay
(Neil Anderson)

Shorrock C75B Ebay
(Neil Anderson)

Works Sprite LWD of Baker/Aaltonen at the start of the 1967 Targa Florio
LWD in the pits with Clive Baker getting out to hand over to Rauno Aaltonen.
A40 and EAO
The photo left, of EAO being towed behind an A40 was sent in by Tim Halket, who is looking for some original Frogeye wheels.
Now found - thank you
2988 PX

Howard Cowley took this one from a film clip of his racing days in the early 60's. Anyone know if the car is still around?

EAO on trailer
2988 PX


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