Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Brian Archer

Brian Archer 2 Goodwood 2008

Brian archer 3 Driving S221

Archers 14With Bob Kemp and Alan Twitchett

Archers 1

Archers 22Outside the Garage

Sprinzel & ArcherWith Sprinzel at Abingdon

Brian & BarbaraWith his wife Barbara at my 60th birthday party

Brian Chris CharlieWith Chris and Charlie Clegg

S221 which Brian prepared for many races

Brian working under the bonnet
Blaney 17
With Diane Blaney and the K Series demonstrator

Brians Archer and Wheeler
With Brian Wheeler and his Sebring Replica


The Late Brian Archer, 1941 to 2008

Obituary ~ Funeral ~ Tributes

It seems unbelievable that our good friend, Brian Archer, is no longer with us. He worked tirelessly to ensure that a number of Sprites were ready for the celebrations at Goodwood and Gaydon just a few months ago in May. He really enjoyed both those weekends and I had the pleasure of driving him around the circuit at Goodwood for several laps. He was very impressed with the car's handling and surreptitiously timed me on my subsequent tours with other passengers. In early July he went into hospital for some investigations, as a result of which he was found to be suffering from bowel and liver cancer. Following extensive surgery he was in intensive care for several weeks. He then appeared to make some progress and we were all optimistic for him to make a recovery. Sadly that was not to be, and he died on the afternoon of 23rd August. I am sure you will wish to join me in sending our sincere condolences to his wife, Barbara, son Andrew, daughter Debbie and the rest of his family, not forgetting Andrew Forster who has been his business partner for a number of years.

Brian was born in 1941 and showed an early interest in all things mechanical. His Dad made him a pedal car at the age of 5, too large to bring in the house so Brian would pedal it around the streets. Later he graduated to cycling and became an enthusiastic member of the local cycle club. He bought his first car, a Ford Consul, at the age of 17 but soon found it too staid and moved on to a Morgan. By this time he and Barbara were courting and one day a front wheel came off. Despite Brian carrying out the necessary repairs Barbara never quite trusted that car after that, especially as the troublesome wheel was on her side. Brian then purchased a gold Frogeye Sprite which he really enjoyed. He painted the hardtop a burgundy colour and went rallying with it. It was during an (?Evening Post) rally which set off from the Smithfield Garage in Birmingham that Brian first came across a Sebring Sprite driven by Pat Moss. It was from that date that he yearned to own one, though he knew he could never afford one. He and Barbara were married in 1964, but had to return home early from their honeymoon to take delivery of a new MG Midget. In this car Brian started taking part in hill-climbs and sprints at places like Shelsley Walsh, Prescott and in the Isle of Man. Later still he shared a Mallock U2 with a friend and they became very quick on the hills. In his early working life Brian was in electrical contracting but in 1971 decided to follow his real vocation and open his own motor business in Birmingham. He soon began to specialise in sports-cars, mainly those produced by BMC. In the mid-90's he was given the job of restoring the Sebring Sprite S221 for Colin Pearcy. By this time Brian was beginning to fulfil his dream of re-creating just such a car which could be assembled by the Sprite or Midget enthusiast. Brian was absolutely meticulous in researching every last detail of John Sprinzel's original half a dozen cars before looking around for an original from which to take a mould. He was fortunate in finding Stephen Bowen's car stored in Brian Wheeler's yard. Since those early days some 50 or more Sebring Coupés and Fastbacks have been produced at Archers Garage, and I am sure there will be more to come. When S221 was bought by Chris Clegg in the late 90's Brian carried out further work on it and has since prepared it prior to races which Chris has entered at home and abroad.

It was Brian's character though that marked him out as someone special and of whom many of us became very fond. He was a true enthusiast and was always prepared to give his time to others with similar interests. I think the tributes below emphasise what a super guy he was without my making further comment. Let me just say how much I will miss him as I know many others will too.

 Martin Ingall

Brian's Funeral in Solihull, West Midlands on Sept 8th.

As you can see from the pictures below there were some 9 Sprites and a couple of MGBs at Brian's funeral as well as a big crowd of his friends, relatives and customers past and present. Among them were: Myself (Martin Ingall) and my wife Susan, Tom Coulthard, Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird, Ian Ashfield, Dennis Wharfe, Alan Twichett, Brian Wheeler, Bob Kemp, Paul and Sharon Woolmer, Chris and Charlie Clegg, Richard Pugh, Ian Grainger, Peter Seamen, Jimmy Lee, Gordon Elwell, Peter May, Paul Mead, Andy Actman, Andrew and Angie Forster, and Clive Bradley. (Apologies to anyone I might have missed). Barbara (Brian's widow), his son Andrew and daughter Debbie led the mourners, followed by all the other family members. Tom Coulthard made an eloquent dedication to Brian's life some words of which I have borrowed for my obituary. I think Brian's son Andrew had a hand in making a slight modification to one of the hymns:-

"Give me oil in my car, keep it running,  Give me oil in my car I pray, Give me oil in my car keep it running, Keep it running till break of day".

Most of the assembled gathering returned to Brian and Barbaras' home in Crabmill Close for refreshments. The house and garden were packed. In all I think we gave Brian a good send-off.

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Hello Martin.
 I have logged onto your site everyday since the tragic loss of Brian and read the wonderful tributes to him. I was 17 and looking to become a mechanic and was grateful to Brian for giving me the chance to learn the trade with him. As many apprentices know you will make mistakes and many employers shout and ball at you for them. Brian was totally different, he would just say "try not to do it again" and that would be the end of it.
 I have spent the last 24 years still learning from him and enjoying his company and wit. He has been a great influence in my life and a great support when I lost my own father.
 I know that the Sprite world has lost a great supporter and without Brian the Sebring may not have been replicated.
 I will miss him every day when I open up this place and I will endeavour to keep everything running as smooth as possible in memory of him.
Regards, Andrew 

Andrew Forster
Andrew Forster

I feel a great sense of loss at Brian's passing. What started as a business relationship very quickly became a true friendship. Brian was an enthusiast first of all, a businessman second. He really loved the cars, and the racing. He provided me and numerous others with the joy of owning and driving a Sebring Sprite, a car rarely seen for thirty years until he had the idea of reviving it. Whether by coincidence or otherwise - at around the same time came the gradual re-emergence of a number of the historic cars of which S221 was one. Brian's meticulous preparation brought that car back to full race condition and he has personally looked after it around the circuits ever since. Brian was really the lynch-pin at the hub of a small group of Sebring buffs, and assisted Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird with his research into EAO's history, as well as Tom Coulthard when he and John Sprinzel were putting together "Spritely Years". With his guidance and support I prepared my own car for a number of major historic rallies in the 90's. Above all though he was an unassuming, highly knowledgeable, jolly, friendly guy who was always prepared to help fellow enthusiasts and give free advice. I know I shall miss him, greatly.   "Brian Archer - one of the best".
Martin Ingall              

Brian & Me
Martin with Brian

Many thanks for letting me know this truly terrible news. I’ve just spoken to Jonathan on the phone – he’s been away on a family holiday and has only just got back. Of course he is as shocked as I – the recent news was so encouraging and Brian seemed to be on the road to a recovery. Even if it had been only a couple of years or so, no-one better deserved a little while of Autumnal sunshine. Brian was such a nice man – one of God’s own, as people used to say – and a true enthusiast. No one has done more to raise the profile of the Sebring Sprite, and no one did more than you yourself to encourage Brian in his endeavours. I know he hugely valued your friendship and support.  I can’t imagine what we’re going to do without him – Brian has been our lynchpin: he’s been the ‘Kenneth Horne’ presiding over our disparate crew of Sebring comedians. You were rightly saying how much of a strain the run-up to the 50th Anniversary celebrations must have been for him, but the sight of Brian at Goodwood and Gaydon, extremely happy and immensely proud of the number of cars and the interest in them, is a wonderful memory that will stay with us all.    Tom

Tom Coulthard
Tom Coulthard

 John Sprinzel:

 Shocked to hear the very sad new of Brian's passing. He was such a great person, and as you say, the "Sebring" world will be a sadder and poorer place without him. Do please give his family our deepest sympathy in these trying times.

Aloha,   John

JS and Brian
John with Brian

So, so sorry to hear about Brian.  The news hasn't really sunk in yet!  Tom C. rang late last night to let me know that he'd heard from you.  Thanks for your email.  I have fond memories of sharing the 'adventure of discovery' - regarding all things Sebring, with Brian during the early 90s. He was a good man, always willing to help out and share his mechanical experience.  His generosity towards me on many occasions, really helped in the restoration of EAO as well as helping to form a genuine friend- ship between us.  I can't quite believe I won't see him again, and the Sebring 'movement' owes much to his enthusiasm and hard work.  It won't be the same without him!  Please let me know where and when the funeral is to be held.      Jonathan

Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird

Now that the sad news about Brian has sunk in I feel able to write something more than the short response sent before. I first met Brian at his previous workshop & remember vividly sitting in his tiny office at the back, must be 18 to 20 years ago. I had recently acquired my first Sebring Sprite & was extremely excited, I was (perhaps naively) surprised that my enthusiasm was not shared by most of my Healey friends. They didn't know what a Sebring Sprite was......  Then I visited Brian & everything changed, firstly he knew more about them than I did.... He seemed to have endless time & massive enthusiasm, particularly for Sebrings.  Over the years I was lucky enough to get to know Brian really well, ~ we often attended the same race meetings & club events. Brian was always a great supporter of the Austin Healey Club.  He was one of the first to call me when I bought PMO. At the time most people thought I was mad, not Brian...! Many of the words I have read in other tributes also come to my lips, words like gentleman, kindness, patience, enthusiasm, knowledgeable. People often ask me how I feel when I see an Archer Sebring sitting next to PMO. To me replication is the best form of flattery, every one has a little bit of Brian's character in it... In short Brian Archer was a true gentleman & ambassador of Sebring Sprites, someone who had the rare talent of being able to mix his business life with his passion. It was a pleasure & a privilege to have know Brian as a friend. Paul Woolmer

Paul Woolmer
Paul Woolmer

Dear Martin,    I just got off the phone with Andrew Forster with him telling me of the tragic news of Brian's death.  I am deeply saddened and stunned.  I only heard of Brian's illness from seeing the news on your website last week. The news at that time looked promising and I felt no sense of urgency to inquire further at that time.  But, I did call the shop today to try and get an update before wanting to send a "get well" card off to Brian.  I am so sorry to hear that Brian is gone.  What a great loss!  
 It seems ironic that in this year of the Sprite 50th celebrations we lose such a strong supporter and guru of Sprites and Sebring Sprites in particular.  I hope it was a pleasure for him to see the Sebrings getting the recognition they have justly deserved.  After John Sprinzel, Brian Archer was the next and probably the strongest champion of these great little cars.  Without his dedication to the marque, many of us would not be able to share in this joy.  
 I know you were a very good friend of Brian's and I offer my condolences to you on your loss.  It is not easy to lose a friend and, I assume, a mentor.  
 I only knew him for a short couple of years, but am very sorry that I won't be able to see or speak to him again.  Whenever I would ring the shop, which was not too frequently, it was always a true delight to talk to Brian.  We had great conversations and he always responded very kindly to my questions, no matter how trivial they may seem.  He always had time to talk to me.  He was a fine man a true gentleman.  I will miss him too.  I am glad to have seen Brian in May.  
 I am sure Andrew is dedicated to continue the work he and Brian have been doing together for so many years.  He told me he is, although naturally at time of loss it may seem disorienting.  
 I feel it is not too many of us that leave a true legacy of themselves, but I believe that every replica of the original Sebrings that is built has some of Brian Archer's soul in them.  Without him, none of the cars that honor the originals would exist.  What a loss for us all.  Sincerely, Neil Anderson (USA)

Neil Anderson

I was terribly saddened to hear of the passing of Brian Archer. I had never met Brian but spent a very memorable afternoon at Archers Garage a couple of years ago. Andrew made me feel like a long lost friend showing me around the place,  it was wonderful to see S221. Brian has done so much for the Spridget fraternity. I would love to have a Sebring replica in my garage one day. I am sure many of us here in Australia share in my sadness.  Peter Fellows. (Sprite Car Club of Queensland)

Paul Orton
Paul Orton

Hi Martin - very sad news. Please pass on Gillian's and my condolences to Brian's family. Hard to believe that having just met Brian and leaving him in apparent good health this could happen so quickly. He was so unassuming yet very knowledgable. I did run into Neil Blaney a week or so ago who told me about Brian's illness - I just didn't realise how serious it was.  Regards, Paul Orton (Sprite Car Club of Australia)

We were very sad to hear the news of Brian's passing. I only got to meet him when my car was used for the mould for the Coupé and later in 1995 when, with the help of Brian Wheeler, I built a replica.  During the last three years I had a lot more contact as I was trying to restore WJB707 and my friend Michael Meerlo had ordered a Fastback kit. Every time we were in England and in Birmingham we visited Archers Garage and stopped Brian and Andrew from working, drinking tea, and chatting about the sixties and the Sebrings etc. His enthusiasm was infectious and he was always ready to share all the information he knew and mechanical advise etc. It will feel odd to be in Birmingham now and not be able to chat to him. With the 50 years  Sprite Celebrations at Goodwood and Gaydon we had a lot of contact with him and at this time met Barbara for the first time. This was a most memorable time and very enjoyable and we would like to offer our condolences to Barbara and her children and also to his partner Andrew Forster at this most difficult time.   Stephen and Sylvia Bowen and Michael Meerlo. (from Belgium) 

Meerlo Gang

Michael Meerlo & Stephen Bowen with Andrew Forster
and family

I am so sorry to hear the sad news.  Thank you for keeping me informed.  Brian was such a kind and gentle man - a true gentleman - and he will be sorely missed. 
Michael Wylie, (Ireland)

Mike Wylie
Mike Wylie

Thank you for passing on this very sad news.  He was a gentleman and will indeed be sadly missed.    
John & Jill Bowman,  ~ North Wales.

Hi Martin, Saddened to hear of the passing of Brian. I had the pleasure of meeting him in 1997 and again in 2000 along with his wife Barbara. I kept in touch with him every couple of months when chasing up information or getting gear for my Sebring replica and we always had a comparison of the weather between UK & Oz. Brian and Andrew have always been the most helpful, questions answered, parts chased, no problems. I last spoke to Brian at the time of the Sprite's 50th Birthday, seemed very excited and looking forward to the event. He will be sadly missed. Regards, Neil Blaney (Australia)

Neil and Diane Blaney
Neil & Diane Blaney

I stumbled across the Sebring Sprite website back in May whilst searching out a replacement for my Porsche 914. At Martin's suggestion this led to my meeting Brian Archer for the first (and sadly) only time. Not only did he insist on meeting me, a complete stranger, at the station but I was also given a personal guided tour of the works, plied with coffee and had all my many questions answered in depth and with enthusiasm. In the few hours that I spent with him it became obvious that he was a man who's encyclopaedic knowledge of the world of Sprites was quite extraordinary. His enthusiasm for the subject was contagious and I left feeling determined to get started.  I hope that Andrew and the team at Archers Garage will continue to receive support and encouragement from the Sebring fraternity now that Brian has gone. I miss him already and I haven't even commenced building my Sebring yet! Most of the large bits are going to come from Archers Garage so when the time comes for the final touches to be added I think I may have a little badge with the word "Archer" fixed alongside "Sprite" in memory of the man who really fired my enthusiasm.  Stuart Barnes.  
P.S. I have been in touch with Mike Sutton who is out on the Wirral. I had an encouraging reply to my e-mail. What a friendly world the Sebring community inhabits!

Thank you for your message and I am deeply sad to hear of Brian's passing. He really was an extraordinary gentleman, whose enthusiasm, charisma and wit rubbed off on all who met him and shall be greatly missed.  I have been hugely privileged to have  known Brian since 1997, but it has really been the last 4 years when I have been building 184 FGJ under his guidance at the workshop in Birmingham that I really spent a lot of time with him. As a fresh-faced 17 year old in 2004, who barely knew the difference between a rotor arm and a radiator, Brian kindly took me under his wing and not only taught me a vast amount about mechanics and Sebring Sprites but was always at hand to correct my mistakes and point me in the right direction, never getting annoyed at my incompetence. I shall greatly miss the lunch breaks at the garage when we would discuss everything from the mystery that is D20 or his days hill climbing a Mallock to the ridiculousness of the Performing Right Society. With Brian's passing we have lost not only a true car enthusiast and a Sebring Sprite authority, but also a fantastic character and a kind friend. He shall be greatly missed.
 Regards,  Charlie (Clegg)


To the Family and friends of Brian Archer....We are deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Brian Archer, - our thoughts and prayers go out to his family and all his friends around the globe. While I didn't know Brian as well as others, during my trip to England I was able to enjoy his company as he and Andrew showed me around his shop, which I was visiting to purchase  a replacement bonnet for my car.  Later that week at a very nice Healey meeting he was kind enough to take me around and introduce me to all the Sebring Sprite people in attendance, I  enjoyed his company and his thoughtfulness, the time he took with someone he had met just a few days prior speaks volumes. The Austin- Healey and the Sebring Sprite family has lost a good friend, - he will truly be missed.
Terry Cowan    President, Austin Healey Club San Diego  (96 RPE / PMO 200 / 130 UML)

Terry Cowan's racer

I still can't believe that Brian has gone and although this is a tragic loss for the Sebring Sprite community, my principal thoughts are for Barbara, Debbie and Andrew whose loss is much, much greater.
I bought my Sebring Sprite, S221, on the spur of the moment at the Goodwood Festival of Speed auction in 1998 knowing no more about the car than what was written in the auction catalogue. With the car came a very comprehensive history file and an Archer's Garage brochure which related the history of Sebring Sprites and included a photograph of S221. As I thought it might be useful to have a passenger's seat in the car, I 'phoned Archer's Garage to enquire if they could supply one. This was the beginning of the most wonderful relationship which has been a key factor in achieving a number of the high points in my life.
Brian Archer was not only a dedicated enthusiast for the Sebring Sprite marque, an extremely knowledgeable and skilled technician and craftsman, but he was also an absolute gentleman whose company was a pleasure. Brian, ably assisted by Andrew Forster, introduced me to the world of Sebring Sprites and their significance in the history of British motor sport. This led to Brian accompanying me to numbers of Goodwood Revival races and Le Mans Legend races where he not only prepared the car, but entered into the full spirit of the events.
At these race meetings it became apparent from the numbers of other competitors and enthusiasts who approached Brian for advice, that I was being supported by the marque expert, the Guru of Sebring Sprites, and I always felt very fortunate to be in such good hands. Brian was one of the most patient and even-tempered individuals I have ever known whose calmness at times of approaching crisis could sometimes be quite disconcerting. He was  also extremely tolerant and always polite, and I can still hear him describing my attempts at cooking in the paddock as "very tasty"!
Brian was a very good man and his passing marks the end of a chapter in the history of the Sebring Sprite, and particularly that of S221. I intend to keep his memory alive by continuing to campaign S221, the car with which he will always be synonymous.
Best regards     Chris Clegg

Chris Clegg

I was so sad to hear the terrible news, although I only met him once, thanks to you, he seemed such a thoroughly nice bloke, your tribute seems to sum him up perfectly.  Wish I'd had the opportunity to have known him better. Could you please pass on my own personal condolences to his family and business partner please, and that too of the of the MGCC's MG Midget Register.
 Many thanks,  Dennis Wharf , Chairman MG Midget Register, MG Car Club

Brian Archer was one of the finest gentlemen in the world of classic cars.  Brian was gracious, generous and always thoughtful about the needs of others.  Brian cared about the people in his life, and he was always pleasant.  After meeting him at the NEC about 18 years ago, Brian invited me to visit his shop in the old location in downtown Birmingham.  The cars he built were stupendous -- the perfect expressions of the British sports car in its classic post-war phase.  I loved his cars, and Brian always took time to bring me up to date on his latest developments.  Brian will live in the hearts and minds of all those whom he befriended, as well as in the cars he built and infused with his special vision.  My deepest condolences to his family -- and to all of his friends and broad automotive family.  Sadly, I am in North America and will not be able to attend the funeral, so I do hope that photos and videos of the gathering will be uploaded to this website.
 Michael Carmichael - North America

So sorry to here the news about Brian, and somewhat shocked by  the rapid  decline in his condition since last talking to him at Goodwood. He will be deeply missed by us all.
  (Owen - Lumbertubs Sprite)


Martin, Very sad news concerning Brian. He was a gentleman in many ways, and I recall his generosity at Silverstone a couple of years ago. He heard that I was short of accommodation that night while we were in a crowded paddock, and offered to share his camper. I came to realise that gesture typified a generous and kind man. His enthusiasm shone at Goodwood in May this year, and the world is definitely a poorer place without him.
Tony Wilson-Spratt

Tony W-S

Hi Martin,Thank you for letting me know about Brian. I only met him once, in 1995 when we were holidaying in the UK. Diane and I called in to see him at the old Birmingham address where we spent a pleasant couple of hours "talking Sprite", but in particular Sebring Sprites. Ever since then he always sent us a Christmas card, all of which I still have, they are now in the Sprite Room archives.  We will all miss him.
Ray & Diane (English) -  "Marque One", Australia


Brian was such an inspiration to us all, mild mannered and never a cross word. His laughter was as infectious as his passion for the cars that he built and loved. He always had time for everybody and unfortunately his time was too short. A legend in his own lifetime his knowledge and expertise is a sad loss to us all. Ian Ashfield


Hi Martin,  Yesterday evening I was sending to you many new pictures about the reborn of my Racing Sprite and I have seen…I don’t knew personally Brian Archer but I am so sad for his Family, for his business an for the Sebring Sprite world.Please, give my condolence to his Family and his friends.  Many thanks an best regards.   
Giorgio Taglietti      Brescia, ITALY


Hi Martin,   Thanks for your email of 23 Aug. Sorry about the delay in replying, but have been away. Very sad about Brian, - a great loss to the Sebring cause. If it is any consolation at least he did not suffer for too long. There is nothing worse than people having a long drawn out terminal illness. My condolences to all his family and friends. I spoke to Paul Woolmer last night and I gather he will be going to the funeral in PMO which is a nice gesture.  
Regards Peter Jackson.

Peter Jackson

Martin, I have just been reading about Brian Archer and was very sad to hear of his illness and subsequent passing.  I had only met with Brian on two  occasions, one when Alan Anstead and I went to his works, firstly as a  group visit from the Midget & Sprite Club, and secondly when Alan and I collected his Sebring body shell. Brian was always a very friendly and helpful gentleman giving hints and tips as Alan and I fitted the front and rear suspension before putting the Sprite on a trailer.   Although I have never met members of his family please pass on my condolences to them. Brian will be sadly missed.  
 Regards      John Larrington


Martin, I would like to add my sympathy for the family. Brian was a true gentleman who always had time to talk to enthusiasts. He will be missed. Regards, Pete (Taylor) 


In Brian's passing the Spridget movement has lost a true enthusiast who was in the business because he simply loved the cars in general and Sebrings in particular. The hours of development that he put into his replica bodies brought Sebring ownership within reach of the average Sprite fan.
Any owner with a technical problem knew a phone call to Archers Garage would see Brian take time to put you right, no matter how busy he was. Personally, as a writer and researcher, he was a mine of information and in essence a great man to talk to, not just about cars. John Baggott.


This is the first time I have corresponded with you but thanks to you and this wonderful website I learned about this fantastic little car and and its designer John Sprinzel.  I was so impressed with it that in 2004 I contacted Archers Garage and had to have one. I mainly dealt with Andrew, but both Andrew and Brian had the patience of saints with me with all of my questions and inquiries. By mid-2005 I took possession of my kit here in the USA. I had a 69 LHD Sprite as a donor but my real interest was on building it around a period correct shell.  I still have the kit and it resides in beautiful Miami Florida and is in the process of being built. Brian was instrumental in getting the Sebring along with the rest of all the enthusiasts over in the UK the recognition it now has. Brian will surely be missed, I am sure that Andrew will keep the dream alive for all of the enthusiasts that will someday have the opportunity to own one of these remarkable cars. Thank you all!   
Joe Odio                                                   (29 Sep 2008)  

MESSAGES OF CONDOLENCE have also been received from:-  Allan Cameron (Austin-Healey Club); Colin Dodds (Aus); John Platt (Midget & Sprite Club); Alex Postan; Laurent Delacourt (France); Bill McDonnough (Hardy Eng); Mike Sutton ; Mike Youles; Gary Lazyrus (M&SC);  Alan Anstead (M&SC); and Paul Baker (


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A Thank-you Message

Hi Martin
We do hope you do not mind us using your website but we would like to say a few thank-yous:-
Firstly to you - a tremendous thank you for designing the Order of Service sheets for Brian's funeral they were fantastic, - also for allowing people to use your website to share their thoughts and tributes to Brian.
To Tom for his wonderful eulogy, and to everyone who formed the cavalcade on the return from the funeral - it was a lovely sight, and it was so nice to see so many people back at the house after- wards. We feel we all did him proud that day.
To everyone who so kindly took the time to send in their kind thoughts and wishes to us via your web site. It has given us an immense sense of pride to read all the memories people had of Brian, we didn't realise what a loss he would be to so many people, not only his nearest and dearest. It seems he inspired so many people worldwide with his enthusiasm and passion for Sebrings & Sprites, what a legacy to leave behind!
Lastly we also owe a huge debt of gratitude to Andrew who has continued to take care of the business Brian loved, through what has been a very difficult time for him as well. We do hope that the business will continue with his guidance just as Brian would have wished.

Barbara, Debbie and Andrew Archer

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