Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

>Front disc brake
Front disc brake assembly

Girling Brakes (& Clutch)

[& Vauxhall/A.T.E. alternative Calipers - see foot of page]

Component Part No Notes/Compatibility
Clutch Cover Not known 9 Spring - as Triumph Spitfire
Driven Plate Not known  
Thrust bearing Not known  
Master cylinder 64047579 3/4" bore
Master Cyl Seal Kit SP1967 3/4" seal
Slave cylinder 64067580 1" bore
Slave Cylinder Seal Kit SP2085  
Push rod 64673288  
Hose 64047221  

To create your own Sebring Sprite Pedal Box Assembly see diagram on PDF. Brake and clutch pedals need to be extended above the main pivot - the dimension needing to be increased from 1⅝ inches (41.5mm) to 2 inches (51mm) i.e between the centre of the pedal pivot point bushing hole and the centre of the actuating rod/clevis attachment hole. An additional piece of steel has to be welded on to each original pedal and then cut to shape.
Pedals Pedals Pedal Box

Master cylinder 64067578 5/8" bore
Master Cyl Seal Kit SP1963 5/8" seal
Brake Disc 64325186 Being unavailable, Triumph Spitfire ones can be used if the diameter is reduced to 8.5" by machining.
Brake Caliper Assembly 64032502/3:
BE 1141/1141R:
or BCA1752/3
Girling Type 10 (no longer available*)
Vauxhall/A.T.E. alternative option
Brake Caliper Mounting Bracket 64325183 See also drawing prepared for the Vauxhall/A.T.E. caliper which is idetical apart from the caliper bolt spacing.
Portal Seals   Not available to the public for safety reasons
Caliper Piston Not known  
Caliper Seal Kit SP2507  
Brake Hose 3700619W  
Brake Pads 64325027 or 64325418 GDB 509 - type DS 5S - as rear of Lotus Elan
[Vauxhall caliper use pad 675 - Mintex 1144 no. is: MDB1651 available Peter May]
Pad Retaining Pin 64325022  
Pad Retaining Pin Clip 64325009  
Brake Light Switch 64067769  
REAR BRAKES              
N.B. Riley 1.5 had larger (¾") bore wheel cylinders, so ideally these should be changed.
Complete Rear Brake Assembly 64027260/2  
Backplate Assembly GB49287/8  
Wheel Cylinder 390401W Casting No 304010 (5/8" bore) Riley had 3/4"
Wheel Cyl Seal Kitd SP2064  
Wheel Cyl Retainer GB46690  
Rear Brake Lever Rear Brake Lever  
Dust Cover GB46692  
Rear Brake Adjuster GB49001  
Springs GB43258/9  
Linings GB45789  
Brake Drums   8" diameter ~ as used on front of Morris 1000
Rear Brake Hose 3700625W  

When Archers Garage was in operation before its closure in March 2016, Andrew Forster was endeavouring to reproduce the original Girling Type 10 calipers (right) which are no longer available. He had difficulty getting his new castings machined and I have not heard that these have progressed any further. (Dec 2017)

*An alternative caliper of similar appearance is that fitted to the rear of the Vauxhall Carlton Estate: part nos. BE1141 and BE1141R. Paul Webb has give me nos. BCA1752 and BCA1753 so they obviously go under different numbers with different motor factors. For caliper bracket drawing click here. (Unfortunately supplies of these calipers is now drying up - Dec 2017).

(2022) For Girling components listed above, a useful source is: Paul Hunt of Powertrack Limited:
Tel: (UK) 01344 886522

Alternative possible parts suppliers: Andy Rosh of Wolseley 1500 Spares whose email address is and his mobile number is +44 (0) 7860 360690.

Another one is Earlparts: .
For re-lining of brake shoes: Past Parts of Norwich, or Midland Brake Engineering, Birmingham.

Also see: (Turners use the same Girling brakes as a Sebring Sprite).

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