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Lenham Le Mans
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A couple of old photos of the car.
At Creg-Ny-Barr, Isle of Man
- late 70's
The car today

Roger Hewitt built this Lenham Le Mans in 1971 around a 1967 MG Midget donor and then ran it on the road for a number of years. He then modified it to compete in sprints, hill-climbs and races through to the early 1990s. At present the car is on a SORN (needing some much loved attention when he has the time!). Stored at his brother's place for the moment they pushed it out of the garage for the photo shown above right.


Mark Holland's "barn-find, time-capsule, and rare US export model"

Holland Lenham
Holland Lenham
Holland Lenham
Holland Lenham

This Lenham Le Mans Coupé is a long way from home having somehow found its way to Southern California in the USA. It was recently purchased by Mark Holland, its 4th owner. He tells me that the car is based on a 1970 Midget and was built at the Lenham Motor Co's premises in Kent in the UK, to US specification, with left hand drive and a US VIN plate.  It was driven for a few years before being stored away for decades. It is a true "time capsule" being totally complete and in good condition, with only 37k miles on the clock.  It has always been used "only as a street (road) car, and has kept its full interior, including the Lenham optional fittings, and all street-car elements.  Refreshed here and there but not restored", Mark uses it as a weekend car.  He has the California-plated (678 LQA) car's history from almost day one, which has been passed down to him by its former owners, though the original owner's name remains a mystery. Originally painted yellow, it had Cortina Mk 1 rear lights which Mark still has. N.B the US style dashboard in the right-hand photo, the quarter bumpers fitted on the rear, with back-up (reversing) lights beneath. [Entered 28 January 2013]


Denis Best racing his lovely Lenham Le Mans (with W & P bonnet) in Australia

Denis Best 1
Denis Best 2
Denis Best 3
Denis Best 4

Mike Haigh's LM ~ HYL 838C ~ restored in time for the Goodwood Revival 2007

Mike Haigh-1
Mike Haigh 2
Mike Haigh 3
Mike Haigh 4
M Haigh
and at Mallory Park, right, mixing it with the Jags.
Below, another Goodwood Revival outing in 2010,
alongside Julius Thurgood's Ashley GT on the grid, leading David Wylie's Speedwell GT and chasing one of the WSMs.

David Smith's Lenham Le Mans ~ UBY 948F purchased in 2008 and awaiting restoration.

David Smith Lenham 3
With its W & P bonnet
David Smith Lenham 2
Correct Lenham bonnet
David Smith Lenham 4
Stripped for rebuild
Rescued from Kingsbridge in Devon, David has been collecting parts for its rebuild (including the correct Lenham bonnet) and hopes to enter it in the HRDC series of races

HYR 919F ~ The ex-Gordon Howie LM rally car, now owned by Ian Burford

Lenham HYR 1
Lenham HYR 2
Lenham HYR 3
Lenham HYR 4

This Lenham Le Mans (complete with proper Lenham bonnet) was rallied very successfully by the Late Gordon Howie for many years and was later purchased by well-known racer Barrie (Whizzo) Williams who had it re-sprayed in Tartan Red. Sold again to Ian Burford, it has laminated screen, SCCR gearbox, limited slip diff, alloy wheels, full cage, rally seats, long centre branch manifold and 45 Weber on its 1360cc Peter May engine and up-rated suspension.

David Scothorn's Lenham Le Mans ~ FUY 539C

Lenham FUY-1
Recently acquired by David, on ebay, this Lenham has some unusual mods and he wonders whether it might
have been used in competition. ANYONE RECOGNISE IT? If so please contact me on Feedback

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