Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Richard Perry's new race car for 2013

Richard Perry Lenham
Richard Perry Lenham
Richard Perry Lenham
This car was newly built
in 2012 by Richard Perry
for the MG Car Club's
race series in 2013
At the NEC, Nov 2012
At MG Live, Silverstone 2013


Shaun Rainford's Replica of John Britten's Lenham GT ~ SS 1800

John Britten SS1800
SS1800 3
SS1800 4
SS1800 5
John Britten's original
Shaun's newly built car out testing at Goodwood for the Revival in 2007
SS1800 6
SS1800 7
SS1800 8

Peter Warren's Lenham GT ~ YLU 7

Peter Warren-11
Peter Warren 10
Peter Warren 9
Peter Warren 8

The following is a brief history of Peter Warren's rebuild: "I bought the car about 18 months ago and on the surface the bodywork appeared to have been extensively overhauled. I had intended to tidy the car up and fit a new engine and gearbox. However when I came to strip the shell prior to blasting I discovered it had been repaired with a 2 inch twist in the shell from nearside to offside. The distance had been compensated for by tons of filler on the bulkhead panel and an 'adjusted' windscreen surround. I scrapped the shell and found another 1/4 elliptic shell for sale in the Dartford area, totally rotten but unmolested. Having repaired the shell which had deteriorated in all the usual places, and purchased a new rear body from Classic Cars of Kent, together with an Ashley bonnet, I fitted an engine created by Bill Richards with a Marina block, for fast road use. The roll cage is a Fabricage MIDB1 with additional seat belt mounts - ¬£320 +.  I hope to use the car on the road and possibly in races or hill climbs". The completed car in all its glory is shown below:

Peter Warren 7
Peter Warren 2
Peter Warren 3
Peter Warren 7
Peter Warren 5
Peter Warren 6
Peter Warren 7
Peter's Completed Car

Angelo van de rijt's early Lenham GT in Holland ~ YEL 418


This car was being built up as a Lenham GT competition car from a 1959 Frogeye Sprite, but was never finished. Angelo says the car is as it left Lenhams years ago, stored since 1976 and he now plans to paint and complete it.


A  Lenham GT from the Netherlands (with Speedwell Monza bonnet)

Adj Lenham GT 1
Adj Lenham GT 2
Adj Lenham GT 3

The very smart Lenham GT racer of Ton Blankespoor seen at Gaydon 2008

Gaydon Lenham 1
Gaydon Lenham 2
Gaydon Lenham 3
This one belongs to Ton Blankespoor from the Netherlands - he regularly races and rallies this example.

Chris Pass's GT restored in Scotland

Lenham XUF
Lenham XUF 2
Lenham XUF 3

Chris Pass found this Lenham GT in a barn in Scotland some 14 years ago. It had been re-imported from Texas and was LHD. A Triumph TR windscreen had been fitted and originally it had a Frogeye bonnet with the headlight cowls removed. Chris fitted the W & P bonnet and restored the car to race in the SMRC Classic Series. It now has a 1380cc engine.


Thomas Von Kreisler's 1962 GT

(with Lenham bonnet) seen here at The Vintage & Sports Car Garage at Harrietsham (near Lenham, Kent)  - 
now in Cologne, Germany.
Lenham Von Kreisler 1
Lenham Von Kreisler 2
Lenham Von Kreisler 3

Ralph Zbarsky's rather different Lenham GT, 505 CYF, in Vancouver, Canada

Lenham 505 CYF - 1
Lenham 505 CYF 2
Lenham 505 CYF 3
Lenham 505 CYF 4

The above pictures were sent to me by David Birchall, of his friend Ralph's car (originally reg'd 505 CYF) in Vancouver, Canada - it has a rather unusual windscreen fitted! He says that another similar one turned up in New York. Anyone know of others?

Zbarsky 1
Zbarsky 2
Zbarsky 3
Zbarsky 4
Ralph has now sent me these photos of the completed car, based on a 1961 Sprite - looking great. (Feb, 2013)
His other car is LBL 591E seen here ont the 1968 Targa
Florio in the hands of either Paddy Hopkirk or Andrew Hedges
505 CYF
505 CYF
505 CYF
505 CYF
These B + W photos were taken by John Bowman: "25 years ago at least on the mountain road B4407 Ysbyty Ifan not too far from Betws Y Coed. I remember it well and speaking to the driver seen in the photograph. He was a local lad who I believe lived in the village.  He told me that he had built the car himself and I am sure claimed it was an own design. There are quite a few quite clever chaps in Rural North Wales and this could have been true but I honestly do not know. The car was maroon at the time and is still on the UK DVLA as a 1275  1961 Austin. I never saw it again and wondered where it was and if it still existed, please use the pictures if you wish and I do have a couple more taken at the same time".
Ralph Zbarsky comments: "Thanks for the note and the amazing photos!! I am very grateful for any history on this car. I purchased the car from a fellow in California, I presume he imported it from the UK, and had done nothing with it. It was still a gastly purple-ish colour, with the 1275 engine. The engine tag translated to a 'Warranty Replacement Gold-Seal' engine, and was totally worn out. He had advertised it as a Lenham, and to me, it looked like Lenhams that I saw on the always-correct internet. A Lenham website co-ordinator thought it might be the Lenham prototype, based on discussions he had with some Lenham folks, but no proof. If this was built by the fellow from Wales, he did a fantastic job...... I think there are definite Lenham features, but have nothing to compare it to here.... Any further info/photos would be very welcome!"
AND Dave Matthews adds: "As I recall Ralph contacted me many moons ago about this car and I spoke to Lenhams at the time. Iit appears they made a couple of these incorporating Spitfire windscreens in to the hardtop; one was for their accountant who lived in Crowborough and for the life of me I cannot recall his name! The car has an early bonnet with no carb bump in it yet I believe it has a 1275 unit which should foul the bonnet!  Based on a Lenham GT". [February 2016]

Neville's very unusual Lenham GT with wind-up windows in Australia.

Neville's Lenham 1
Neveille's lenham
Neville's Lenham 3
Neville's Lenham 4

Pierre Aguettant's racing Lenham GT

Lenham at Montlery


FISC Series contender Pierre Aguettant's Lenham Sprite at Montlhery in 1988.


411 TMA The GT formerly owned by David Matthews (now in Japan)

Matthews Lenham GT
Dave Matthews taking 3rd place from Paul Woolmer in the 1988 Donald Healey Memorial Race at Silverstone in his newly-lowered Lenham


Also see Peter Ecury's (ex-Tony Pay) GT, 347 RAL

All Lenham body panels are available from:
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