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Angouleme, Circuit des Remparts ~ 2013

a report from Paul Webb

We are now back from our trip to Angouleme with Clive Cocks (WSM), Paul Freeman (Alexander GT), Ian Hulett (WSM Sanction 2) and spouses.
Early French organisation was pretty poor but seemed to come together on race day. David Bain, who was entered in our race, and had been touring parts of Europe with his wife in his Lenham, broke down with a clutch slave cylinder failure near Le Mans on the way down to Angouleme. Pieter Bakker found a driver and loaned his car and trailer to get David, his car and wife down to the circuit where we replaced his clutch slave cylinder so that he could race. [Well done lads!] The weather gradually improved and by the Sunday it was up into the high 20's C.

Everybody got through qualifying although Ian Hulett came in after 8 laps with brake failure and Paul Freeman a few minutes from the end of the session with over-heating. I'm not too sure of the qualifying positions but I think Ian was 7th with Clive a few places back and Paul nearer the back of the field.

The Race: Ian (Hulett) made a cracking start and came into the first corner in 3rd but a few laps in he got mugged on the Rue Carnot corner and dropped back to 7th. He made up a couple of places and then, when the second place car (V8 Morgan) dropped out, was back up to 4th which he held on to until the end though his brakes were again failing with the heat. Clive Cocks had a great race. As he began to relax after the panic of the start, he started to make his way through the field to end up 7th and came back to the paddock with a big grin on his face ~ was it elation or relief ?? [Both I expect] The lowest diff we had available for the Alexander was a 4.8, so Paul was forced to go down into first to get around the hairpins which rather compromised his race and again with over-heating he elected to come in a few minutes from the end of the race rather than waste an engine. David Bain in the Lenham finished and did remarkably well considering he was running a 3.7 diff !!!

As Pieter and Ian finished in the top four of their race they were automatically entered in the last race ~ the GTS Final. This news was sprung on us so we had little or no time to bleed Ian's brakes again before going out. The assembly for the final was a bit of a farce, as rather than each competitor taking up grid positions according to their finishing place in their race, it was a free-for-all to get out on to the grid first and grab the a spot as near to the front as they could. As it was the guy that should have won did, in a Diva F10. Both Pieter and Ian finish the final, Ian again with little or no brakes by the end.

Pieter (Bakker)'s car is a fairly extensively modified Sprite with Monza bonnet, one piece clip on fibreglass Frogeye rear end, all round disc brakes on semi elliptic rear end with adjustable shocks. I believe he runs a 1310cc engine.

We met up with a few faces over the weekend including Bob Blayden and his Aussie mates, Alan Anstead and chums and David Bruzas.

The ever entertaining Dougal Cawley of Longstone tyres put on a great show of 4-wheel drifting to win his race in his Frazer Nash.

Attached are a few photos of the weekend (right).

Regards Paul Webb

Angme 25
Sanction 2 & Alexander GT
Angme 25
Sprite line-up
Angme 26
work in progress
Angme 22
David Bain's Lenham LM
Angme 29
Freeman awaits the 'off'
Angme 30
Cocks in line-up
Angme 31
and Hulett
Angme 32
Pieter Bakker's Sprite
Angme 23
Dougal Cawley - Frazer Nash
[Photos above, Paul Webb]
Angme 28
[photo: Tim Halkett]




































These photos kindly supplied by Alan Anstead
Angme 1
Angme 2
Angme 3
Angme 14
Alan with his Sebring Rep
Alexander & WSM S2
The Alexander GT
Angme 10
Angme 6
Angme 7
Angme 8
Ian Hulett's WSM Sanction 2
David Bain's Lenham Le Mans
Angme 9
Angme 12
Angme 4
Angme 16
James Mead's Midget
Clive Cocks' WSM
Pieter Bakker's Sprite
Angme 40
Angme 11
Angme 17
Angme 18
Great shots from the ramparts of the cars on the main straight
Angme 21
Angme 19
Angme 20
Angme 5
Paul Webb at work
Alexander engine bay
A nice Frog


and thanks also to David Puzey for these:
Angme 33
Angme 34
Angme 35
Angme 36
Pieter Bakker
David Bain
Paul Freeman
Clive Cocks
Angme 37
Angme 38
Angme 39
Clive Cocks' WSM
Ian Hulett..
WSM Sanction 2

More photos (from Pieter Bakker) at

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