Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


'Works' Sprite Register 1965 to 1969

The 10 Wind-Tunnel Cars (plus EAC 90C and LNX 629E Targa cars):

For 1965 ~ 3 wind-tunnel cars were built, one prepared for Sebring and 2 for Le Mans

UK Reg: DAC 952C
Ch No: HAN8-R-65-5
Race No.61
Sebring 1965
Driven at Sebring in 1965 by Rauno Aaltonen and Clive Baker, finishing 15th overall, 2nd in class (amalgamated).
Current owner: Marc Verstraete of Belgium
(formerly owned by Gary Kohs, USA)
DAC 952C
UK Reg: ENX 415C
Ch No: HAN8-R-65-52
Race No.49
Le Mans 1965
Le Mans 1965 by Paul Hawkins and John Rhodes
Finished 12th overall, and 1st in class.
For many years displayed in the Patrick Collection before being sold at auction. Denis Welch restore it for Kazuo Maruyama (Tokyo) before it was exported to Japan.
ENX 415C
UK Reg: ENX 416C
Ch No: HAN8-R-65-35
Race No.48
Le Mans 1965
Le Mans 1965
driven by Rauno Aaltonen and Clive Baker
Did not finish (distributor drive gear broke)
Found in a poultry shed in Scotland and also restored by
Denis Welch for Kazuo Maruyama of Japan.
ENX 416C


1966 ~ 3 cars were built, 2 of which went to Sebring and Le Mans, and a third sold to a USA dealer.

UK Reg: HNX 455D
(Reg'd 9 Mar '66 and surrendered Jun '66)
Ch No: HAN8-R-143
Eng No: XSP 26044

Sebring, 1966 ~ Paul Hawkins/Timo Makinen ~ 18th
Le Mans (1966) Hopkirk/Hedges - DNF. (had o/d gearbox)

Current owner: Jim Prentice (brought back from USA in 2010)

HNX 455D

UK Reg: HNX 456D
(Reg'd 9 Mar '66 and surrendered in late June '67)
Ch No: HAN8-R-144
Eng No: XSP 26043

[This car probably become HAN9-R-237 for Le Mans '68]
Sebring 1966 ~ Baker/Aaltonen ~ 29th
Le Mans 1966 ~ Baker/Rhodes ~ DNF (had o/d gearbox) Sebring 1967 ~ Baker/Aaltonen ~ 13th
Le Mans 1967 ~ Baker/Hedges ~ 15th


(TFR 3 - open)
(TRF4 - coupe )

1965 Targa Florio - #154 - Aaltonen/Baker - 15th, 2nd in class.
1966 Targa Florio - #208 - Aaltonen/Baker - 20th, 3rd in class.
Open in '65, closed in '66 (had MGB o/d box)
Later destroyed it in race accident when owned by Arthur Appleby. Not a "Wind-tunnel" car.


UK Reg: None
Ch No: HAN8-R-202
Eng No: XSP 26041
[4 spd MGB gearbox
no rear roof vent]

Believed to have been supplied to Fred Royston, the New Jersey importer, who converted it for road use - does not appear to have raced with DHMC. After Royston it is thought to have been sold to someone in Florida before going on to Bill Wood. Its current owner is Jeff Brenner of Pennsylvania USA. [The race number is misleading]

In 1967 another 2 "wind-tunnel" cars were built:

UK Reg: 4 HAC
CH No:

Built in 1967 with LHD as a prototype for possible limited production as a road version of the race car. Converted to RHD the following year when it was sold to Richard Budd. Owner: Richard Budd, UK

UK Reg: LWD 959E
Ch No:
(TFR 5)

Targa Florio 1967: (No.172) Clive Baker/Rauno Aaltonen
- retired after hitting a spectator.
Sebring, 1968, Clive Baker and Mike Garton won their class.
Nurburgring 1000 kms, May '68, Baker/Handley 30th, 1st in class.
Watkins Glen 1968: 6 Hours - Clive Baker/Paul Richards/Jim Baker - came 13th. Car now owned by Shigeru Tanaka, Japan.
LWD 959E

LNX 629E
(At Sebring in 1968 it raced as an MG Midget)
(TFR 6)

1967 Sebring 12 Hours - #58 - Baird/Enever/Poole 18th, 3rd cl.
1968 Sebring 12 Hours - #74 - Truitt/Canfield - 15th, & 1st cl.
1968 Targa Florio - #112 - Aaltonen/Baker - 53rd
1968 Nurburgring 1000 kms - #44 - Baker/Handley - 30th, 1st cl.
1968 Circuit of Mugello - #81 - Hedges/Baker - 24th, 1st cl.
LNX - 5

The car entered for Le Mans 1968 was purported to be a "new" one (cars were only allowed to race twice at Le Mans and Chassis 144 had already done that) but I suspect that the damaged '67 car was re-built and modified with the fuel-injected engine,rear spoiler, etc to become Chassis 237:

Ch No: HAN9-R-237
Eng No: XSP 306313
UK Reg, when sold by DHMC: RUE 71G

[Believed to be the rebuilt and developed 1967 Le Mans car]
Le Mans 1968
~ Enever/ Poole ~ 15th
For '68, fuel-injected dry sump motor with 5 speed gearbox.
Current Owner: Joe Armour, NSW, Australia,
(previously owned by Ian Polley in UK.)

Joe Armour

Immediately after the 1968 Le Mans race BMC withdrew their support for DHMC's race programme resulting in the two new cars they were building being completed and sold to Ed Bussey in the USA.

UK Reg: (prob none)
Ch No: HAN9-R-238

Built for 1969 season but never raced by DHMC. Fitted with fuel-injected engine and 5 speed gearbox.
Sold by DHMC to Ed Bussey, USA.
Raced at Sebring in 1970.
Current owner: Steve Coleman, Texas, USA ~ website

Coleman Coupe
The Ring Free Special

UK Reg: (prob none)
Ch No: HAN9-R-250
(TFR 7)

Built for the 1969 Targa Florio, but never raced by DHMC.
An open top version of the streamliner, with fuel injection and 5 speed gearbox.
Sold by DHMC to Ed Bussey, USA.
Current owner: Steve Coleman, Texas, USA. ~ website

Coleman open

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