Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Paul Freeman's first outing with the car at Snetterton,
in May 2012

Alexander GT ~ 777 EBH

Owned by Paul Freeman and restored by Paul Woolmer and Paul Webb

This Sprite was first registered to M.A.Christie's firm Alexander Engineering Company Ltd of Haddenham in Buckinghamshire at the very early date of 1st June, 1958. Initially used to demonstrate the company's various tuning modifications it was soon out in competitive events with a modified bonnet incorporating the headlamps above the indicator lights (see photo, 7th down on right, of a similar bonnet on Paddy Gaston's RAM 35). Later it became one of only two Sprites which Alexander Eng. converted to coupés with, unusually, steel hardtops and Perspex front, rear and side screens. Subsequently the bonnet was replaced by one of Speedwell Monza style.

This one was owned from 13 Aug 1971 by Charles Morgan, and he sold it on to Vernon Reading of London on 21 Aug 1974. (See photos below). Later rescued from a shrubbery in Salisbury, Hampshire by Martin Krikken when he went to buy a Marcos. Unable to find the time to restore both, he later sold it on to Paul Freeman who has now had it fully restored.

The Restoration : has been very much a collaborative effort between Paul Woolmer and Paul Webb's firm Colmworth Classic Cars. Webb stripped the remains of the car before passing it over to Woolmer for its re-panelling and letting in new metal were necessary. Then progress slowed due to Woolmer's work commitments, and Webb took on the re-panelling of the footwells and inner wheel arches in aluminium, before filling, preparing and painting the shell. The car was then handed back again to Woolmer who continued to fit out the car until, once again, work commitments and pressure from owner Paul Freeman to finish the car, meant that Webb again took over to semi-fit out the rolling chassis in December last year with a view to completing the project for this year's race season which he did, all be it one race late.

Freeman took the car to the Snetterton Circuit on Saturday (May 5th) to race with the HRDC and completed both the practice and the race with no significant problems apart from a slight water pump gasket leak. There remain a few minor jobs to finish it off such as the fitting of the side-screens, before she is off to race at Spa Francorchamps in mid-June.

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Alex GT 33
First reg'd 1st June, 1958
Alexander 2
The Company demonstrator
Alexander 3
Racing with modified bonnet
Alexander 4
The Coupé when new
Alex GT 30
Its remains, as found
Alex 26
The very sad interior
Alex GT 32
The Alexander bonnet on
Paddy Gaston's RAM 35
RVW 661
The other GT ~ RWV 661 driven by Geoff Williamson at Siiverstone, May 1959.


Alexander 5
Alex GT 6
Alex GT 7
Alex GT 8
In need of some TLC
Stripped out shell
New metal is stitched in place
Alex GT 9
Alex GT 10
Alex GT 11
Alex GT 13
In the paint shop
Original BRG colour applied
Engine & Gearbox go in
Alex GT 14
Alex GT 15
Alex GT 16
Alex GT 17
Dashboard rebuild
Finishing touches
Engine bay
Completed cockpit
Alex GT 20
Alex GT 21
Alex GT 18
Alex GT 19
Snetterton race day
Looking very smart
complete with original flash
Waving to the crowd.


With very many thanks to Paul Webb and Martin Krikken for these excellent and informative photographs.

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