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7140 RO ~ Speedwell GT

Back in July 2015, Alistair Ross informed me that 7140 RO had, some 10 years ago been owned by Brian Kenyon who lived near Sheffield and who was involved in running the Harewood Hill Climb. "The car itself had a tough life having been rebuilt a number of times and had been owned by Jack Mathe (see photo below where the car is black and yellow), Tom Pick (former Speedwell salesman) and I think, Gerry Marshall. It was Bill Graham who got me on to the trail of this car as he had also owned it along with 137 VMX and raced it under his Flintstone Racing name. I 7140 ROunderstood he still has the side screens for the car although these may have by now been reunited with it. Attached (top right) is, I believe, a picture of 7140 RO in one of its racing incarnations later in its life when its livery was a striking purple and gold, with Bill Graham at the wheel".

In November 2016 I was approached by a Peter Hirst to advise on the value of "a Speedwell complete body in a friend's garage, comprising of aluminium bonnet, aluminium roof, and fibreglass back. No chassis, just bodywork. I believe this is one of the first ones produced". I didn't attempt to give an opinion but heard in December that "The alloy top and bonnet of the Speedwell GT owned by the late Brian Kenyon has now been sold by his widow Pat and went to its new owner, Bill McDonnough of Hardy Engineering, soon after. The 'car' is believed to have one of the 6 alloy bonnets made, as well as the usual alloy hardtop".

I understand that Bill is now employing Paul Woolmer of Woolmer Classic Engineering Ltd to restore the 'car' for him. Mrs Kenyon recently found the driver's door which has now been re-united with the rest of the car's components.

However, while Bill has the alloy top and bonnet, the bodyshell and other parts would seem to have been acquired by Peter Hirst and re-sold to his brother-in-law Tony Shercliffe who is also planning to build it up as a Speedwell. Hopefully common sense will prevail and the two 'halves' of the car will eventually be re-united.

137 vmx
137 vmx
Repainted but still with its yellow wires

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5447 HX

Bill Graham at the wheel
This shot of 7140 RO was
sent in by Alistair Ross and shows the Speedwell with Jack Mathe, of Waypass Garage at the wheel.
Mike Wylie passed me these pictures (above and below) featuring Mike Reid's 2214 UE and a Speedwell GT (7140 RO) at Castle Combe in 1962. He thinks 7140 RO was driven by either Matthews or Fielden.
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