Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Bob Blayden (left) confers with Neil Blaney over the Sebring Sprites they are building in Australia (Feb 2012)

Bob Blayden's Sebring Replica

Under construction in New South Wales, Australia

Bob Blayden is the third Australian to undertake building an Archers' Sebring replica. The basis for his new project is a Leaf Green Bugeye he bought in Adelaide, after a long drive with a trailer in the hope it was what he wanted. The car had been imported from the States, having been built originally in September 1959 and shipped to San Francisco, 3 months later. It bears the chassis number AN5-L/29256 and body number BAE/28924. In the course of the restoration so far Bob has found a 1963 1 cent coin, a 1967 dime, a front door or garage key & a Coors American Beer can opener. They all fell out of the door pockets when he put the body on a rotisserie where it remains at present.

Bob has recently bought a 1275 Midget for its engine, gearbox, disc brakes, etc.

His Sebring kit arrived, by sea, in Sydney on 28th April (2012), and in the following month Bob fitted the coupé top and bonnet: "I have cut out the back panel and am amazed how much room there will be. I hope next week to bolt up the top, cut out the rear window and windscreen for fitting, and also fit the side-screens. It certainly has created some interest with its shape amongst some of my friends."

22 August 2012: "The Leaf Green Sprite of mine is really taking shape at present and I hope to cover the dash & the rail above the dash, also fit the dash over the weekend. I picked up all the interior trim on Wednesday including the seats (look great). I will send you some photos in a few days".

[More will continue to be added to this page as the projects moves on]

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blayden 1
Bringing Bugeye home from
blayden 2
Adelaide to Newcastle
blayden 3
stripdown begun
blayden 4
repairs to old damage
blayden 6
removing body filler
blayden 7
blayden 8
blayden 9
blayden 10
engine and 'box out
new floors fitted
off to be sand-blasted
and back again
blayden 11
blayden 13
blayden 14
priming repaired areas
In the spray shop priming repaired sections
blayden 15
blayden 16
blayden 17
blayden 18
Amazing lack of rust
Inside the tail
Donor car
blayden 19
blayden 24
blayden 20
blayden 21
The essential 1275!
Newly painted wheel
Further work is carried out on the bodywork
blayden 22
blayden 23
Blayden 25
Blayden 26
After weeks at sea the crate of Sebring parts arrive in Aus
Blayden 27
Blayden 28
blayden 29
blayden 30
Painting commences
In the paint shop (May 2012)
Blayden 35
Blayden 36
Blayden 37
Blayden 38
Glass and side-screens are fitted....
.....and some of the finishing colour goes on.
blayden 41
blayden 42
blayden 43
Blayden 44

The body back home and ready for assembly, with first parts being fitted. The top is at the trimmers getting a headlining fitted, and the engine is away being rebored.

Suspensions fitted and rear window in (18 Aug,2012)
blayden 45
blayden 46
blayden 47
blayden 48
19th September 2012
Carpets laid
Roof vent fitted
Engine ready to go in

Bob has just fitted the interior trim which leaves the rust-proofing as the last item on the body. The engine has its bearings, rings, cam, etc in but needs the cylinder head fitting before painting. He has still to connect up the wiring, fit the brake lines, engine and gearbox and then BINGO! So, as they say, watch this space.

blayden 49
All greens & yellows


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