Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


E 700 - Eric Davis

E 700 was Eric Davis's personal registration number which he initially attached to a standard-bodied Sprite with a DHMC hardtop. He sold that car to Stan Annis who put on his own number 4444 DA. Eric's new car which was fitted with a Peel coupé body then took the E 700 plate.

John Sprinzel: "I’m pretty sure the Sebring pictured on the Cat’s Eye’s rally, (right) was actually  my storekeeper Eric Davis’s car, which he kindly loaned to me to do the rally while the ‘real’ PMO was being repaired after the crank broke at the Gaswork’s Hairpin on the Monte Carlo Rally. The clue was the yellow and black strip doors, as Eric’s car was in the process of being “Sebringed” and hadn’t yet been sprayed. It only carried the PMO plate for that one event".

In "Spritely Years" Tom Coulthard says: "A photograph in the archives of the National Motor Museum at Beaulieu shows this car with a coupe top (by Robert Peel) still in raw alloy, competing in the Lorraine Barrow Driving Test at Biggin Hill in March 1962."

Tom continues: "Some years later this car was owned and raced by the glamorous and extremely quick lady driver Gabriel Konig who had the misfortune to be involved in one of the most lurid accidents in the history of club racing. ...trying to outbrake Jean Denton's MGB into the notorious Quarry Corner when the Sprite got out of shape and proceeded to barrel roll five and a half times along the bank."

When Tom was carrying out research for his, and John Sprinzel's, book he learned: "Mrs Konig informed me that parts of the car survived and that it is presently being restored.." What became of that project is unknown - Gabriel Konig having passed away in 2012.

17 Feb 2014 - Tom Coulthard: "Although John has now decided he borrowed this car for the Cat’s Eyes, at the time of Spritely-Years he was equally certain the Cat’s Eyes car was Jack Clarfelt’s Sprite that was undergoing transformation at the Mews at the time (Sp-Yrs p. 210). These two Sprites could conceivably have been one and the same, though the red coupe subsequently being offered in one of John’s display ads in Autosport (issue 9 Mar 62) is described as being the Clarfelt car".

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Cats Eyes Rally
On the Cats's Eyes Rally
March 1962 - Eric Davis
E 700
This photo, recently offered on ebay was taken by Guy Griffiths of Jim Kennard at Bugatti OC Prescott on 12/7/64 when he won his class with a 62.995 secs time.
E 700
Prescott, 1965
E 700
At Wiscombe in May '65 apparently driven by J.Kennard
Gabriel Konig