Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Stirling Moss & PMO
Sprinzel-MossSprinzel & Moss

Goodwood Revival 2006Goodwood

Moss drives a consistent race in the wet
to come 11th in PMO while BXN seizes its gearbox and rolls.

What a fabulous grid for any historic Sprite buff - 15 very special Sprites and Midgets in all their various guises including an Ashley, a Lenham, two Speedwells, no less than four WSMs, the Ecurie Ecosse replica, the ex-John Milne Midget, an ex-Paddy Gaston works car, Paul Woolmer in the alloy-bodied BXN, Jack Wheeler's Sebring, not forgetting the two Sprinzel coupés: PMO 200 driven by Sir Stirling Moss and its sister car S221 by its current owner Chris Clegg. For John Sprinzel who made the long trip over from Hawaii despite health problems there was the added pleasure of seeing two SLR morgans start from the front row (SLR = Sprinzel-Lawrence Racing). The presence of John's former racing comrades Jack Wheeler, Peter Jackson, Douglas Wilson-Spratt, Cyril Simson and Stirling Moss all helped to make this a great occasion.

We were not so lucky with the weather - heavy grey skies with frquent showers and strong winds. The track was pretty slippery throughout the race. THE START: As the flag fell Van der Kroft's Morgan pulled ahead of Hulett's WSM and Tommasi's Ashley GT leaving Ahlers' SLR some little way behind. Then a whole crowd of Sprites with the occasional Abarth, Sunbeam or TR thrown in. However Ahlers soon picked himself up and took the lead with Tommasi chasing him. This became a race-long duel with the Ashley sneaking into the lead at one point, then losing it at Madgwick, picking up the pieces after dropping to 3rd or 4th, then pursuing his goal once more. Meanwhile lots of smaller dices were going on throughout the field. Moss changed places with Barry Sidery-Smith in his Le Mans MGA several times, eventually getting the better of him. Paul Woolmer in BXN had the misfortune to have his transmission seize which sent the car off the track and into a roll. Paul emerged fortunately unscathed but the alloy coupé was fairly crumpled - this on lap 2. However the fact that Stirling brought Woolmer's other car, the restored PMO home in 11th place should have helped rebuild his good cheer. Martin Davidson in Jack Wheeler's rebuilt 7080AC started 17th on the grid but gradually pulled up to 8th, while Chris Clegg in S221 made an even bigger gain from 22nd to 9th by the finish. Bertini in the metallic blue Speedwell GT was clearly suffering from a lack of front-end grip, the car getting away from him more than once, so that he fell back from his 3rd row start to 13th by the flag. David Wylie in the other Speedwell was the first of the Sprite contingent home, finishing 5th overall - well done! By the final lap Tommasi had managed to squeeze by the SLR again into the lead only to throw it all away when he went off at Woodcote. Hulett's WSM was next of the Spridgets home, then Willis in the Midget GT in 7th, but Tony Wilson-Spratt's WSM MGB sadly expired just before he could take the finish line. Richard Skipworth was at the wheel of the re-created Ecurie Ecosse Sprite (featured in the October 2006 issue of Classic & Sportscar magazine) and although he had only a 998cc engine he managed to finish ahead of the two special TRs. [Correction: I have since learned that Richard had borrowed a 1380cc engine from Robert Dean]. Stubbings' Lenham pulled up from 23rd on the grid to 15th place while Elwell retired his Sprite after 11 laps though he had been going well up to that point. Jim Lowry's WSM Midget had had an off in practice and the car expired after the opening lap of the race. The two SLR Morgans were the ultimate victors but Sprites dominated the race and made for a very exciting spectacle.

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Moss moves on to the grid
Tom Coulthard (in black hat) with Sprinzel and Jackson
Sprinzel with David Wylie, who took his father's Speedwell to first Sprite home
Jackson (former owner of BXN) with the Woolmer crew
Ecurie Ecosse re-creation
BXN again
Former and current owners of S221, Simson and Clegg
The Wheeler/Davidson team
































Gdwd 3
Gdwd Gdwd
The pack leaves the START
Into Madgwick
Tommasi chases Ahlers
Moss enjoying PMO
Bertini in the Speedwell GT
Skipworth leads Stubbings
Clegg goes after Hales'
Willis in ex-Milne Midget
Up-turned BXN at St.Mary's*
The Willis Midget Coupe
Tomassi's Ashley GT
WSMs galore!
Stubbings' Lenham GT
PMO 200
The Speedwell camp
[* "Up-turned BXN at St.Mary's" courtesy of Koenig der Elfen of Germany]



Pos No Driver Car Time Laps Gap MPH Best
1 17 Keith Ahlers Morgan Plus 4 SLR 25.26.331 14   79.24 1.46.002
2 18 Adrian v.d.Kroft Morgan Plus 4 SLR 25.43.142 14 16.811 78.38 1.48.103
3 11 Trevor Groom Jag XK140 Lighttweight C 25.44.032 14 17.701 78.34 1.47.264
4 20 Adam Richardson Porsche-Abarth Carrera GTL 25.44.715 14 18.384 78.30 1.47.922
5 8 David Wylie A-Healey Sebring Sprite 26.35.186 14 1.08.855 75.82 1.51.776
6 31 Ian Hulett WSM Sprite 26.44.143 14 1.17.812 75.40 1.50.977
7 16 James Willis MG Midget Coupe 26.44.741 14 1.18.410 75.37 1.51.496
8 4 Martin Davidson A-Healey Sebring Sprite 26.46.592 14 1.20.261 75.29 1.51.501
9 5 Chris Clegg A-Healey Sebring Sprite 26.50.746 14 1.24.415 75.09 1.51.960
10 22 Mark Hales Sunbeam Harrington Alpine LM 27.04.639 14 1.38.308 74.45 1.53.743
11 2 Stirling Moss A-Healey Sebring Sprite 27.16.504 14 1.50.173 73.91 1.53.063
12 14 Barry Sidery-Smith MGA Twin Cam LM 27.12.254 14 1.50.923 73.88 1.54.224
13 6 Antonio Bertini A-Healey Speedwell GT 24.44.464 13 1 lap 72.22 1.51.383
14 15 Bob Ridgard MGB Berlinette 25.56.506 13 1 lap 72.16 1.57.032
15 30 David Stubbings Lenham GT Sprite 26.45.996 13 1 lap 69.93 1.58.448
16 28 Clive Cocks WSM A-Healey Sprite 26.49.625 13 1 lap 69.78 1.59.586
17 29 Richard Skipworth Ecurie Ecosse Le Mans Sprite 26.54.332 13 1 lap 69.57 2.00.276
18 24 Mike Otto Triumph TRS Le Mans 26.55.474 13 1 lap 69.52 1.59.807
19 23 Tony Griffin Triumph TR4 SLR 27.17.114 13 1 lap 68.60 2.00.202


  25 Tony Wilson-Spratt WSM MGB GT 25.07.774 13   74.49 1.53.577
  1 Michele Tommasi Ashley Sprite GT 19.55.293 11   79.51 1.44.375
  33 Gordon Elwell A-H Sebring Sprite 22.26.109 11   70.60 1.55.608
  10 Wolfgang Molitor Abarth-Simca 2000 GT 12.08.615 6   71.14 1.57.229
  27 Ivor Miller WSM Sprite 13.14.585 6   65.24 1.54.299
  21 Keith Hampson Sunbeam Alpine LM 8.29.439 4   67.83 2.01.229
  12 Mark Wright Lenham Spitfire GT 2.00.757 1   71.54 2.00.757
  3 Paul Woolmer A-H Sebring Sprite 2.06.059 1   68.53 2.06.059
  26 Jim Lowry WSM Midget 2.35.830 1   55.44 2.35.830


  1 Michele Tommasi Ashley Sprite GT 1.44.375 Lap 7 82.77 mph (133.21 kph)


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