Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


Peel/Speedwell rep ~ DTA 949C

Stephen Griffiths of Severn Classics Ltd bought a 1965 MK2 Midget last summer (2011) as his donor car for this new Sebring project : ~

He explains: "It was in a poorly state but not beyond repair so it was stripped, shot-blasted and then oxy-primed and baked. Then we went to work on replacing the rot, fitting a new floor, rear bulkhead, boot floor, and strengthening it as we went along. Once it had been trial-fitted with the fastback body, doors and bonnet, the roll-cage was fitted, fully welded but still bolted-in. The colour for the new car was chosen being Jag Gun-metal grey, and the paint shop did a stunning job as they had just done Sir Stirling Moss's XK120 ~ so can be recommended. After the painting the engine and box were fully re-built and we moved on to the diff and axle. All parts have undergone shot-blasting first, then either painted, powder-coated or electro-plated. All bushes, bearing and seals have been changed, and the suspension re-newed with the exception of the rear springs. The front suspension has retained the original king pins and springs, but everything else was replaced. The engine is a 1275 ~ not the original to the car as numbers don’t correspond but it has undergone a rebuild. The gearbox has been also been fully rebuilt with new syncro's, bearings and layshaft. Wheels were shot blasted and powder- coated with new tyres and spinners. With a new master cylinder fitted the brakes were soon working, with new discs and calipers.

So all is now ready for the engine etc. to go tank is now fitted too so hoping by the end of the month it will be up and running.... The interior will be of the wine colour that Jag used successfully in their car. As this car is my show car and shows off what we can do, it will also unfortunately be for sale ~ as in all things in business.... but having fallen in love with the shape, my aim is to have my own ~ but first things first.

Thanks, Steve".
[6th May 2012]

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November 2019: The car is now owned by Paul Gregory:



which was built by Severn Classics (Stephen Griffiths) back in 2012.

Paul is really a Lotus man but says of his Speedwell bonneted car: "It’s light, brilliantly easy to maintain and has nearly unlimited potential for making better. Meanwhile it delivers, as is, unlimited smiles thru the twisties whilst driving at the posted speed limit. I’m delighted to be part of the Sebring Sprite family".


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