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News 2010

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Newsletter ~ November/December 2010

New UK Race Series proposed
  by Julius Thurgood of HRDC
  for smaller GT cars.

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Mike Youles' Demon Suspension Mods
A recent query from Mike Curtis produced an interesting reply.  More:
Armstrong Adj
Mark turner Frog
Ian Ashfield
Ian Ashfield
Adjustables Armstrongs (above) £370 on ebay, shows what you have to pay to make your Sebring authentic, these days! [courtesy Pete Taylor]
Mark Turner is offering his racing Frogeye for sale and says it would make an ideal basis for a Sebring replica.
 NOW SOLD (Jan 2011)
Ian Ashfield poses with his splendid, newly-finished,
Sebring Fastback which is being displayed  on the
Midget & Sprite Club stand this weekend [Nov 12 to 14]
at the NEC - Classic Car Show
EAO goes up FOR SALE
The immaculate ex-Andrew Hedges, Williams & Pritchard Sprinzel Sebring Sprite (left)
 All enquiries please to:
More photos of the Fordwater Trophy Race (right) at this year's Goodwood Revival courtesy of
  Dennis Wharf, Midget Registrar of the MG Car Club.
Goodwood Revival
Peter White
JS 80th birthday
2214 UE
Peter White's "Hatchback" Sebring which he is preparing for rallying in NZ nears completion.
Graeme Henderson's beautiful replica is now on its wheels, and has its engine and gearbox in.
to John Sprinzel, (above) on his 80th Birthday
(Oct 25th, 2010)
Ian Grainger reports John Tizard is now making good progress on 2214UE having fitting the coupe top over the roll-cage. Engine is now in.


Newsletter ~ October 2010

Fantastic Fordwater Trophy race at Goodwood Revival ~ MEG led from the line ~ and Wylie was there!
46 BXN - 585 MY
Goodwood 6
Goodwood 22
Goodwood 20
Above (l to r):-  Antonio Bertini's Speedwell GT chases Paul Woolmer's BXN through Woodcote (photo thanks to Tony Wilson-Spratt) - MEG leads the field at the end of Lap 1 with Nick Swift's MiniDART in hot pursuit - 7080AC on stands with overdrive problems (Jack Wheeler in his usual overcoat alongside) - the alloy-bodied Sebring/LeMans Sprite of Jim Prentice which finished 8th. -  Full report click here
Goodwood 11
An unusual item, this DHMC key fob is now available on ebay:
Ashfield 02
Ashfield 07
Michael Meerlo's newly completed fastback and Stephen Bowen's WJB 707 watch from the car park.
Another Fastback, Derek Stewart's replica (No.61) should be finished shortly and will be in College Blue.
A couple of shots of Ian Ashfield's new Fastback replica (above) with its Monza bonnet, nearing completion at Archers Garage. The car will be on the MASC stand at the NEC, Birmingham in November.
Henderson 30
Falcon 61
Plant Ashley
505 BZ
And Graeme Henderson's now has its wheels on ~ wow does it look good in those colours!
Another photo of the Falcon Sprite at Sebring appears to confirm that it did have a screen (at least before the race start).
An unusual bonnet this ~ it belongs to Dick Plant and looks a bit like an Ashley one but has separate metal panels at the sides!
Mike Wylie has sent me some pictures of 505 BZ ~ his Speedwell GT. Look out for its story very soon.
Rene Bloemen
Rene Bloemen
Rene Bloemen has a rather different Sebring Fastback (left) which appears to have been modelled on  Chris Keeble's RTL 304 with air scoops behind the doors and pointed side windows like a Speedwell. He is preparing it for rallying on the continent and a great deal of lightening seems to be going on.
JJO on the tight little Stowe Circuit during the "MG Live" weekend ~ I did a track day there as well, with "MGs on Track" the following month (right, photo thanks to Martin Charles). All great fun.
2214 UE
Steve Casson's replica is progressing well and is to bear the registration
  956 VMV
Pete Taylor now has a website covering the build of his Sebring streamliner replica:
Ian Grainger kindly keeps me posted on progress with
2214 UE (above) which now looks very good with its roof fully refitted


Newsletter ~ August 2010

T Cowan
T Cowan
Derancourt Ashley

Laurent Derancourt has a new blog: but you will need to brush up on your French if you want to read all about his restoration of his Ashley Spridget.

Greg Paris kindly sent me these photos of Terry Cowan's Sebring, taken  at the Monterey Historics weekend
Fuel Inj Engine
Many of you will have spotted the apparently original fuel-injected Sebring/LeMans engine (above) and 5 speed gearbox on ebay which reached just over $12,000 US and was withdrawn. The guy is believed to be looking for $30,000 US!!
Butch Gilbert
Butch Gilbert tells me he still has his ex-Sebring "works" car despite several tries at selling it.
Kim Dear has bought a stripped Frogeye shell with items including H4 SUs with period rampipes, f/g bonnet, works-style hardtop, 5.5" (?) JAPearce wheels, Avon cross-plies, Smiths 10000 tacho, 120 mph speedo, and built-up plinths for the rear lights. Anyone recognise it?
JS Bday
John Sprinzel is approaching his 80th birthday and is still enjoying his Bugeye PMO 200 (left)
Meerlo 15
Michael Meerlo's fastback replica (left) only needs electrics and he hopes to drive it to Goodwood next month.
Speedwell to miss Goodwood
Some very disappointing news is that David Wylie and his father, Mike's, historic Speedwell GT have failed to obtain a position on the grid of the Fordwater Trophy at Goodwood. Having gone to great pains to get the car to the track day which usually guarantees a spot in the race, his entry has apparently been cast aside in favour of others with more commercial interests and less deserving cars. [I will admit I do not have the whole story but this is how it sounds from those who I have heard from]
Wylie Speedwell
Mike Wylie's Speedwell GT, 505BZ which his son David is now racing.
Bill McDonough tells me that the Speedwell GT he jointly owns with Neil Hardy will also be out racing at Goodwood with Neil at the wheel. It will be good to see the restored former Peter Preston car competing again.
Broken Link: My link to Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird's archive website on the Williams & Pritchard page was incorrect - the new one is:


Spritely Years
Tom Coulthard still has a few copies of "Spritely Years"at a sensible price ~ so Alan Whitt in New Zealand will soon have his copy. All enquiries, please, to Tom by email.
A bit of news from Ian Grainger is that Rae Davis, who was out at the Silverstone Classic weekend is now re-manufacturing Ashley Bonnets and a fastback hardtop, though Ian points out that one of bonnets is actually a W & P Sebring II. See
Another Correction: Sorry I had it right the first time!  Fordwater Trophy at the Goodwood Revival is on Sunday 19th Sept. Tony Wilson-Spratt tells me that "Chris Clegg will be there with S221, Paul Woolmer with BXNJack Wheeler with 7080 AC, Gordon Elwell in MEG, Dave Stubbings with his Lenham, David Wylie with the Speedwell, Tommasi's Sprite and maybe the Ashley again". Tony himself will be in the WSM MGB.
A message from John Hill reads

" I was a crew member at Sebring. Paul Hawkins and I changed the clutch discs on the three cars at my home in Avon Park, Florida. I have pictures of the cars at my house - one of Moss's car with the engine hanging in the air. I could tell you a lot of tales from those times. I also crewed at the '60 Le Mans".
 Needless to say I am following this up and hope to obtain some material from John in the near future.

Burford Lenham
Neil Anderson was kind enough to give me the web location of the sale of DAC 952C on ebay. It reached US $88,988 (reserve not met) but see below:

Ian Grainger completed the story by telling me that the car has been purchased by Bruno Verstraete in Switzerland so hopefully we might see it racing in Europe again soon.
Ian Burford has been out with his ex-Gordon Howie Lenham at the recent Silverstone Classic. He started 36th out of 49 but was delighted to finish 26th and had a lot of fun with his new acquisition.
The Falcon Sprite: It seems I have an error on the Falcon Sprite page:
John Sprinzel
has written to Gary Lazyrus, editor of Mascot, the magazine of the UK's Midget & Sprite Club, after he published an article based on my web entry: JS writes:

"Thanks for the Mascot. Sorry to have to point out that the Sebring Falcon did not have a full windscreen, it actually didn't have one at all. In practice, I did over-rev on one lap, as Stirling told me to stay in third around the long bend under the MG bridge, as going into top put you under the power curve, and one guy in a Sprite had killed himself on that very corner for this reason. Stirling actually got his very fast lap by ignoring the corner after Websters, at the back of the circuit, and going flat out, outside the straw bales on the runway, meaning he didn't have to lift off at all, and was a good bit quicker on the straight, which you wouldn't be able to do in the race. He was obviously quicker than me, but four seconds on a four minute lap isn't quite as bad as it sounds. I was supposed to drive again at Le Mans, but the French wouldn't let you race with an arm in plaster, and I had a broken wrist from Bob Domey crashing my Sprite on the Acropolis, so John Dalton took my place. Aloha, John".

Newsletter ~ July 2010

My Apologies for the 3 month gap since I last up-dated the website ~ no excuses, just busy with other things.
An interesting new website can be seen at which shows some of  the history of Roger Enever's Works MG Midget
Trevor Mcilroy from Belfast, N. Ireland bought a Sprite bodyshell at MG Live at Silverstone in June and has ordered Archer's 70th Sebring  top.
Ian Thomas now owns 9255WD an ex-works rally Mk2 Sprite. He would like to hear from anyone with more info about the car. He has 8261WD for sale.
362 UAE
Rob Gordon seat
Gordon Seat
Spotted by Alan Anstead at Brands Hatch on 8th May  this Sebring, reg'd 362UAE is the replica built by Tony Davis who had his fibreglass top copied in aluminium at a cost of £3,000 to get its Historic FIA documents

I gather that Gary Kohs's Sebring Sprite DAC 952C (above) has again been offered for sale on ebay. Anyone know if he has sold it this time?

Ron Gordon has sent me a couple of pictures of the fibreglass seat from the Sebring Sprite he is restoring (see his page). He is obviously keen to prove that the car is the one Moss drove in 1960 which was painted red, and he has found some red paint, or pigment, under the  seat. As you can see, a section of the seat was cut out to clear the floor strengthener beneath it.
Latest photos (above) received from Roger Sieling of the Falcon, or Nassau, Sprite show the new nose being jigged into the chassis. He has remade the entire radiator ducting but has not yet cut the holes for the oil cooler into the bottom panel. The original bonnet panel will need extensive repair and shaping. He has to decide on the position of an air scoop as several were fitted to different engines.
778 CLD 
Mike Youles is looking for information about a Sebring Sprite which his friend's father, Steve Chitty raced in the distant past.  The story goes that while competing at Brands he rolled the car at Druids and appeared at Bottom Bend "riding in the hardtop like a sledge!" Can anyone tell us more?
This photo of 8426UE was recently sent to me by Hans Wurl of Vintage Racing Motors who now own the car, known as "the Roadster".
Above is one of 2 Ex-Works Healey Sprites now owned by Steve Colman, built for the 1968 season but sold off when DHMC's contract with BMC ended.   See:
Ian Burford who bought Barrie Williams ( ex-Gordon Howie) Lenham Le Mans and now races it in the HSCC Series. He is a reserve for  the Goodwood Revival.

I gather that quite a number of historic Sprites are expected to be on the grid at the Goodwood Revival on Sunday September 19th for the Fordwater Trophy Race. Chris Clegg should be there in S221, together with Shaun Rainford in his re-creation of John Britten's SS1800, Paul Woolmer in BXN, at least one Speedwell GT and perhaps a WSM or two. I am planning to drive down in  a Sebring convoy with Stephen Bowen in WJB 707, and Michael Meerlo in his newly completed Fastback replica. See you there perhaps?

Very many thanks to all those who have contributed to this up-date.

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