Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

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Archers Garage closed following a fire in March 2016. It was located at Oldbury, near Birmingham, England and, following the sad death of long-time Sprite enthusiast Brian Archer in August 2008, it continued in the hands of his partner Andrew Forster. Alongside Brian and Andrew in the photo, above left, is Clive Bradley who worked at the garage part-time. and for a time they had an apprentice, Charlie Mulholland.  Their work included routine servicing of customers' cars, restoration of mainly British sports-cars, production and assembly of Sebring Sprite body sections and, occasionally, complete cars. Brian had wanted to re-produce John Sprinzel's very pretty streamlined bodied Sebring Sprite for some years and was finally able to do so in the early 1990's.  The hardtop from the original WJB 707 and a good Sebring bonnet were the basis for the creation of the moulds, and from these many fibreglass replica parts were produced and marketed for some 23 years. Over 100 body kits were sold and despatched to all parts of the globe. A fastback version - modelled on the Peel Coachworks rear bodywork fitted for some years on S221 - as well as Speedwell Monza bonnets, was added to the range in the final years. As you will see from the old price list, a number of other parts were sourced though many are no longer now available.

Brians Archer and Wheeler
Archers brochure
Archers brochure Moss report
Brian Archer and Brian Wheeler (photo Bob Kemp)
Early brochure for the K-series engined Sebring
Archers Replica brochure
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I built my own car in 1993 from the remains of a 1960 ex-works (Morris Motor Co)  Frogeye 946 JJO.  Brian Archer and his team cut out all the rusty metal from the bodyshell leaving only the front "H" frame, scuttle and transmission tunnel, then welding in new panels to re-create the original Frogeye shell. They then fitted the Sebring Coupe top and bonnet and re-sprayed the whole in Ford Aqua Jade.  I then completed the car doing the mechanical assembly and preparing the car for regular use in UK and continental rallies. Fitted with a Shorrock supercharger I, and my co-driver Martin Brazil,  had a number of successes on long distance events, including class wins on both the Classic Marathon and the Monte Carlo Challenge, in 1994 and 5. The car was used in many later events before being fitted with a full-race engine for hill-climbs and sprints. 


November 2020 announcement

A message received from Andrew Forster, formerly of Archers Garage:

"The Archer’s Garage Sebring Sprite is returning.
After too long an absence new Sebring parts are now available. Over recent years I have tried to produce a few parts in my spare time but unfortunately that time was insufficient to sensibly continue in production.
Some may know that since I closed Archers Garage in 2016 I have been working for Aldon Automotive. Aldons were a leading supplier of Sprite and Midget performance parts a long time ago and were responsible for designing and producing many that are still sold today. It was they who designed and produced the panhard rod kit fitted to many Spridgets over the years.
Aldon's principal, Alan Goodwin also owned and competed in the Targa Floria Sprite TFR 5 that is now in Japan.
Having worked closely with Alan, I decided it was time to bring back the Sebring so that people can have an a “second stage original" as John Sprinzel described it during the early years of its production.
The one thing that will be different from the early kits is that a logo will be laminated into the fibreglass. This is just a way of telling our kits from the copies and give the owners a little bit extra provenance.
Although the sales and distribution will be via Aldon Automotive the kit will always be referred to as the Archers Sebring as a mark of respect to Brian who made it all possible and as many are familiar with the name.
If anyone is interested in making their own Sebring then the contact information for Aldons is:

Aldon Automotive
Breener Industrial Estate
Station Drive
Brierley Hill
West Midlands DY53JZ
Telephone number: 01384 572553.

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