Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


Sprinzel Sebring Sprite ~ D20

Of the 6 Williams & Pritchard bodied Sprinzel Coupes believed to have been built, two of them have disappeared. This one was originally registered WJB 727 but on being purchased by (the late) David Seigle-Morris it was re-registered with his personal plate, D20, and raced and rallied very successfully by him during 1961.  It was one of a three car team raced by John Sprinzel Ltd. Like several of the others it was painted steel grey but with fully trimmed interior and David's car was part of the victorious 6 hr relay team at Silverstone and the 500 km team win at the Nurburgring. David then joined the Ford works team driving Lotus Cortinas and the Sebring Coupe was sold to Roger Mac for 1962 ,  - now with the registration 627 SKN - and he used the car for hill-climbingWhen Tom Coulthard was researching his , and Sprinzel's, book "Spritely Years" in the early 1990's he was unable to discover what happened to the car thereafter. However, a recent email received from Kai von Schauroth who races his own Sebring (replica) in Germany, reveals how the missing car was raced in Germany during 1964. Frank Kalkuhl, who is now 80 years old, drove the car at the time and has supplied a number of fascinating photos of the car  at Flugplatz-Trier (opposite).  

Frank's advertisement in the Flying 'A' magazine shown bottom right - photo courtesy of Karsten Stelk- thank you.

[From Facebook Aug 2017] Jonathan Whitehouse-Bird: "A rare shot (3rd one down) of the W&P, alloy bodied coupe, Sebring Sprite D20 in action -owned by David Seigle-Morris - seen here at the Brands Hatch, Boxing Day event in 1961, chasing down a Speedwell bonneted Mk.I Sprite registered 130 UML". John Sprinzel: "I do clearly remember having to nudge John Miles Sprite coming around Clearways on the penultimate lap, as he had been very hard to pass. We had a laugh about it afterwards. It was also VERY icy when we got to Brands, and I helped Nick Syrett, the BRSCC secretary by doing dozens of slow laps early on to clear the ice patches". Tom Coulthard: "Yes, it is John Sprinzel driving, though "Spritely Years" specifies the wrong car. (Oddly enough this isn't a mistake. As stated in the rubric, we made the logical assumption competitors were driving their own cars in the absence of evidence to the contrary - and we hadn't seen this photo!) D 20 had been offered for sale at The Mews since early November and John was no doubt giving prospective purchasers the opportunity to see it in action at this festive 'end of term bash' widely attended by the motorsport community".

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As WJB 727 in early days
D20-1As raced by
David Seigle-Morris
Boxing Day
Boxing Day, Brands 1961 with Sprinzel at the wheel
Now registered 627 SKN
and racing In Germany
in 1964