Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

A Chaffey 27

Andy with the completed coupe August 2013

Andy Chaffey's Coupé Replica

A new project for 2011/12

After purchasing a new bodyshell from Wheeler & Davies, Andy is fitting an Archers' fibreglass rear body section, with a Sebring Coupé top and bonnet. The roll-cage has recently been installed and he is now (29 August 2011) awaiting some different bonnet hinges, and for a battery box to arrive. Next stage will be the painting of the bodywork in gun-metal grey similar to that of Paul Woolmer's PMO200, before assembling the engine, for which he has acquired an Arden 8-port cylinder head. The garage that are doing the bodywork (John Brooker of Leeds near Maidstone, Kent) fitted the aluminium front wheel arches for him, ~ they were purchased from Archers Garage, where Andrew makes them up on request.

Jan 2012 Update: "The bodyshell is back, fully painted .... in gunmetal grey, same as PMO200. I have just started fitting up, ... front shocks on and roll cage in, lots to do but I'm happy with it so far ... have attached some pics showing delivery of shell, new Peter Caldwell front shocks and powder coated axle with Wolseley 1500 backplates for 9" drums".

April 2012 Update: "I have built a small website to show some more of the pictures of my build and wondered if you could put a link to it on my page on your site ? The address is, also I have linked yours and once again have to say many thanks for your help with everything. The car is now on the borrowed wheels and rolling, ~ next jobs are to fit the handbrake once its been re-chromed and the main brake/fuel lines inside the car, like 410EAO. Gauges are currently being refurbished and the loom is on order from Autosparks. The engine spec has been decided as 1380cc with Omega pistons and Arrow rods , combined with two twin Weber 45's on the Arden cross-flow head".

August 2012 Update: "....... the dash and instruments are now fitted, as is the fuel tank and I have sorted most of the Goodridge brake and fuel hoses. The shell is rolling and I pick up the short engine this week for me to build it up. I will not be using the Arden head initially but it will be 1380 with big valve head, 7.5" racing clutch on a lightened, balanced flywheel. The straight-cut gearbox is in the car, and all the electrics are working so priority now is the engine build".

More on Andy's progress shortly.

A Chaffey 2
Wheeler shell with rear
A Chaffey 3
Alloy wheel arches
AChaffey 4
Dummy build of body panels
A Chaffey 5
Coupe top in position
A Chaffey 6
Roll cage installed
Chaffey 13
A Chaffey 1
Chaffey bodyshell
Caldwell shocks

Chaffey 12

Arden 8 port head
Painted bodyshell returns
Caldwell front shocks
Wolseley 9" rear brakes
A Chaffey 14
A Chaffey 15
A Chaffey 16
A Chaffey 17
Bay ready for its motor
Cockpit detailing
Battery behind seat
Twin fuel pumps
A Chaffey 18
A Chaffey 19
AChaffey 23
AChaffey 22
Power unit in
..and wheels on
Adjustable shocks
Engine bay
A Chaffey 21
AChaffey 24
A Chaffey 25

A Chaffey 20
Fancy caliper
Front suspension
Pedal box
Ready for painting
A Chaffey 28
A Chaffey 29
A Chaffey
On Sunday August 25th, 2013 Andy produced his gleaming new Sebring Coupe at the MASC gathering at the Angel, Addington in Kent. The car was much admired in its new gun-metal grey paint finish and with immaculate bonnet area and interior. Andy has a spare one of those neat little instrument panels if anyone is interested. (Feedback)