Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

Register of DHMCo tall side-screen Hardtops
Tom Coulthard #17
Mike Authers #19
Roger Sieling #41
Jerry Etzel #91
Peter Seamen #94
Ian Grainger #99
Andrew Storer #106
Alistair Ross ~108
Jeff Lehmann #121/181
Warren Kennedy #125/8?
Jochen Schmitt #133
Jaap de Jong #135
Bob Spruck#149
Peter Seamen #190
Jerry Etzel #196
Daniel Paul #207
Ken Grasing #219
Paul Mead #224
Robert Visser #236
Paul Mead #270
Pierre Lequeux #300
Paul Webb #322
Reid Bertolotti #323
Andrew Musgrave #328
Sven Eckhardt #340
Ben Kenion #345
Lars Joergensen #356
As yet no numbers:
Robert Visser (XOH 276)
Tom Coulthard
Dominic Mooney
Roger Friend
Angelo van der Rijt
Paul Woolmer
John Hopwood
(34 total)


DHMC Hardtops ~ Q3137

The original Donald Healey Motor Co/Jensen Motor Co
Sebring Sprite fibreglass hardtop.

Donald Healey's company used, on its Sebring Sprites, a fibreglass hardtop produced for them by the Jensen Motor Co at West Bromwich. According to Tom Coulthard "it was "actually the 'prototype' BMC works hardtop designed by Eric Carter of BMC Bodies Branch with a bowler hat shape similar to his coupé top for the MGA. It was first fitted to Chassis 4640 on the production line in September 1958 and supplied to the Comps Dept for their Sprites on the 1959 Monte Carlo Rally". One of the first of the Sprite hardtops, it utilised a pair of taller-than-standard sidescreens providing eSebring 1959nhanced visibility. The cars which raced at Sebring in 1959 (left) also used this hardtop, Q.3137. Apparently the top was only available to those purchasing a car converted to 'Sebring spec' at The Cape. Each top was marked with a serial number but the total number built is not known. [BMC produced their own hardtop, almost identical in appearance, which became available as an optional extra, and used the Mk 1 Sprite's original production sidescreens.]

The original DHMC hardtop has become very rare with just 30 odd that we know of (though Sven Eckhardt has created a mould in 2017 and is now re-producing them). Pete Farmer did, in the past, produce some replica tall sidescreens though has been unable to do so of late due to ill health. [Info for fitting the DHMC/Jensen hardtop]

The DHMC Mark 2 Sprite (Warwick) hardtopSebring 1962

During 1962, DHMC offered a second hardtop, designed by Les Ireland, specifically for the Mk 2 Sprite, this time produced 'in-house' at The Cape, Warwick*.  This hardtop was first seen and used on the 'Works' cars at Sebring in 1962 (see right and link).  Occasionally, the Mk 2 Sprite hardtop (or "Warwick" hardtop as it became known) was retrospectively fitted by the DHMC to some Mk 1 Sprites, such as Ian Grainger's 2341 UE. Some have Perspex rear windows while others are in glass, front fastenings vary in size/design and the hardtops also vary in weight.

*Julian Yell has one of these hardtops, still in immaculate condition and tells me that one of the DHMC brochures indicated they were made by Messr. Glass Fibre (Birmingham) Ltd., 19-31, Albion Rd, Birmingham (though might this perhaps be a name Geoff Healey gave to his hardtop division ?)

In Tom Coulthard's email to me on 17 Feb 2014 he says: "Robert Visser’s photo of XOH 276’s hardtop that you ran in the January newsletter is fascinating. The delicate reveal on the drip-rail clearly shows a different moulding from the other high-sidescreen hardtops I have seen, where the drip rail is ‘filled in’ – presumably to aid release from the mould. This seems to confirm my theory there were two distinct stages of high-sidescreen hardtop production – the initial ‘BMC prototype’ phase and the later DHMoCo phase (mooted in Spritely-Years pp. 148 and 181)."

Many thanks to Jim Dougherty, David Matthews, Julian Yell, Tom Coulthard and others for information and help in assembling this web page.

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Drawings kindly supplied by Peter Seaman/Ron Longford
Original drawing 1 on PDF
Original drawing 2 on PDF

Healey top 3

Healey top 1

Healeytop 2

Dan Paul top
This photo of Dan Paul's DHMC hardtop with the standard BMC side-screen held alongside it clearly shows the difference in the shape of the side opening.
Pete Farmer
New side-screens produced by Pete Farmer
Pete Farmer