Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


956 VMV ~ Stephen Casson's Sebring Coupé Hill-Climb car

Stephen purchased this Sebring project from Dave Parker in August 2010, but did not get it into his workshop until Christmas. Dave had purchased the bodyshell (a ’59 Frog) after much of the rust had been cut out and repaired which included converting the rear floor pans to take semi-elliptical springs, and then set about having the fibreglass back and roof and aluminium doors fitted as the basis for his Sebring Sprite Replica.  Stephen now plans to complete it.

After tidying up the bodyshell, Stephen has completed the repair of some rusty areas and fixed the fibreglass panels to the tub before preparing it for painting in Speedwell blue.

The plan is to use the car in sprints and hill climbs in the Healey Championship and a lot of work to date has had that in mind – modifying and fitting a full roll cage, plating the chassis for an anti-roll bar, modifying the electrics for competition, etc, etc.

A buddy of Stephens supplied all the running gear from a Mk3 Midget which he had discarded in building his track Midget with a Ford drive train.  The suspension and brakes will be uprated – harder springs, up-rated shocks, telescopic rears, competition bushes, anti-roll bar, harder pads and shoes, and fabrication of a replica ‘Sebring’ pedal box.  The engine will only be mildly tuned at this stage.

Progress, by November 2011, has been good, with most parts having been refurbished and trial-fitted, and the bodyshell is virtually ready for paint ~ the underside of the floor and the interior now painted.

The biggest job to date has been fitting the full roll cage ~ a standard Midget cage just does not fit and needed to be cut and bent and tweaked to fit. However Stephen is relieved to say that it now fits and is being prepped for paint.

The engine is to be rebuilt over the winter and, fingers crossed, the car will be on the road in 2012. 

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Casson Rep 1
Modified Midget roll-cage
Casson Rep 2
Sebring bodywork fitted
Casson Rep 3
the dashboard in place
Casson Rep 4
painted underside
Casson Rep 5
Chassis progress
Casson Rep 6 Speedwell blue interior
Casson Rep 7
Casson Rep 8
Casson Rep 9
Casson 10
Interior painted
Sebring pedal box
Rads in position
Neatly recessed filler
casson 11
casson 12
casson 13
casson 14
Looking beautiful in its
newly applied paint job.
The motor ready to drop into place
Serious paintwork
casson 15
casson 16
S Casson
Body ready to fit out
The 'bits' start to go on
Nearly there
S Casson
Ace Cafe
Lovely rear end!
On the hills, 2013
At Ace Cafe (Oct 13)