Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé

812AGO-7HMSC 1960
812AGO-9Rally Mittelrhein
812AGO-13Rallye Wiesbaden '60

812 AGO

Kai Schauroth found this car in Switzerland and bought it in June this year. Its engine, gearbox, rear screen, instruments and rear axle were missing, and it is extremely rusty. It seems that it has stood under a tree for the last 12 years, but under the flaking paint of the bonnet you can see the original number plate “812 AGO”. Under the right-hand door is part of a broken badge which reads: “Healey Speed E... by John Sprin(zel)... 32 Lancaster M...”. The chassis no. is AN5L46517. In the car is a manifold with the logo: “Speedwell”.

In the middle of his driver career (1954-1972) Frank Kalkuhl, bought, firstly this Sebring Sprite (812 AGO) and later, having campaigned it successfully for a season and a half sold it in the summer of 1963 and bought the W & P car registered D20. He has told Kai that John Sprinzel delivered 812 AGO personally in the spring (Feb or March) of 1961 to Germany.  He bought the Sprinzel coupe D20 in the spring of 1964  again with a British number plate.

Apparently John had said that 812 AGO was the only Sebring Sprite which was built with left-hand drive. In the documentation the first owner is shown as: “Austin Motor Export Corporation Ltd., ... Piccadilly, London, W...”  Kai is keen to know whether this car is a real Sebring Sprite? In all the paperwork he has received from Mr. Kalkuhl it says “Austin Healey Sebring Sprite”, and in the brochure and price list which came with the car, it has the same description.

812AGO-12 812AGO-10 812AGO-11
Rally Nordrhein 1961

Left: 812 AGO in England in 1960.
Right: Kai Schauroth's new racing Sebring

Kai Schauroth

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