Dedicated to the memory of the late Brian Archer who fulfilled his dream to re-create John Sprinzel's Sebring Sprite Coupé


347 RAL ~ Tony Pay's Lenham GT

Peter Ecury in Holland at one time owned the ex-Brian Culcheth Sprite 7357AC and believes he may know where it is today. He also briefly owned XOH 276, and raced RTL 304 at Montlhery and Le Mans. He retains this unusual-looking Lenham GT, which has a huge alloy petrol tank for long distance racing, and a wrap-around windscreen. It had an 1100cc XSP engine and now needs total restoration. Peter also owns a special-bodied MG Midget with body by Mazzotti of Turin.

In a letter to Classic & Sportscar in 1991, Lenham's Julian Booty identified the car, incorrectly as it now turns out, as one which tells how it was specially built for solicitor, Club racer, Tony Pay (who I remember lived in the Tunbridge Wells area), by the Lenham Motor Co. That car, registered 347 RAL, was painted in a blue-green metallic paint and unlike the standard GT had a curved windscreen from a Triumph Spitfire coupled with Lenham's Superfast Competition bonnet.

Peter Ecury's car, which may be another of Lenham's alternative designs has a different bonnet arrangement and was fitted with a 1098cc XSP engine.

[N.B Having mentioned this car to John Baggott he tells me that when researching his book "Mighty Midgets" in the early 90's he saw Tony Pay's car, still in its blue/green paint - this suggesting that the red car of Peter Ecury is not in fact the same one. Tony Pay has since written to confirm - see "Your Comments"]

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347 RAL
347 RAL
Ecury Sprite 1
Peter Ecury's car
Ecury Sprite 2

Ecury Lenham

347 RAL

347 RAL